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Gift Ideas for In-Laws Who Have Everything

ANY ideas would be appreciated! I have the same dilemma every year - my inlaws have just about everything. Plus they are picky...not in a mean way, but it would be nearly impossible to get clothes, and things like candles are out, as my FIL can't stand anything "smelly". I try to think of something creative every year, but time runs out & we just end up getting them gift cards for restaurants & gas. Also, they are very well off. Do people with plenty of extra $ even care to get gift cards? I always end up feeling very guilty because they get us quite a pile of gifts to unwrap, and we have nothing for them but a card with a few gift cards. It is just my hubby & his sister, they have a very small family as well, so it would be nice to get them some things to actually unwrap.

My hubby is no help whatsoever. And, I feel like it defeats the purpose a little if I ask for a specific list, then get them exactly what they request, when they can just buy it themselves. I would prefer something that's a nice surprise. This year their first grandchild was born (our daughter), so we can work that in somehow? Does anyone have any suggestions? I always "chicken" out of getting them actual gifts, but I'm sick of getting them the same old predictable gift cards each year! HELP

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What we have decided to do is give consumables. One of my favorited is Beer Bread from Pampered Chef. We are doing that and a couple of bottles of beer to make it and each box comes with 2 mixes. I think for people who have everyhting, something consumable is the best!


Maine Lobster Dinners - all different options and prices... delivered live or not. My In Laws LOVED it last year!

Are they "into" they're grand baby? If so - how about a photo gift? You can have mugs made, sweatshirts, blankets, cards, tins, calendars.... My Mom loves photos of her grandchildren. Especially things she can carry around with her and show off.

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Perhaps you could donate to charity in their name. Every year I get my parents a Heifer International gift because they say they just want to keep what they have and do not need any more gifts. This way we help out the needy. Also, you could make a book highlighting your child's life thus far. Snapfish makes it really easy.

I don't mean to be negative, but what did your husband do for them before you married him? At my house, my husband feels that his family is still his responsibility, it didn't just end when he got married. I just don't get that.

I know one thing they probably don't have and only you can offer them. A picture sitting with their grandchild-I'm sure they would absolutely love it. It's meaningful and doesn'e have to be expensive. You can give them a gift certificate in a pretty frame. That way they can actually put a picture from the sitting in it too.

I see others have suggested this as well, but photo gifts are great! We have started doing a calendar with pictures of our son and the grandparents love them! We also do memory books every year. We get them done at Walmart and they are really inexpensive and turn out great.

Well ok u have a 6 month old and this is their first grandchild? Take your little girl and get her picture done professionally and then have it either put on a blanket that they can use or in a frame with her name her bday and all that stuff. That way they have something to always remneber her by and can look at everday. Babys grow up very quickly get them something to remeber her baby years because they go by so fast.

With a new grandbaby in the midst you should have Christmas wrapped up every year now! Most parents and in laws have most everything they need- So when my son was born- I started making/buying Christmas ornaments with my son's picture on them. Or a simple 5x7 Christmas photo in a nice frame. I try to change it up a bit every couple years or so, a mug, or a calendar- but what grandparent can complain about getting their only grandchild in a gift?? I am sure for those who have 20 grand kids it might be an issue- but I too am from a small family- 3 grand kids in one and only 6 in the other- so it's easy for me to do- good luck and have fun!

Are they "into" they're grand baby? If so - how about a photo gift? You can have mugs made, sweatshirts, blankets, cards, tins, calendars.... My Mom loves photos of her grandchildren. Especially things she can carry around with her and show off.

Last year I was trying to save money and I also have the same problem with grandparents who have everything. So, I made photo calendars and photo mouse pads for everyone. It was such a big hit that I am going to do it again this year. I use Costco, they had the best prices.


My husband's grandparents were the same - lots of money, but didn't feel like they "needed" to buy anything. I would always get them stuff with the grandkids' pictures on it because you can't just buy that. Places like Walgreens, Snapfish, Shutterfly, JCPenney, Walmart, etc. have everything you can imagine with a photograph on it.

Good luck,

I think they would appreciate some personalized gifts that highlight their new role as grandparents. A nice photo album that they can add pictures to as she grows up. You could personalize a calendar (a great website is shutterfly.com) with photos of your daughter each year, too.

Try www.sharemykidsart.com. We got the grandparents a calendar and they loved it!

Do we have the same in-laws? :) Last year I contacted a good wine store and asked them to put together a case of 12 bottles of wine with suggestions on what foods they would pair best with. They loved it!

This year we're buying them a Garmin nav. system that you plug into your cigarette lighter thing in the car, but can be moved between cars and used on trips in rentals as well.

My in-laws are the same way.

I second the idea of doing a photo book. You could start a tradition of putting together a photo book of the past year all about your baby girl.

You can also frame pictures of your baby with them, so they can hang them around their house. Or baby photo ornaments for the Christmas tree.

My SIL gets our mutual MIL a Swarovski crystal ornament from Macy's each year. They're very pricy (75$?) but our MIL loves it and displays them every holiday season, and they really are stunning.

You could pool with your SIL and buy something big, like my FIL wants a high-end speaker system for his new flat panel TV... it's like $600 so we'd need to pool for it.

What we have decided to do is give consumables. One of my favorited is Beer Bread from Pampered Chef. We are doing that and a couple of bottles of beer to make it and each box comes with 2 mixes. I think for people who have everyhting, something consumable is the best!

I understand completely! Here are my ideas: I love not only putting gift baskets together, but getting them as well! A cheese basket (of course, they have to like cheese!) Are they wine drinkers? Throw in a bottle of wine! Does your FIL drink beer? There is the beer of the month club you could enroll him in! Wildtree offers a 3,6,9 or 12 month club membership where they ship a selection of food every month. Dove Chocolate Discoveries also has a wonderful selection of gift ideas... You could also do a picture frame with a collage of pictures of the grandchild. Put together a "brag book" for Grandma to take pictures of her grandchild with her. How about his/her bathrobes with a weekend stay at a bed and breakfast?
Good luck!
J. L.

Some stores have kits where you can make handprints of your baby, and they come in a pretty tin, or box. Maybe you could try that.

Have you tried things like blowing up pictures of your daughter for them? Maybe a black and white and get it framed? These are things they are unlikely to have. Also, you could try getting them one of those books that you order online where you can send pictures in and they put a book together for you. They cost about $50 and I feel the book would be priceless for them....a whole book about their granddauther! Maybe you could take some pics of her grandparents with her and then get them put into one of those books? You might have to get creative with a camera.
Another thing you could do is get towels or robes monogrammed. I love towels with monograms because each person knows whose towel is whose!

Do they like to travel? Maybe get them a bed and breakfast somewhere or a weekend trip at a hotel suite. I know it's hard when they are well off and have everything. Maybe create some sort of collage of the family pictures over the years and include your daughter's pictures. A calendar is always nice to handmake or go to a website specializing in memories that can do it for you by uploading pictures if you have a digital camera of course. My daugther made calendars last year homemade by going to the local craft store and putting pictures of the family for each month. It was so creative and my parents loved it. They can always treasure things like that if you have the time. This avoids spending $ on gift cards they probably don't need but remember it's the thought that counts!

check out www.thefruitcompany.com - great friut or candy baskets at reasonable prices. I like this site for people that have everything because they can use it, it's pretty and the shipping is reasonable.

What about donating something to a charity in their name? There are lots of groups with special "catalogs" for the holiday that are designed for this purpose. Or you could just choose one and give them a card saying that you have made a donation to: ________ in their name.

Good luck!


Maine Lobster Dinners - all different options and prices... delivered live or not. My In Laws LOVED it last year!

i sometimes will do a food hamper - with special foods, like nice chutneys, cookies, cheeses, wine etc, put it in a nice basket and a bow and voila.

I'm going to second www.shutterfly.com I just made a book for my mother-in-laws birthday and she loved it. Best part is they have an option where you just upload the photos and then a program throws them into a book. You can still go through and switch things around. It's pretty fun. :)

Same problem here! I only read a few of the posts and agreed with Laurie H.....a photo sitting with your daughter and maybe even the rest of the family.

We got lucky this year and both sets of my in-laws were in town on the same weekend for my daughter's birthday. We got them all together and had professional photos done. THEY ALL loved it. We were able to have photos of each couple with/without my daughter in them. The photographer we use doesn't copyright her work and gives us permission and a CD to make prints. I will burn a CD for each set of in-laws with specific pictures (so they don't have photos of their ex with their new spouses).

We gave a digital picture frame one year, too.

We get my in-laws a "night on the town" every year for x-mas. We used to do it with all my husbands siblings (there are 4 of them), but the others think we've done it too much are are back to buying gifts. I think a night out is a great gift, and so does my husband, so we continue to do it. We've done Gutherie tickets, fancy restaurants downtown, ordway, opera, you name it. We usually buy tickets for something 4-6 months out so that they can for sure plan around it.

If you want to do something all together - with baby - that could be fun too! Try a day at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts plus dinner out on Eat Street... or a trip to the MN Zoo and dinner out after.

Good luck!

I would go the grandma and grandpa route. You can buy clay handprint kits snd give them your daughter's handprint (make one for yourself too!), Bronners.com and lillianvernon.com have tons of christmas ornaments that can be personalized to say Grandma and Grandpa, personalcreations.com has gifts that can be personalized to say grandma and grandpa, recordablevoices.com sells ornaments with a recorder in them so you can capture your daughter talking or laughing in the ornament and have it forever, and there's always grandma and grandpa picture frames. Walgreens (online or in-store) has LOTS of different gifts like coffee mugs, etc. that you can have your daughter's picture printed onto. My daughter is 2 and this year I had her make handprints on cardstock using tempera paint. helped her write her name on them, and then framed them in nice frames. That's this years christmas presents to the grandmas and grandpas along with "grandma" and "grandpa" ornaments. Hope this helps!

Have you thought about having family pictures taken? My daughter has had pictures taken of herself, hubby and son and then gotten nice frames and given them as gifts. I love them.

Everyone can use some nice bath towels or new kitchen towels and pot holders. I also think that a nice photo frame ornament would be nice. In Things to Remember they usually have beautiful silver picture frame ornaments which you can have engraved with the name of the grandbaby or even I (heart) grandparents. As a grandma I can tell you that anything with the babies handprints, foot prints or pictures wins out over anything else I could get. One of the most favorite gifts of my husband was for fathers day when we put our granddaughters hand prints on a black tshirt and wrote "Best Papa hands down" in fabric paint. He still wears it every chance he gets. For grandma's and mom's mother's day gift we took planters and put hand prints on the front then finger prints which we made into lady bugs and bumble bees all around it. A charm bracelet or a locket with the babies pic in it would go over with any grandma also.

One of the best gifts we have done recently is to get one of those picture frames that you can download digital pictures into. It doesn't take up much space just has to be near a plug in but I think they may have battery operated ones too now. Then just take a camera to Thanksgiving and get lots of pics with the grandparents and of course with her by herself playing. Load them up and wrap it. Some are a bit spendy so you may need to shop around but they even have small ones for keychains now so the proud grandma could always have pics with her when she runs into her friends. Good Luck!

I made everyone in my family calendars with pictures of my son. It was simple really: go to walgreens.com, upload some of your favorite picture, and get creative! They ended up being just under $20 a piece...pretty cheap in my opinion. I also put a picture on all close family member's birthdays...just as a little reminder for everyone. Hope this helps!

How about a digital picture frame. Each year you could give them a memory card with pictures of your family throughout the previous year.

I also like the idea of tickets to a play or concert if they enjoy going to those.

Go to www.shutterfly.com and create a photobook of your daughter, if you have pictures of them with your daughter include that too. I do this every year for my parents and they love it! I do pictures from all year long and then they get a book of how there grandchildren have grown, pictures they otherwise wouldnt have. and it's done in a beautiful book with pages already layed out, u just add your photos. My mom likes the 8X8 so she can easily put it in her purse and use it as a brag book when she's with her other grandma friends!!

My in-laws are the same way. Last year, my husband and I put together a photo calendar of our daughter and two nieces for them. They absolutely loved it! www.shutterfly.com was the website we used, and they're having great sales right now. They even have other gift ideas like photo books, photo mugs, t-shirts, etc. Good luck with your search. Happy shopping!!!

Create a gift that will remind theme of the blessing of there first grandchild (like the hand print things). Last year I went to snapfish.com uploaded all my favorite photos of my kids and had a coffee mug made for each of those hard to buy for people. Even people who do not drink coffee or tea will find a use for this. There are tons of other photo gift ideas on that site too. photobooks, ornaments, ketrings, necklaces, ties, mousepads, etc. You name it!
When your daughter is older they best grandparent presents are made from them. My kids made christmas ornaments for all grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts, etc.
Hope this helps:) Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!

i also agree that gift cards/certificates to unusual places would be fun: ordway etc for a play, fancy restaurant that they havent been to, an on-line store that sells lobster/steak. or you cant go wrong putting a food basket together with fancy soups, meats, seafood, etc.

It is also an okay idea to ask for some ideas...you dont need to buy exactly what they have on the list, but it is a good place to start. You might also want to start taking mental notes throughout the year when they comment how nice something is or about somewhere they would love to go/try. then when christmas comes around you will have some new ideas.

If they do a tree you could start the tradition of getting a children's ornament every year. This year I'm getting each grandparent an ornament with my son's footprint on it like the baby footprint from the hospital. I didn't do this straight out of the hospital and your daughter is still pretty little most likely so you could do it as a "baby's first christmas" kinda thing.

Shutterfly has a lot of cool things like the previous poster mentioned. Otherwise does she like earrings or necklaces? Yeah, she has a lot of money but she probably doesn't always get fun jewelry for herself. I like QVC because its not that expensive (clearance!) and you can find some fun stuff that she may not have originally considered buying. Not just jewelry either but household stuff like cool bakeware, decor (frames, stuff like that) and beauty products. Although its still a gift card you could do something like a card to go get a massage or a spa day.

Good luck! I'm in the same boat as you because my mother in law just doesn't -like- anything anyone gets for her.

How about tickets to an event, like a concert that they might enjoy.

Grand parents always love pictures of the grandkids what about a calender with pictures of the grandkids? they are really easy to make and dont cost too much on sites like winkflash or shutterfly.

I would recommend Photos! I haven't met a Grandparent yet who can resist photos of the grandchildren. A nice family photo along with photos of the new grandbaby would make a personal and lovely gift for them. There are great new digital photo frames now too where you can load your digital photos and they have a revolving display of photos of their grandchild as she grows. The nice thing about those is you can update the photos in the months and years to come as she grows and changes.

We have the same problem. In recent years we have gotten them framed family pictures, a snow removal service for the season, a tv for the kitchen area (there are 3 families chipping in), and this year we are getting them new barstools for the kitchen. The photos were probably their favorite though.

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