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Gift Ideas for a 5 Year Old Girl

Two weeks ago my family moved to a new state. We have only had a chance to meet a couple of our neighbors. One of which invited us to her 5 year old daughter's birthday this coming weekend. She thought it would be a great chance for us to meet the other neighbors. The birthday is a come and go as you please party in their yard. They will also be inviting other neighbors from the surrounding few blocks. I also think this is a great opportunity to become part of our new neighborhood. I have only one child, a 22 month old son, so I have no idea what to get as a gift for a 5 year old girl. I need help with ideas. This is my one chance at a good first impression for the whole neighborhood. I want to get a great gift but not be too over the top either. Thank you in advance for your help.

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Looks like you've received some great suggestions. I just wanted to welcome you to Minnesota!!! I moved here from the south when I was 20 & I love it up here.

Personally, as a mother of a 6-year-old, I love it when she gets presents that don't have too many pieces. They tend to get everywhere and she is such a clutter bug already. I'd ask the parents about her likes, and theirs too because I get kind of like "here we go again" when she gets presents that cause problems or are too old for her - my daughter got a video game that she wants to play with but frustrates her to no end. Each child is so individual. And if you have no opportunity to talk with them or they give the whatever response I would feel free to get the child a gift card to a local store or a gift certificate to the local movie theater - there are loads of kids movies out this summer. One of my daughter's friends just had her 8th birthday last month and we gave her a gift certificate to see Wall-e and buy a kids pack, she just loved it. Good Luck, and don't worry most people wont judge you on what you give a kid - and if they do do you really want to know them?...

I suggest you ask the girl's mother for suggestions. It is hard for you to know what the girl likes, dislikes and what she already has.

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My Daughter turns five in September. We have a nice collection of musical instraments and lately she really likes the bug catcher. You can get a wooden ukelele at Groth music for @$24 or a bug catcher for @$10 at Wonderment.

If you stay away from things that make loud noises or require batteries, you are bound to make a good impression on the parents.

Hi S.,
I am a mom of 5 kids. I have 2 daughters and one is a girly girl while the other is more of a tomboy. I read the other ideas that people have given you and they are all good. I do that it is a good idea to ask the parents what kind of things their daughter is interested in then that will help you narrow down your ideas. Should you be too shy to ask them here are some of my ideas...both of my girls like to dress up whether it is princess clothing or other type of dress up-doctor clothes, animal clothes etc. but the advice I have to give about that is make sure that they are big enough. Sometimes the dress up clothes are small and only fit a 3 year old so make sure it has elastic bands to stretch and are a little bigger. Having dress up shoes to go with them are usually big hit as well.You can sometimes get a whole bunch of them really cheap(I think Wal-mart has a pack where you can get like 5 or so cheap.)The one thing that no one seemed to put down was play make-up. Even my oldest daughter who is a tomboy couldn't resist putting on play make-up to make their dress-up experience complete. Some of the make-up sets come with nail polish and as we all know girls LOVE to have their nails painted. Mine will sometimes do it for each other not waiting for me to do it-LOL. They really like having a wide variety of colors to chose from because then they can paint each nail a different color-think rainbow looking and the nice thing about nail polish is that they can be cheap if you look at jewerly places like Claires and they are clearancing out certain colors. I found a really nice play make-up that had lip gloss that was in the shape of ballerina shoes or a dress and they both loved it! As always you can never go wrong with arts and craft. My girls love playing with beads to make bracelets.(which of course completes their dress-up accessory!) You can find really cheap crowns,wands, and dress up gloves at Target sometimes I found a bunch once for a dollar each, I also found a thin netted skirt that you can tie or with elastic waistbands,most people use them for people who dance or do gymnastics so I found those in the dance section. As for more arts and craft ideas, anything with painting figurines or pain your own piggy bank or jewelry box is fun to do. Sand, art,shrinky dinks-where you color them and put them in the oven to shrink and melt, painted glass art,modeling clay where when they are done it hardens,glitter art etc..I could go on and on, I am sure you get the idea. Someone else had mentioned a Michael's store, that is a great place to find a lot of arts and crafts stuff for a pretty decent price. My girls love Littlest Pet Shop, and my youngest really loves horses-both My Little Pony and regular horses. I found the best horse gift because she already has so many horse figurines it's pathetic it was a horse in a purse(found at Wal-mart) and it came with a magenetic carrot and apple to feed the horse and on the plus side they could take the horse around with them wherever they go in the purse and put other things there as well. One thing that no one has mentioned was this magnetic tin case(real thin) that came in a variety of different things for dress up princesses(think of those dress up paper dolls we had only this is magnetic), games, animals etc. It is great for keeping them occupied at home and wonderful for car rides as well(also at Wal-mart)and they are realitively cheap and my kids love them so much. As for them judging you don't worry, just have fun, it is hard to disappoint a little girl because they are easier to buy for then boys because there are so many things out there for them-I used to always say that this world was made for little girls because even when it comes to clothes and stuff there are always ten million things for girls but only a few things for boys to choose from-LOL. Sorry this got to be so long, I just had a bunch of ideas since I have two girls who are different. I hope this helps. Good Luck and have fun!

What about an art kit? Buy a medium sized plastic storage bin and fill it with crayons, paint, scissors, glue, etc. My 4 and 5 year olds love to do "crafts."

I have a 5 year old daughter so maybe I can help.

Groovy Girls are cute, chic, but not sexy dolls for which you can buy outfits, a sleeping bag, a tent, a car, pets, etc... I've found them at Target and Creative Kidstuff

Some kind of artsy-craftsy thing like a simple scrapbook kit or beading kit

Fancy Nancy book with a "fancy" purse or sunglasses or something

Game for kids 5 and up. My daughter loves the card game Wig Out (which the package says is for kids 6 and up but I have no idea why because there's no reading involved.)

100 piece puzzle - challenging but do-able for a 5 year old. My daughter really likes her Fancy Nancy puzzle

a compact disc for kids

markers and cute notebook or coloring book

it's hard to know but lots of little girls like anything pink and sparkly - an umbrella, a hat, a purse, backpack, etc...

Consider asking the mom for suggestions. I would LOVE it if people would ask me what to get for my kids but I don't feel like I can make suggestions unless they ask.

P.S. Personally, I'd prefer people not give my kids Disney Princesses, Barbie Dolls, nor Bratz Dolls.

Enjoy your new neighbors!


Looks like you've received some great suggestions. I just wanted to welcome you to Minnesota!!! I moved here from the south when I was 20 & I love it up here.

My 5 year old loves books and her favorite to give to her friends is Pinkalicious. Every little girl loves this book. Or, Ella the Elephant books, Countdown to Kindergarten (if she's going this year), Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots or anything from Doreen Cronin (we love Diary of a Worm... great humor).

Have fun at the party!

Kids LOVE Webkinz - you can get them at Gordmon's for like 11.99 or something like that. It's a stuffed animal that comes with an i.d. type of thing and they go online and can play games to earn "money" to buy things for their Webkinz. Honest to goodness, I know a TON of kids at this age that LOVE them! And kids have more than just one Webkinz...they "care" for multiple ones. It's the big "thing" right now.

Other suggestions that my 5 year old neice loves is Polly Pockets. And even a $10-15 gift card to Build-A-Bear is a great idea.

My daughter just turned 5 and got some of the things people have already mentioned at her party -- she loves them all! She also got a kid-sized gardening kit and her very own umbrella, which were big hits. As her mom, I really like it when people get her gift certificates for "experiences" like a trip to the Children's Museum or Science Museum or zoo or something. It's a special treat to go and it doesn't lead to more clutter!

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