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Gift Idea for a One Year Old Girl Whio Has "Everything"

I need some ideas for a unique gift for my friends one year old. She is having 70 people at her birthday party. My friend says she has pretty much everything. I am searching for a gift that she doesn't have.
I remember being at a party where someone gave a "star" to the baby. In other words they adopted a star of some sort, I cant remember all the details but it was cute. The party is Saturday..... all ideas are welcome!!!

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Thank You everyone for your suggestions, I think I may give a gift certificate to the zoo :)

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This is one of the 'star' websites I found just by doing a google search.


You can also give a balloon, a book or a donation in the child's name to a charity for children who are sick. Generally something simply is the best especially for the first birthday.

L. M

How about a book on restraint for the parents. 70 people at any kids birthday party is crazy. Not telling people NOT to bring a gift is even crazier or at least makes them seem very unaware. Good luck.

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How about a family membership to the Children's Museum or the Aquarium? That can be enjoyed all year long, and doesn't take up any space.

If there are going to be 70 people at this party, it's already out of hand, in my opinion! There's no way a 1 year old will know what she's getting even if there are 2 people at the party, so you really can't worry about adding to her pile of "everything."

You can get a star through "Star Registry" if you think that's meaningful. Someone got one for me years ago and there is a pretty certificate, but actually I think the star registry people are just getting rich off this. It was kind of romantic at the time, but now a lot of people have them and I don't display my certificate.

A savings bond is more practical and you only pay half the face value. My son got them for several occasions throughout his life, and they really helped when it was time for him to start college last year. They continue to accrue interest even past the date of maturity.

The suggestions for memberships, adopted animals and plants are all good ones. They support good causes or promote healthy interests - something I think this kid is going to need going forward!

Good luck!

How about a membership to a local venue? Since they can cost quite a bit you might find another family with whom to split the cost. If there is a local museum then wrap up the membership with a museum tee shirt for the child or if an aquarium include a small beanie baby sea animal. It will last for a year - much longer than many toys will hold her attention.

How about a book on restraint for the parents. 70 people at any kids birthday party is crazy. Not telling people NOT to bring a gift is even crazier or at least makes them seem very unaware. Good luck.

If she truly has all that a one yr old can have...get her a savings bond...you will contribute to her future college education!

Hi, I make personalized keepsakes (for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, etc.). I'm quite sure your friend's daughter does not have one of these! :) If you get all the information to me by today, I would be able to ship the item either to you or directly to your friend's. I use Priority Mail, so if I mail tomorrow, you should get it by Saturday. Check out my site to see if this is something you may be interested in: http://www.markthatdate.com.

I just need the following basic info to make the keepsake:
1. Photograph of the child
2. Full name of child, date of birth with year (required), place of birth (hospital name, if known, or just city/state - nice to have, but not totally necessary)
3. Weight and height at birth, Time of birth (again, nice to have but optional)
4. Meaning of the child's name and why it was chosen (if you don't have this info, you can include a personal message instead)
5. Choose your background and frame (frame is optional).

You can download the order form from here and email it to me at ____@____.com : http://www.markthatdate.com/index.php?option=com_content&...

I accept cash, money orders, bank drafts, personal checks, and credit cards through Paypal. PLEASE NOTE that items paid for with personal checks will not be shipped until checks clear. Therefore, there may be a delay in receiving your order.

If you have any questions, email me at ____@____.com or reply to this message privately.

Hope this helps.

How about some kind of flowing tree? She would be able to help plant it and see it grow over the years. Of course this would only work if they have a yard and the space to do that :)

Since most of our kids have way too much stuff but not enough time together as a family, I like event/activity gifts. Year long memberships to a zoo, an aquarium, a children's museum, etc. are wonderful. If it's too costly in your area, you could give a gift certificate for a one-day pass - maybe pair it with a GC for ice cream at a local stand.

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