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Gift Basket for First Time Mom in Hospital

When I had my 4 year old, my mom and a few friends put together very nice baskets for me, including bath bubbles, salts, books, movies, etc, and gave them to me while I was in labor with my son. It made me so happy and just made the day a little easier. My sister is due to have her first baby on June 12, we are all thinking it will be before then, and we would like to put baskets together for her. I didn't use the books/movies while in labor or the hospital, but I went through all of the bath stuff quickly afterwards :). My sister is not huge on pampering herself, but I want to make sure she gets stuff that will make the day a big deal for her being a new mommy :). We have saloon quality shampoor and conditioner, and a spa neck wrap so far. Any ideas on what else to add in the baskets? Thanks!

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Wow! What great ideas :). I ordered some personalized coupons from Vistaprint, we got a gift certificate to get a mani/pedi, What to Expect the First Year, Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul, salon quality shampoo/conditioner, a little family statue thing, a neck wrap, and a few other things...I think when it is put together it will be amazing and she will be shocked! Oh, we also had people fill out advice cards at her baby shower without her knowing. We are putting those in an album for her with the pictures of who gave the advice and giving that to her as well :). Thanks again!!

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I'd be more than happy to donate a gift certificate to my Mary Kay business of a pampering session and $20 in free products. Just let me know!

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I was super excited my friends gave me a basket that included things that helped me PHYSICALLY feel better:

Soothies (for sore nipples)
sitz bath (for soaking painful labor-torn muscles, stitches)
Tucks medicated pads
Dermoplast spray (was awesome for spraying stitches) I LOVED HAVING THIS

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I'd be more than happy to donate a gift certificate to my Mary Kay business of a pampering session and $20 in free products. Just let me know!

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You might put a gift card in there for a pedicure. IF I knew when I had my children, how relaxing a pedicure can be ...I would have gone straight there from the hospital. Just a thought...maybe a book about raising children and what to expect from a new born, her favorite candy ...cocoa butter for stretch marks ...btw...I think this is a wonderful idea and I have a 3 year old niece and she is just wondermous :)


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Is she going to nurse the baby? If so, things like those soothie gel nursing pads are great.

Some comfy pajamas suitable for nursing would be a great gift, often times first time mommies don't think to buy them. Also, what about some of her favorite healthy snack foods, some gourmet trail mix or easy to eat items she can munch on when she is breastfeeding (if she chooses too) and stuck in a chair. Another thoughtful gift could be a necklace with a mom and child symbol of some sort to celebrate motherhood.

Good luck!

I'm also not into a lot of spa products and bathroom pampering items. Don't know what her interests are, but here are some thoughts:
*gift certificate for local food delivery
*funny little book about moms or babies, little kids, etc found at any bookstore. Fun to read and often include funny pictures.
*a bottle of wine for celebration if she drinks alcohol, she may like a glass every once in a while to relax (or those little individual size bottles may be great)
*home-made certificate for an afternoon of babysitting so she can take care of herself, or get out of the house to do whatever she wants

I liked easy reading materials (magazines, humorous short stories) for in the hospital after delivery. I didn't have a long attention span so regular books weren't so great for me. One caution - you aren't supposed to take a bubble bath for a while after a vaginal delivery (it can cause a nasty infection). A nice robe is also a good thing, or slipper socks. I found the hospital really cold when I had my July baby. If you really wanted to go all out, see if you can find someone to visit her at home, or maybe even in the hospital (if that's possible) for a pedicure, a massage, acupuncture or energy treatment.

I was super excited my friends gave me a basket that included things that helped me PHYSICALLY feel better:

Soothies (for sore nipples)
sitz bath (for soaking painful labor-torn muscles, stitches)
Tucks medicated pads
Dermoplast spray (was awesome for spraying stitches) I LOVED HAVING THIS

add a few coupons -- free babysitting when requested., free house cleaning, laundry.

Add items that she can use when she wants to.

I use to have a list of items I would leave on the kitchen table when company came over to see the baby (now 7) and the company would help with the household chores.

Please give her a notebook that she can take to the hospital and have all the guests sign their names and then she can also do a daily journal for the baby.

Hope she has an easy labor!!!


I always give stuff for hungry nursing mommies like trail mix and snacks that they will need at the 2am feeding (w/ lots of protien). Other things like "Baby 411" the book are useful because I didn't know anything. :)

My favorite gifts that I LOVED having in the hospital/afterward were a light, pretty bathrobe and comfy slippers, and honestly, yummy fancy trail mix with little peanut butter chips. Mmm. It's the perfect salty and sweet combination you just don't get from hospital food, and a little protein kick can't hurt. Have fun making baskets for her and best wishes for her delivery!

Personally, I didn't want any gifts in the hospital because it was just more stuff that we had to take home, along with our new baby. Most people didn't bring anything until we got home and they came over for visits.

My aunt and cousin brought home baked chocolate chip cookies and my mom brought a little cooler with some drinks. They were much welcomed because I had something yummy to munch on and could get a fresh drink without calling the nurse.

A friend of the family did make a "Dadddy Basket" and gave it to my husband and the baby shower. It had small snacks, word search book, etc for him for the "wait" in the hospital. He didn't take it when we went, but he ended up leaving to get some food the night I was admitted. Plus, he didn't stay in the hospital with me so it wasn't a big deal.

I would suggest granola bars or something akin to that. I was in labor for 15 hours and it was a full 24 hours before I could eat. I was SO hungry but by the time I had me son, the hospital cafeteria was closed and we didn't have any food. BIG mistake. Just a thought.

ok this may sound silly but i like the masks that block out the light while you sleep

Check out Sensaria products!! They are wonderful!!

Also, I am a Tastefully Simple Consultant. Our products would be so convenient for her as busy as she will be when she comes home! We even have meals now that you only need to add one ingredient to make it YUMMY! Check out my website www.tastefullysimple.com/web/dmitchell. I offer my mamasource "friends" a 10% discount on their first order!!
My phone number is ###-###-####. Everyone loves food!!

Hi R. ~

What a wonderful and thoughtful idea! Here's a list I keep handy for "showering" new moms:

- Gel eye-pack
- Epsom salts or bubble bath
- Aroma therapy oils
- Scented candles and holders
- Pumice stone
- Washcloths, scrubber or loofa sponge
- Back cleaning brush
- Relaxing music on CD or cassette
- Rubber ducky
- Hand Lotion
- Hard candy or chocolates
- Herbal tea (Ginger Peach is always a favorite)
- Photo book (the small kind to keep the first pictures in)

Be creative and have fun! Your sister will know it's filled with love as well as all the goodies.


Hi R. - what a great idea!! I am a Mary Kay Consultant and we have some fabulous Spa Products you could certainly add to your basket. I also offer a discount for anyone from Mamasource that orders from me. We have Satin Hands - which you can use on your hands to make them incredibly soft and smooth, or you can use it as a pedicure set for some worderfully feeling feet! Our Lotus and Bamboo or Red Tea and Fig is fabulous! We also have some very light and inexpensive fragrances she could use as a pick me up. Also after having a baby your skin goes through some wacky changes - I can work with her on a skin care routine to get her through that time. Everything in our line comes with a 100% money back guarentee so if there is something she isn't too crazy about she isn't stuck with it. We have been the #1 brand in skin care and cosmetics for over 13 years! Check out my website to place an order or get in thouch with me www.marykay.com/tmartinez883 Congratulations to her and to you!!

Definately some of her favorite snack foods. I remember being ravenous after delivery and finally not bound by my Gestational Diabetes diet after my son was born but nothing on the menu looked good. I'd have really liked some treats like mini doughnuts or ice cold powerade or some of my favorite protein bars (Cliff or Luna)or even a Snickers cos I couldn't have it during pregnancy. Maybe a little sqaushable travel cooler in the basket to fill with hospital ice - that has treats. The cooler will be used later for travel for bottles and baby snacks.

My favorite thing my best friend did for me was bring me 1 whole day of meals after I got home - cos you have no nurses and it's all on you and your spouse. Cooking kinda takes a back seat in those 1st weeks. You could put a giftcard to a restaurant that will deliver when they need it OR if you want to cook for her yourself put a homemade gift certificate in for one day or whatever of meals you will provide. That was the BEST gift I was given!!!


I would suggest maybe a nice cozy set of pajamas or nightgowns-slippers; gift certificate to one of her favorite restaurants and/or salon so when she feels like getting out of the house she can go relax and enjoy! Another idea would be hire a housecleaning service to clean her home right before the baby comes home. And last but not least maybe print up a "baby certificate for 1 free night of babysitting"! Best Wishes! Angie

Hi, what I found useful is a book like Chicken Soup for Mothers, or other inspirational, or devotional that have short stories, a neck pillow that can be warmed up in the microwave that has some scents in it -I have one made by earth therapeutics, a relaxation CD, some eyeshades and earplugs for naps - when someone else is watching baby while mommy naps, and of course some homemade gift certificates that will promise some mommy alone time and encourage her to take a walk, enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, or do whatever she likes, maybe retail therapy- find out what she likes and get her a gift card, or even better yet, an Visa/Amex gift card that can be used anywhere, for dept. stores or even restaurants. Arrange a lunch date, with her while Dad watches the baby, or let her have a lunch date with the new Dad, even if it's just for an hour nearby. I did more of this with my second child, and I it helped me feel refreshed and not so stressed out by feeling needed by the baby all the time. Hope this helps, I know when my family made me take a break, I found later that it was one of the best things for me mentally, and emotionally - and it was much needed. Help Mom feel that it's ok to take a break and to let her feel comfortable asking for help. Ask to help with specifics - like, do you want me to watch the baby so you can shower? so you can eat (without standing and rushing). And of course, let her know about this website, and that she can twitter also anytime, and always find a Mom to talk to for support. I wish her well, esp. during the birthing process, and this truly wonderful first time Mom experience. Sounds like your a wonderful, caring friend and you'll be a great God mother.

Hi! Since your sister is not really the pampering type something that was given to me that I truly appreciated was a new pair of pjs (nursing ones if this is her plan) and a lightweight robe. I found especially with our first child that we had visitors and I felt so much better about myself with some nice pjs and slippers rather than a hospital issued gown. I think that plus the nice shampoo/conditioner your sister would be over the moon! Best wishes to you and your family.

Hi Rachael,

This is such a thoughtful gift. Just remember the fact that she is receiving this from her beloved sister is going to be appreciated. As for ideas, I think a CD of her favorite music. I personally loved having some soft music playing while I gave birth. At the time, I was really into Norah Jones, so it was perfect. I think it was soothing to the doctor and nurse as well. Or the CD could be for after the hospital. I know you said she's not much on pampering herself, but I can't tell you how much I enjoyed getting a pedicure after giving birth. I gave birth in early June with my 1st and in late May with my 2nd, so I understand what your sister is going through right now. Another idea is a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant. I know the night I gave birth to my second daughter, I couldn't wait to get a pizza from my fave pizza place. Hospital food gets old really quick. It's nice to have a gift certificate to order in, doesn't have to be pizza, but a place that a friend or family member could pick up and bring to the hospital. Another great idea is a gift certificate for a place like, Super Suppers, Dream Dinners or one of those kinds of places so that when she comes home, hubby can go pick up premade meals so she doesn't have to cook for awhile.

Again, anything you get her is going to be so meaningful to her, I really don't think you can go wrong here.

Take care & God bless,
D. M

I recommend items from Seasource Spa Line. The 5-in-1 Massage Oil is great for massages and stretch marks. The Purifying Sea Soak is my all time favorite. You put it in the water and it creates a relaxing bath to soak in. Another fun item to put in your basket would be Awaken Sea Salt Scrub. All of the products are botanical and healthy.
You can find them at www.naturalskinandbody.myarbonne.com


Maybe some non-perishable food items (dried fruit maybe), a travel mug (loved it for tea while my daughter was tiny - less worry about spills), some tea. Maybe even items for the baby - the "emergency run to the 24hr pharmacy" stuff that would be nice to have on hand instead - infant tylenol, mylicon, infant suppositories...

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