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Gifts or Surprises for Dad/husband Who Is Turning 50? - Lincoln,RI

We'd like to make my husband's 50th birthday very special. He likes German chocolate cake, but that's all we have in store for him (for now): Do you have any ideas we could surprise him with? It will be only the four of us, as all of our relatives live far away. He is a great dad and very much into fatherhood. He likes golf and cooking, the BBQ and all sorts of electronic gadgets. Also, anything our children could do or make for him? They are 3 and 4. We have about two more weeks to plan for a good time. Thanks much!

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How about a special photo collage poster of you and the kids?Walgreen's does a very nice job on them at a reasonable price.

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How about a special photo collage poster of you and the kids?Walgreen's does a very nice job on them at a reasonable price.

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This is totally random but it was a fun time. For my own Dads 50th Birthday party (2 years ago) we did a Cinco De Mayo sort of theme, his bday was in early May, and we did like a taco bar(fun for the kids)nachos, rice and margaritas (fun for the adults). I got a sombrero for all of his nieces (at that point he had no grandchild) to deocrate for him. We used stickers of his favorite things, and pins with his fav sports teams on it and topped it off with a big 50. It is still hanging up in the house.

Hi C.,
I have a paint-your-own pottery shop in Mansfield center and you could bring the kids in to make him a plate or platter for BBQ'ing and have the kids put their handprints on it or paint it with their own design. I have seen some great things created that say things like "Best Dad hands down" or "Dad's BBQ". check out my website and the custom pottery ideas page. total cost would be between $26 and $36 depending on what you chose.
Just a thought! (an idea my husband loved was when we used fabric paint on a T-shirt and the kids put their handprints on it- he still wears it and the kids are teens!)
Creatively yours,
K. Johnston

Something for the kids to make - 2 different t-shirt ideas. First idea is to have the kids footprints all over the back of the shirt - and on the front, you write "My kids walk all over me". The other idea, is similar but handprints all over, with "Best Dad, hands down!" written on it.
My sister just had her 50th, and we all (her siblings and her husband and kids) took a "Game of Life" board game and turned it into the "Game of Ann's Life". We wrote down hundreds of little events - some minor, like "took accordian lessons" and of course major ones like "bought a house". Tried to remember funny things, even if they weren't important. I printed all these ideas onto stickers, and then used the stickers to change the board game. For her party we all sat down and played - it was hilarious! It took forever because on each square we had to stop and talk about what had happened.
Good luck!

You can try and make a collage, or have the kids hand make a book about your husband with artwork, poetry, photos that highlight the things they love about their Dad or the family times in general. I use Shutterfly to make custom books online with photos, but 2 weeks is cutting it tight for that.

From the kids, go to the bank and get some 50 cent pieces and get 50 nickels. With the nickels help the kids make the shape of a big number fifty from the nickels (or if you can afford to out of 50 cent pieces) on a piece of cardboard and secure with packing tape. Also, if he doesn't have one, go to a craft/fabric store and get an apron and some fabric paint. Decorate the apron with the kids handprints and make sure you put the year it. Certificates to a cooking and/or electronics store. Love the photo collage ideas from other moms too. And if it's not too late, enlist friends and extended family to send bday cards (try to get 50) and collect them all and present them to him in a big basket.
Have fun! W. Huff

Hi C. -

How about a photo frame with a picture of your husband as a baby (if you have one available) and pictures of your children when they were the same age.
Also a "what was it like in 1959"... cars, top song, movie, TV program, etc. Easily available on line at no cost and can involve your little ones.


I would have the nice family party at home with the cake and gifts. I would either buy him a golf package so he and a pal can go for the day, have lunch and relax. Or take him and your little ones and go play putt putt golf together. Have a picnick with the children....hey I think I will use my own ideas to!

In my family we are big on "gifts from the heart" especially on the BIG birthdays. We ask people -everyone- friend family coworkers etc- to send a birthday greeting and we compile it into a book/folder. It could be a photo, a poem a birthday card, a story. You could get more specific and have everyone write a poem that starts with the line - Isn't it nifty, John's turning 50. . . or something like that. Last year for my dad's 80th my step mom asked all the friends and family to send (Via email) 5 words that they think of when they think of my dad. She put them all in a long scroll. It was an amazing tribute to my dad. All these beautiful words to describe him. People got really clever too. Some made word scrambles, some used foreign words and provided definitions. For my brother in laws 50th I wrote a "Top 10 reasons why we love Billy" like the Letterman show . . Send out the "assignment" and tell people to have something to you in a week so you have time to compile it before the BIG DAY. Some people might balk because they "aren't creative" just tell them that anything from the heart will be perfect and when you present your husband with all the well wishes together it is very moving and wonderful. Your kids can participate by drawing pictures to include. They could even decorate the cover of the collection. Good luck!

You've received some really great ideas here. ( I'll have to keep them in mind for future reference!) But thought you might like to hear what I did for my husband's fiftieth birthday. We had a "fifties" themed party. It was a fifties diner theme -- hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, shakes, malteds, ice cream sodas, etc. Complete with soda jerks and roller skates. The guests all came in fifties attire and we played fifties music.

I had considered doing a fifties cocktail party... but this is kid friendly.

Also, for a friend I made a "bouquet" of 50 lollipops with a little sign that said "Fifty Sucks." I used a small terra cotta pot, filled it halfway with rice, which held the lollipops in the position I wanted them. I filled in the empty spaces with tissue paper and curling ribbon attached to bamboo skewers. It was a hit! And all the kids at the part loved eating the lollipops.

How about a 50 things we love about dad poster? Or sending him 50 birthday cards? The online photo centers(Snapfish, shutterfly, kodak gallery) usually have great photo gifts too...maybe a platter for BBQing.

Have fun!

Hot air balloon ride. truly an unforgettable experience. The kids should be ok to come along- I don't remember if there is an age limit- when I suprised my dad I wasn't a mom yet.

When my mom turned 50 last year I purchased a scrapbook and put together some pictures, etc. of all of the members of our family ( i have 2 brothers and a sister). I had each of them write a list of 10 things they were thankful for about my mom and typed them up and incorporated them into the book- maybe you could do something similar...50 things we love about dad, and then list them w/ pics of the kids, things cut out of magazines, etc. 50 may sound like a lot, but I bet if you and the kids got to brainstorming you could come up with them...favorite foods, movies, clothes, hobbies, etc. Or you could come up with 10, each of the kids could come up with 10 and then maybe you have your parents and his parents come up with 10 each...

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