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Gift Idea for My Husband with Sons' Arrival

I was wondering if anyone bought a gift for their husband when your baby was born? Our twins came six weeks early and we got engaged on Valentine's day, so this year would be pefect for some kind of new daddy keepsake or something extra special. Any ideas?

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It's not a keepsake, but there's a beautiful (and very popular) hardbound book out there right now called the Dangerous Book for Boys -which is like how to build a treehouse,etc. It's aimed at "boys from 8 to 80" so it'd be for him and for helping to raise them and you could inscribe it with something really special. Actually it's been so popular they did a girl's version. It's a totally different way to go if he's that kind of guy...

I agree that you could get him something "just for him." When I had someone to give stuff to (lol), I used to put a "kiss" inside the card and spray it with his favorite perfume that I wear and put that with the gift. Also, in addition to that, maybe you could do a keepsake photo of the twins and have it engraved at Things Remembered.

Good luck. Whatever it is, he will love it!!


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Hi, C., How about seomthing just for him? Tickets to a boat show or car show? Or something that he's always wanted..we recently got my husband saxophine lessons - not what you'd want with babies, obviously! I would go for a "guy thing". Or, make arrangements for the two of you to have a date night, or even an overnight, if you are fortunate enough to have family around willing to help out in that way. Time with you is probably the most valuable thing to him.
N. B. mother of two daughters 20,24

That is a fantastic idea. I did not give my husband something when our son was born but after about two months I made him a coffee mug all with pictures of our son and him on it (it was one of those mugs you can get at starbuchs where you collage a piece of paper and then slide it into the travel mug). He LOVED it and still carries it around.

Hi Clair,
First, Congrats!!! I work in labor and delivery and see it all the time. I am also the mother of a premature son (25 weeks) and it is a process but with technology and advanced medicine, the boys will become healthy and very determined individuals. They are automatic (fighters if I may). Never feel discouraged about anything negative you hear about premature children as far as learning and development, they excel in everything!
As for a gift for your husband, I think it is a great idea because men often get left out of the loop-especially when the focus is babies and mom. Go to Things Remembered and have a keychain engraved with the boys' names...have it say something like Daddy's boys' under the engravement. Men like simple things and it will be with him everyday. Also, you can have a small gathering of close friends and family and give him a surprise daddy shower. Have everyone chip in and get him gift basket full of nicknacks he can enjoy or a massage. I made a basket for a friends' hubby and he loved it and felt "thought of". It was a "just because" gift. Things that women enjoy are often times the same things men enjoy. It is becoming more popular these days to spoil men. LOL He'll be elated with a shower. It's never too late!

when my son and his wife had their first child i bought my son a figurine of a father sitting down holding an infant. i cant remember the name but it is those figureines with no faces, ???? brain freeze


Congratulations! I really like the Willow Tree brand figurines. They're made of wood and have something for every occasion. I bought my husband the one with a father kneeling by his son when our first boy was born. I think you can find them at Hallmark or one of those Christian bookstores. I've seen them other places, but can't remember where! Good luck!

When my son was born I traced his hand onto a white piece of construction paper with a black sharpie and cut it out. Then I had my husband trace his hand on a black piece of construction paper and cut it out. Then on a red piece of construction paper I clued my husbands hand print then my sons hand print in the middle of my husbands. Framed in a black picture frame, it looks so beautiful. Since you have twins, have your husband trace both of his hands with one of your sons hand prints in each one. That's what I did with both of my daughters. They turned out so cute. It's a cheap but a very special keepsake. exspecialy framed.

Wow, what a great idea! Maybe an engraved watch with their names and dates of birth?

Congratulations on your twins! I've seen many a daddies get a little "lost" when the baby arrives and all the attention shifts (I can only imagine with twins!) I've also seen what magic a small gift can do to help with the adjustment. I got my husband a comfy bathrobe with "Daddy" embroidered on it from LL Bean. He loved it and it seemed the "Daddy" helped him "own" his new role and special place! Good Luck!

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