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Gift Ideas-Cancer Survivor Party

I'm going to a toast for life thing on Saturday for a one year cancer survivor. It doesn't say anything about gifts and it is not during dinner (3-5pm) It is at a third party's home also. I'm not sure a gift is necessary, but I'd like to bring something small. Do you guys have any thoughtful ideas? Or funny ideas (he lost a testical to the cancer :O ) I have an embroidery machine and I could do a grilling apron with a funny or thoughtful saying. I could do something different altogether. I know you ladies will have some great ideas! Thanks in advance.

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I've always thought live plants are a great gift. Maybe even a planted seed and/or a tree. A symbol that life is just beginning and that there are many more "seasons" yet to come. I hope you find the right gift to remind them of you, and that you care.

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My first thought would be a dinner gift card. With some Flowers for he and his wife if he is married. After everything they have been though. A night out is alwasy great. Especially when its paid for!!

I wouldn't have wanted anything if I'd had a party. It never even occured to me when I had melanomma... but then I don't do birthday parties for adults either, so maybe it's just me.

I would think the nicest thing you could do would be to make a donation in his name to the prevention and treatment of testicular cancer... I'm sure there's a site and if not then The American Cancer Society would be great. You could just get a card, put a little certificate in it and you don't have to even put the amount if you don't want to... it's up to you.

I love the shirts that say "I kicked Cancers BUTT"!

I like Monique's suggestion for an apron saying! I also saw a t-shirt in the young men's department at Kohls that might be funny, depending on your friend's sense of humor. However, it may seem a little off-color for the occasion. It had a cartoon of 3 squirrels sitting on a branch. They are each holding a nut, and the middle one is dropping his. The message says something about losing a nut, like "It's not good when someone loses a nut" or something like that. I wish I could remember the exact wording!! Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide for a gift!

I kind of second the card thing showing a donation to the cancer society for whatever type. Being a survior it is hard to know what you would like to receive and this gift donation would go to the cure. Give him a funny congratulations card that shows joy in life or living. He would get a kick out of this. The other S.

What about a pink apron that says " I am ALL MAN~

Speaking from the perspective of a 5+ yr cancer survivor (breast), I would avoid getting anything with references to "lost a nut", etc. While it may seem funny and cool now, down the road he will look on those things and it could move him back to the time of uncertainty and fear. I love the idea of the donation to the American Cancer Society, and wholeheartedly agree with the family-oriented gift. If they have kids, then offer babysitting and a night out at a hotel/B&B. When I was finished with my treatments, we had a BBQ for all of our friends who supported us during the treatments, and then our family took a private road trip. Each of the stops was linked to a stage in treatment, so when we reached the final one, it gave all of us physical closure to the ordeal. Maybe something like that would appeal to them, too, though on a smaller scale. Yellow may become a trigger color for him, with all of the Lance Armstrong bracelets around, or it might be empowering. Avoid anything kitschy. JMO!

I've always thought live plants are a great gift. Maybe even a planted seed and/or a tree. A symbol that life is just beginning and that there are many more "seasons" yet to come. I hope you find the right gift to remind them of you, and that you care.

I have seen an apron embroidered with:

"Whoever said
'Winning isn't
never beat Cancer"

I gave one to my Dad who has been cancer free for 5 years !!!

The biggest gift you can give is yourself to show up and show that you care is #1. I will be a 6 year survivor this may (2012) I wanted a boobvoiage party when I was diagnosed befor I had my Mastectomy. not every one handels things this well with the first 5 years it depends on their personality.
If the person is married, Give them a night out! getting back to normal life really helps. A plant is ok if you are a gardener.

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