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Gift Ideas for a One Year Old Boy with a Price Range of $20 Max

My son is turning one at the end of the month. We are not having a party for him because no one was going to attend (we tried to have a party, but got too many 'no' rsvp). Any ways, someone asked me what my son wanted, under $20, and I'm at a loss! He is the second child (first is a girl), however, we have so many toys I can't house any more! I am borrowing all of his clothes, so I have clothes coming out of my ears too!! So I'm in desparate need of gift ideas for my own son! My hubby and I got him a picnic table (for later use) and a wagon already. I can't ask for cash (the person is my mother-in-law) or a gift card because she doesn't 'do that'. I welcome any ideas! Thanks!

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Thank you all for the ideas. I compiled a list for my MIL and she recently responded to me, "thanks for the ideas, I think I'll just wait to see something that catches my eye." So we will just wait and see what new thing is brough into our home :)

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I have three boys, and when it's the youngest ones birthday we are in the same place. So we have asked people to do things like memberships to the zoo, which the whole family can use or gift cards to Target for something they need later.

1. Savings bond
2. Home Depot toy tools sold at toys are us - my sons love to use them when daddy is using them.

What about something like swim lessons. The local YMCA or community college usually has them for cheap and you don't usually need a membership for those

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For our daughter's first birthday we had a time capsule. We asked people to bring her things she could put in it, keeping in mind she wouldn't see it again until she was 16. She got magazines, coins, Cabbage Patch Kids (my mother-in-law said she could play with the doll, but the certificate had to be packed away). Maybe that would work for you... without a party, maybe not. Another idea could be a donation in his name. Maybe to the zoo, and Grandma could take him to spend the day there. Good luck.

Do you have a 529 program open for your kids? Michigan has a really great one, and you get a Michigan Tax deduction for the money that you put in (autmatic 4% gain on your investment). It is a much better investment than a savings bond. If your MIL lives in Michigan, she can get the tax deduction by contributing directly. You can learn more at misaves.com.

If she knows where IKEA is they have great toys, many wooden, at reasonable prices. Also we have a "Fridge DJ" by Leap Frog and it's also a hit. Happy Birthday to your little guy.

Hi B.,

I always buy "fridge phonics" by leapfrog for 1 year olds. They like to play with the letters and try to get them in the base to make noise. I know it is early to learn letters, but exposure is good. It's a toy that grows with them too. I like any of the leapfrog toys. My kids loved "fridge phonics" and now that they are 5 and 7, we switched to the "word whammer" version which helps them spell 3 letter words.

I like someone else's idea of taking him for a day long excursion. Alone time with grandma is priceless.


Hi B. - how about a book or two, maybe one she'd like to read to him when she comes over? Maybe a collection of short stories or poems so she can read it more than once...when they're one they really don't need much, do they? What about a collage picture frame with a couple of shots of her and room for shots of all of you? Another B.

at one they don't care if they get gifts, no one in my family has a lot of money so when my dad asked me what my daughter needs for her birthday i said diapers, so he wrapped diapers up and she un wraped them and played on the box climbing on it and off it it was like a toy for her.
most people would probly not buy that for you but you can always ask.

Any kind of truck.... trains, books...Tractors and wagons... Boy stuff... :-) Basicly anything that they can make move

boys like anything that bounce or rolls. andy type of rolling car that encourages motor activity and stimulation. Don't make him play with just girl stuff:)

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