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Gift Ideas for Big Brother from New Baby

Hi ~ I am due to have a C-section for my second son on 5/22 and am looking for any ideas for gifts from the baby to his 3 year old brother. I don't want my older son feeling left out when people visit and fuss over the new baby, and my husband and I have tried to include him in everything regarding the new baby so that he's not feeling left out. We ordered a "I'm the big brother" T shirt when we were telling everyone about our pregnancy. My husband was thinking of getting him a scooter that he liked at a friend's house, but I was looking for more 'sentimental' gift ideas.....any thoughts? I was thinking this would be more from the baby to his big brother. Thanks for any ideas!!
Thanks so much!

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A book about being a big brother might be good. You could write a note inside it from the baby. Good luck!

I only have one child, but when my sister had her second baby she bought a gift from the baby to her big brother. My nephew was thrilled that his new baby sister got him a present. "She" bought him a big tonka truck. They gave it to him at the hospital. Then, before the baby was born my sister took my nephew out and let him pick out a present for the baby and he brought it with him to the hospital to give to the baby after she was born. I think my nephew was more excited about receiving a gift from his new sibling than what the gift was!


I just had a second baby. I decided to get his older brother a present also. I bought him two Big Brother Books. One was a Little Critters book and the other was I am a Big Brother book. My son loved the books. We ready them in the hospital when he got them. I also bought him a shirt that said "I am the Big Brother" and a onesie for the the baby that said "I am the Little Brother." He loved this idea. I also bought a little teddy bear for my older son to give to his baby brother. I hope that this idea helps you.

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When I was pregnant I went to Build A Bear with my daughter and had her make a bear for the new baby. We took pictures of the process and put it in an album... Then on my own I went back to Build A Bear and made a stuufed animal for my daughter from the baby...When my daughter came to the hospital she brought the bear she made for the baby and the baby gave her the bear made for her...Hope that helps:-) To be honest-- everyone was so great about doding on the big sister--- it went as smoothly as I think it could go...Oh tje other thing we did---it was actually the hospitals idea...we had a picture of the big sister on the bassinet at the hospital and wrote: Hi my name is ____ and I am a big sister and this is my new baby bro/ sis named ________.

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Hi S.,
I'm a mom of 6, and when we had our second, we brought our oldest home one of those big yellow Tonka trucks from his new little sister. I don't think the actual gift is as important as the idea of a gift. Honestly, we wanted it to be from his little sister, but not having really anything to do with her. That way, it was something that was just his, and he loved trucks, so thus the Tonka. The baby could certainly bring home a scooter just as easily, as long as someone will have time to supervise him with the scooter. I'm thinking a more independent toy could be better. I like the idea of involving your oldest as well with the baby, but we wanted to keep that separate from the gift, which was just for him, to make him feel special, since we knew the baby would be showered with gifts and attention. Congratulations.

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I have a 3 1/2 year old son, and now a 4 month old daughter. We also wanted to make our son feel included when our daughter was born. We had many thoughtful friends that brought a "big brother" gift along with a baby gift. What we did that we found really helpful is that we bought small gifts for our son that we could give him to play with when he was having a hard time not being the center of attention. For instance, I had a special match box car and road that he only played with when I was nursing the baby. There were a couple of toys like that, and we would say when the baby has to eat, you get a special treat.

Hi S.,

we have a new baby arriving in late june, so i know where you're at right now. For my 3 year old twins, we're doing the following:

my son is crazy about dinosaurs and wanted a dinosaur instead of a baby, so we're getting him (yet another) toy dinosaur from his baby brother.

My daughter is baby crazy as it is, so we are going to get her a new baby doll from her little brother, so she can be taking care of her baby while i take care of the new little one.

I hope this helps and good luck!

Hello dear Stacey,

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Anticipating the arrival of a baby brother is a very exciting time for your son, and it is very thoughtful of you to want to help the event be special to him with a gift from the baby. As far as sentimental items, I would suggest something personalized and I would like to invite you to check my website for ideas, in case you see something that inspires you (click on Embroidery boutique). For example, a custom plush ball that reads from (baby's name) to (big brother's name) so we can play together when I'm big... or a set of matching bibs with their names on and a sports motif that reads: Let's play ball, etc. I could also make them the same t-shirt/onesie for them to wear together when he visits at the hospital... Of course, new toys always help... Just let me know if I can be of help, I know this can be a stressful time for the older sibling and making it fun will always help ease the tension. Good luck with everything. http://www.mercadventures.com/bibs.htm

After having my second daughter, I planned a big sister party for my oldest. Everyone brought something to eat, and the understanding was this party was not to ooh and aah over the baby, but to celebrate her big sister! We all ate and socialized and congratulated the oldest. I had a sweatshirt that everyone signed and it was presented to her at the party. This is inexpensive, and much less materialistic than just buying a present. The party showed my daughter that she is just as important as her little sister and she will always be surrounded by people who love her!

Hi S. - Actually, I kind of agree with your husband on this one... A three year old is really too young to understand the subtlties of a sentimental gift. The scooter will always be his gift from his sibling, and you can use that as a touchstone when necessary.

I say, get the child something that he really wants and that will mean something to him...

So often in life, we think things need to look the way WE think, and we forget to remind ourselves that it's not always about us. Your son will be gifted in either case, but the scooter will mean more in his little 3-year old mind.

Beyond that, I like some of the ideas here - expecially if he is a stuffed animal kind of guy. He could go to build a bear and get a floppy puppy or that sort of thing too... But the scooter? Definitely!

Hi S.. Congratulations on your upcoming delivery! In my humble opinion, I really don't think you should get the scooter. I agree with getting him something small & sentimental. The big brother t-shirt is fantastic. So cute!

I can certainly understand you not wanting your eldest son to feel left out because of the new baby. I am an eldest child myself. However, this time is truly about the entire family & changing roles, not just about one single member. Getting a big material present might be sending the wrong message. This new little brother is a gift in himself. Something to be cherished by all, including big bro, as opposed to something that has to be made up for by presents.

I think the best gift you can give your little man is the gift of communication & love. If he's feeling left out, be understanding & let him know that he's still #1. Let him know that - event hough he does not remember it - when he came home from the hospital, he was showered with gifts & attention also. Now it's lil bro's turn. In the long run, this will mean so much more & help him adjust so much better than anything you could buy him.

Best of luck to you & congrats again!

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