Gift for 8 Year Old Boy's First Communion

Updated on April 23, 2011
M.P. asks from Naperville, IL
7 answers

So our newphew is making his First Communion in a couple weeks and I'm wondering what the common gifts are. Is it money and/or a savings bond? Are there any other unique or interesting gifts besides monetary ones for this type of occassion? Thanks for your help!

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answers from St. Louis on

both of my sons received:

a cross necklace, a St medal necklace.

a children's Bible & other uplifting children's books.

a Blessed crucifix to hang on the wall.

a religious bookmark & a prayer book.

savings bond. Lots of cash.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Religious articles that he can keep are nice, children's bible is always good. Money is also ok, but I prefer something tangible.

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answers from Las Vegas on

We've known many kids who had their First Communion and we always gave cash and vice versa.. I think it's a good idea especially if their parents open a savings account for them... They can go with them and add the money to their account.. college is expensive.. good way to help start saving now..

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answers from Philadelphia on

I personally think cash is a nicer gift. If the parents want to purchase a saving bond with the cash then they can but I prefer to purchase stocks for my kids with their gift money.

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answers from San Francisco on

If you are super close to him maybe getting him his first bible might be nice. Or then of course money, that you can never go wrong with. I thought of jewelry but I don't know if he'll actually appreciate it. Then again anything other than a toy, who knows right?!

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answers from Chicago on

My godson is making his this year too, and I am getting him a children's Bible and writing a check. If you look on or, there's a Kids Bible and Bible for Boys that both have great reviews. I'm trying to decide which of those to get!

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answers from Chicago on

How about a commemorative coin set such as a silver eagle, presidential dollar coin set or a proof set from the year he was born?

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