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Gift Ideas for 3-Year Old Boy

My son's third birthday is fast approaching and relatives are starting to ask what they should get him I am at a loss since Christmas was a challenge and not that long ago!! He loves the movie "Cars" and already has a ton of related stuff, loves dinosaurs, being outdoors, his train set... Any ideas that would be new or "different" are greatly appreciated!! Thank you to all the wonderful moms out there!

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What amazing moms there are out there!! I have plenty of ideas to pass on to relatives now. I think we are definitely going to go for the savings account idea. Thank you all for your wonderful ideas!

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i think the movie letter factory is a good gift. It is by leap frog and teaches the letters and there sounds it is super entertaining and cute. Go!!od luck

I like the puzzle suggestion -- as my 3 1/2 year old is all about puzzles -- and has a great collection -- you can get ones with BIG pieces -- they make BIG puzzles, but it is fun to watch them work it out after doing with someone the first few times. Puzzles can be educational (Alphabet puzzles) and fun -- they even have a Car's puzzle at Target that is shaped like Lightening McQueen (One of my son's favorites).


I have a 4 year old third child and every holiday we get the "what does he want?" requests from family. The truth is, he NEEDS nothing and has so many toys already that he doesn't really appreciate anything and I would appreciate a break from all the stuff. We give tons of things away every year. I ask people to put money in his savings account and buy him a pack of gum (he really loves that). Or I asked my parents to buy a membership to someplace that he loves i.e. the zoo, the waterpark, the museum, lagoon, whatever you love as a family. This gives us more opportunities to do things as a family without breaking the bank.

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The best gift I got my son at that age was duplo building sets they are larger then legos (no choking hazard) and I watch boys from 3 to 9 and they all play with these like crazy! Building towers, super hero forts you name it! I have two tubs of them and they are played with at some point every day! He is now almost five and interested in big boy legos now but he still plays with the duplo ones too. I can throw them in the tub and wash them easily.
Also he loves action figures and Fisher price has a series of Planet Heroes that each figure represents a planet in the solar system so they learn about planets too. They come with a DVD movie with the characters in them too and it is cute. Also Leapster is a huge hit and they have games appropriate with age and they can grow with it. Great for car rides or waiting at a Dr office. My son has learned a lot from them and they move up in the games. The games are great and easy for a relative to send him or get him a gift certificate to pick out ones he doesn't have.

Another idea is clothes for the upcoming seasons. My son was content at that age to get a few toys but loves clothes too thankfully. That way it saves you and doesn't give you a ton of toys in excess. Hope that helps, I am surrounded by little boys daily! :)

I have a son who is turning 3 in April. The following are some of the things he would enjoy...

* small tent shaped like animal (ex: shark tent)
* flashlights
* sleeping bag
* art supplies
* musical instruments
* a special day trip somewhere
* a special cake
* pirate-themed toys
* dress-ups
* favorite videos or books
*scooter/bike and safety gear

my guys loved (and still love) a marble works game they got from Discovery Toys and some large card board 'bricks' that came from Lillian Vernon.

We have given the card board blocks as gifts and hear great things from the recipients months later, and they are affordable. Our personal set is over 10 years old...

The Marble Works game is great because you can build it any way you want (like Lego's), and they are fascinated to watch the motion of the marbles. Plus there are some pretty cool marbles out there to collect. It would be a parent supervised game until he was older, though...

Good Luck!!

Board games! They are finally old enough for Candy Land, Hi-Ho Cherry-O! and some other great ones.

The big hits in our home at three were Candyland, Leappad and Leapsters. We're coming back into that stage a second time, and those and baseball, etc. are still the hits. We still get buy with the cheap, time tested things, too, like bubbles and playdough.

How about a gift certificate for his favorite class. My in-laws and extended family have paid for swim and ski lessons, ballet, soccer, summer camp, zoo and museum memberships. Last Christmas they even gave each grandchild a "coupon" book with a trip to the ice cream store, a visit to the museum, over night with grammy and grampy, ect...

Hope this helps! Jenny

Your son may already have one, but I found a car mat at the fabric store and he loves it. He has "Cars" character cars and regular cars. It folds up small and stays in his container with all of his cars. All my kids love to play with it. Legos are a hit too and they come in all sizes. Building blocks, he loves! They are just plain or colored in a big container. They can become buildings, fences, bridges, roads, or towers. Their imagination comes up with all sorts of ideas. He is also really into drawing, playdough, cutting. I wish I would have bought him an art easle for Christmas. He has some money that he got from Grandma and Grandpa and we might get him one. I have seen some at Toys R Us and they have trays and containers on the bottom to hold all of his stuff.

A cheap $3 book and a check for his savings account. At this age toys don't matter. He will start learning preschool skills (counting, shapes, ABC's) soon (if he hasn't already). Books will allow you quite time with him. The check for his savings account will help him in the long run. As he get older you can teach him about money management.

I wish my family had done this for my kids instead of buring me under piles of toys.

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