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Gift Ideas for 15 Month Old Boy

I need some Christmas present ideas for my son. Our son is 15 months old and has a older brother. Honestly, he has plenty of toys and clothes from his big brother. And, he will get gifts from all the family. But, my husband and I would like to get 1 or 2 gifts that he will really love. We tend to be more attracted to natural toys, rather than all the plastic bells and whistles toys. Although I would be open to hearing great suggestions.

Thank you, and Happy Holidays!

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D., The one thing my son loved at this age was a big dump truck he could get behind and push. Tonka has some with the handles on the sides and my oldest plyed with it well into Kindergarten.

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tonka trucks, blocks, one of the new, smaller tricylcles are great, leap frog games, puzzles, small set of sports balls....football, nerf balls, etc CD's of music for him to dance and listen to.

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The best gift....BOOKS. Instill in your child a love of reading and it will be a gift that keeps on giving. Find one or two special books that your can wrap up for him and enjoy the "cuddle and read" time each opportunity you get to open the book with your child.

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Hi D.,

How about books? I am a stay at home mom and I have my own home business with Usborne Books. I have a 4 year old and an 11 year old and they absolutely love these books! When I first started with this company my youngest was 16 months old and he wanted to look at these books all of the time. If you are not familiar with Usborne Books they are for newborns on up through high school, but as adults you will love them too. They are well written, beautifully illustrated, high quality, and they engage all types of learners. Though the web site does not do these books justice you can visit my website at www.bookskidsaskfor.com. Once you get a book you will be addicted. That is why I became a demonstrater. Good luck on your gift buying and have a very Merry Christmas!

C. McKim
Independent Usborne Book Consultant

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I was going to suggest puzzles as long as he has stopped putting everything in his mouth. I know some kids at this age have not. The Melissa and Doug chunky ones or the ones with the big knobs are great. I know Toys R Us and Babies R Us carries them. You might also think about a workbench if you don't have one. They make them age appropriate for little kids too. That is what we are getting for the 16 month old I watch.

I also think all little boys never believe they have enough vehicles. I know you can buy wooden ones if that is what you prefer.

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My oldest boy is 3 an our youngest 1, the same age as your little one. We made our decision based on things that they either fight over or things that our little one really looks up to that his big brother has. For example, our oldest has a chair that my younger son just LOVES, so he's getting a chair. Also, our oldest has a big, soft, and squishy teddy bear that he dresses up and takes around with him that the little one really likes to play with, too. So I know he's getting a teddy bear as well. And even though my younger son has a lot of hand-me-downs from his big brother, I still like to get him an outfit that I feel is perfect for him and just him. Especially at Christmas, because I will get him an outfit to wear on New Year and have his picture taken in.

My kids love books, but I never buy them any because I know they will end up ripped up. I am waiting until the little one is about two before I buy them some new books. Of course, I am pregnant, so... by then I will have a new little one to tear things up! >^.^<

Hope this helps! Since I don't know what your son likes or if your house feels overrun by toys, I'm afraid I can't give much more advice than that. Have fun!

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Hey D., I don't know how you feel about board books for his age but, they can be a good gift. I have a 3 year old that loves to turn pages, she's been doing this since she was 2. She likes to be read to but, most of the time she just sits and turns pages by herself. He may grow into them later if he doesn't have an interest in them now. The wooden Little Peoples toys look like they are more fun than the plastic kind. I've seen them at Target and Wal-Mart. I hope this helps. J. A.

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My youngest will be 15 mths on Christmas day and his big brother is 4 1/2yrs. Their big gift this year is a swing set because we haven't ever had one. Besides that, the little one is getting playskool gears from his brother and a play tent and tunnel from my husband and myself. He loves crawling under and through stuff, uses our kitchen table and chairs as an obstacle course.So we got him one of those pop up play tent and tunnel sets. Ours is by Pacific Play but there are lots of different brands of the same style. They are great for indoor and outdoor play. I know big brother will enjoy playing with them too. As stocking stuffers he's getting a play camera, a baby football, a video (baby einstein), a music cd, and a bath set that has a bath book, bubble bath, and washcloth.

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We always took our kids to Toys R Us when they were little and watched what they played with and then went back and bought whatever they seemed to like the best.

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Same here!! We decided to get our 15 month old daughter (who seems to have everything she needs) a new wooden toy-chest that she will use for years.

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