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Gifts for 12-14 Year Old Boys Under $20

At our church we have a Christmas store where families who need a little extra help at Christmas can bring their kids shopping. Members of our church donate gifts for the store. Our class is getting gifts for 12-14 year old boys even though most of our children are under 10 years old.
I know you moms of 12-14 year old boys are out there! Can you help me with ideas of gifts for them that are $10-$20?


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Once again you guys have helped me out tremendously!
Thanks for your input and have a blessed holiday season!

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I think a leather football. Academy has them on sale a lot. They are fun and last a lifetime.
Also my husband loves those air hog remote control helicopters.

Rubik's Cube, Axe Spray, Itunes cards, Starbucks Cards, mini skateboards, beenie, baseball cap, hoodie....

good luck,

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Hi L.,
Avoid things with batteries. That is an expense they may not be able to afford to replace. Basketballs and footballs are always good. Sport shirts. Jigsaw puzzles. Go to target and check out the sports section and the camping section. A nice water bottle for example, or cool key chain. You may want new items. Otherwise I would watch for used musical instruments, like guitars.
You are doing such a nice thing. I wish you the best of luck!

My step-son will be 13 at the end of this month, and he always likes to get cologne. It makes him feel cool, especially when he pours half a bottle on himself when going to school. Money, gift cards of any kind.

remote control cars; always a hit for all ages... basketballs, skateboards, sport items...

I think a leather football. Academy has them on sale a lot. They are fun and last a lifetime.
Also my husband loves those air hog remote control helicopters.

Okay, my son is a little immature for his age, but he loves board games esp the Ology games (wizardology, pirateology, egyptology, etc) and he also like the big hardback books based on the games. he really likes trivial pursuit too. Other than that, he asks for clothes, or books.

OHHH, He also really likes Uno, and there are a million versions of that game now!

Good morning, L.,
A great inexpensive gift for this age group is gift cards from Blockbuster, so they can have the fun of renting a game or movie of their choosing. This makes a fun outing for the family as well as the enjoyment of the game or movie.
From the look of all the emails you've received, you have a lot of great suggestions.
Good luck and thanks for remembering those less fortunate.
B. G.

When I buy gifts for other kids, I always get board games...especially when I don't know what they would like. Almost all are under $20, and if they already have it, they can return it and pick out something that they don't have.
(Of course with your situation, the kids wouldn't pick out a game that they already have at home.) "Scene It" games have many different varieties to pick from...kids and adults love them.

Good Luck!

Everyone has already given great ideas but one thing I would be careful about is if you give an itunes or gamestop gift card, they may not have the ipod or gaming system to go with it. My nephews that are that age are so hard to buy for! We bought a set of different sports balls for $10 or 15 at Target a couple of years ago. Cologne or shirts or ball caps are good too.

Gift cards are always a hit with the teens, boys and girls....Best Buy, Sephora, Dick's, ITunes, etc...

If you have to get a gift vs a gift card, I would get a movie dvd, music, anything electronic that fits in that $ category, anything to do with sports.

I hope that helps. I have 13 and 14 yr old nephews and the number 1 thing they love is sports and anything to do with sports. They both LOVE gifts cards and it is the most requested from Best Buy, Dick's, Academy, GameStop.

That's a tough one! Maybe some personal grooming items like deoderant, cologne, razors, etc. Or gift cards to places like the movies, Best Buy, Putt Putt. Maybe some board games or sporting equipment like a basketball or soccer ball. Boys that age are hard to get stuff for that is inexpensive.

Hi L., here are my ideas... a deck of cards with shuffler, some bod man or axe body spray, football, basketball, wallet, board games, ball cap or beanie, fishing equipment, or a model.

Also, walmart sells some finger skateboards... they are small skateboards about 2" long that come with removable wheels, stickers, and trucks. My son and his friend love these!

I know it's been said, but I think sporting equipment of some kind would be great.

I don't know if you know sizes to buy clothes for but sports jerseries are a hit with that age group as are logo caps.

If you do the Black Friday sales, they almost always have plan CD players (boom boxes) for dirt cheap. Someone else could always buy a Christian CD to go with it.

Best of luck with what you are doing and God Bless!

What about gift cards. My son loves Game Stop Gift Cards.

Hi L.,

Old Navy has there fleece hat and scarfs for $5.00 each right now. I think that would be something they would enjoy. Last Saturday they had them on sale for $1.00 each! I am hoping they do that again soon!!! Good Luck!! : )

What about a watch, a wallet, books, baseball cap, Bath and Body works for men gift set, remote control car or boat, model cars you put together or a hand held cd player. I agree to be careful of things that require them to have a game system or an mp3 player/iPod. A lot of families cannot afford these things.

My boys(11 and 13) LOVE receiving I tunes cards.


Rubik's Cube, Axe Spray, Itunes cards, Starbucks Cards, mini skateboards, beenie, baseball cap, hoodie....

good luck,

I have a son this age and he and all of his friends love, AXE body spray that you can get at any grocery store. iTunes cards and CD's are also good.

most boys in this age range are into videogames, you might check out gamestop for some cheap used games. Also maybe skateboarding and BMX biking stuff or camping equipment. Also Kites, frizbees, fishing equipment.

I have a 12 year old boy. He is a guitar player through and through, so I would have to recommend something that you KNOW a few of the boys are passionate about.

You can always do cologne, gift cards, mp3's, perhaps a new bible.

Merry Christmas!

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