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Getting Stains Out of My Daughters Cheer Uniform!!

My 18 year old daughter is a senior in high school, and a captain on her varsity cheer squad. As you can see from my picture, it's a bright white uniform with a little green trim. I don't know what posseses her to do some of the things she does, but she manages to always come up with something new, like yesterday, the squad held their spring photo day on the football field, which isn't in great condition to begin with, plus it rained. For her pictures she decided to lay down front first, she said it's the way a cheerleader should pose, except she failed to think about the mud she was laying in. It is soaked into her top and on the elbows of her turtleneck from where she was leaning. And to make matters worse, she didn't want to ruin her new cheer shoes, so she kicked them off, and walled the field in her white knee socks that I JUST BOUGHT her since they are a new part of her uniform!!! Any tips in getting out grass and mud out of these clothes before she needs them next week, and before I ban her from wearing white??

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I either soak overnight in oxiclean or dawn (original dish liquid) and then do a cold rinse and wash as usual. Then line dry while they are still wet-the sun will bleach out anything the oxi or soap didn't get out.
Good Luck!

Thecheermom, Fel-Naptha/ laundry soap (Bar soap cost a little over a dollar) and a lot of elbow grease. I do my sons white Baseball pants with it. I wet the garment with cold water and then take the yellow bar of soap and scrub the mud and grass out of the garment then wash it according to the laundry instructions. I have done this for years with the baseball pants, the label says no bleach and I think the material is the same for the cheerleading uniforms. Good Luck let us know how you make out.

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The only way to get natural stains out is with something that has natural enzymes to remove the problem. (I don't use Clorox either because it tears the fibers in the clothes and wears them out and it is also a neurological toxin that can be absorbed through the skin, even by simply wearing an outfit.) I use a line of natural products and their spot remover, PreSpot, has removed everything I have ever tried it on except heavy grease and I have another product for grease removal. Let me know if you're interested in more information. I buy it online.


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I either soak overnight in oxiclean or dawn (original dish liquid) and then do a cold rinse and wash as usual. Then line dry while they are still wet-the sun will bleach out anything the oxi or soap didn't get out.
Good Luck!

we used dishwasher detergent on my sons baseball uniforms for the mud/dirt he would get when sliding into base. put about a cup full into a bucket of water and swish it around. soak the item in it for about an hour swishing every once in a while then throw the who buck full of water plus uniform into the washing machine to wash. should come out sparkly clean. you may have to do several rinse cycles to get rid of all the soap. good luck

I would use shout or tuff stuff first and then let it soak in a sink of bleach water but DONT over do it.....for a standard kitchen sink i would put two small splashes and fill with hot water....if that dont help i dont know what will... but your daughter is 18 and should be washing her own clothes by now.

Maybe she should be a football player instead of a cheerleader! :-)

The best thing I have ever used is called Totally Toddler. I found it at KMart in the baby section. It never failed me, but I always treated the stain immediately after taking the clothes off. Didn't necessarily have to wash right away, I would just spray it and put it in the hamper. It worked great on grass, blood, formula, food.

give her a bar of ivry soap and have her scrub it out thats how i get the mud out of our clothes

I do let my kids wear white--and they have never been careful with them...EVER. I do not use bleach at all any more. I am not sure what material the clothes are but get some Oxyclean, use warmer water and let a full scoop desolve in a dish pan of water (that is what I use for my little ones clothes that are awful). Let it soak for a full day at least. My little one likes to go outside in her sox and they get pretty bad with grass and mud stains. This soaking has saved a lot of clothes for me. Then wash the clothes as usual.

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