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Getting the Smell of Death Out of Clothing

My husband and his friends had a very successful hunt this year, but after two weeks out and then not unpacking his gear for a bit, he finally brought up his clothing and they reek of death. I have washed them on the strongest wash cycle and used fabreeze but the smell is still lingering in the fabric. Do any of you wonderful Mamas or Papas have any idea what might remove the smell?

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I am currently soaking them all in a mixture of vinegar and baking soda, and will hang them to dry after a wash. I would just toss them but he really loves those pants!

Thanks all, after soaking for 8 hours in a mixture of baking soda and diluted vinegar I put them on the longest hottest wash and it seems to have done the trick.

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Can you hang them outside for a couple days? Usually the sun and air will get rid of most smells or at least lessen them to the point where you can use vinegar to remove the remaining smell.

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If these recommendations don't help. Go online to Cablea's, etc. They make products to wash and treat hunting clothes (dead down wind, etc) It may help remove potent smells.

good luck.

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Punch your husband in the forehead for not unpacking that stuff. Then try some of the stuff the others have suggested. Drying outside in the sun will help.

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And this is your problem why?
Seriously, I'd be showing hubs these "tips" and I'd be done. Bleccch.

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Oh no... I'd be throwing them away!!!

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The smell of rotting meat is lovely, isn't it?

White vinegar is a miracle. Soak it overnight in the tub. White vinegar and water (half and half). Then wash in the washer. Put white vinegar in your fabric softener dispenser.

Instead of detergent, put 1/2 cup of 20-Mule-Team Borax in your detergent dispenser.

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If that doesn't work, toss them. He should have unpacked sooner.

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2 weeks of blood and guts? Throw them out.

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vinegar and outside. Best way otherwise burn em. I was sprayed by a skunk twice in one year. I didnt want to lose my jacket that I just bought. Soaked in almost full strength vinegar and then later a baking soda paste got rid of it after I had hung it outside for 2 weeks.

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Baking soda in the wash let it sit for at least an hour if not all night. My husband is a hunter to and their stuff can STINK. But they don't want any perfume smells on the hunting gear. The animals can smell it. You will probably need a whole box of BP but it really does work. After washing it hang outside to dry.

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