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Getting Rid of Urine Smell in Bathroom

I have 3 young boys (4 and under) and have a recurring urine smell in the bathroom. I continuously clean (and bleach) the bathroom, but I'm sure I'm not always there when someone "misses" the toilet. In any case, I haven't yet found anything capable of eliminating the odor for more than a few hours and am desperate to have a fresh smelling bathroom. Any suggestions? Please!!

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I would second the cleaning with diluted vinegar. You could leave a small bowl of vinegar in the bathroom for a short amount of time after you clean. I wouldn't leave it too long though, so it doesn't start to leave it's own smell.
You might even try one of the refridgerator baking soda boxes. Replace as needed.
Good luck!

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If they are missing so much then tell them to sit down and aim down in the toilet.

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Well the first thing that I would do is clean the walls. I noticed that when my son was talking to me he would turn basically his whole body and then there would be pee on the walls. A friend of me once asked the same question of me, how my bathroom smelled so clean with having 2 boys, she had one and couldn't understand why her bathroom always smelled, I told her to check the walls, she did and she has been happy ever since.

Good Luck. :)

I had a similar problem in one of our bathrooms. It turned out that this toilet has an underlip (underneath of the top of the bowl, if that makes sense) that you really can't get to with a toilet brush. I have to use a cleanser with bleach and a paper towel and wipe up under the lip once or twice a week. But the pee smell is gone!

You can also go over the entire bathroom, including walls near the toilet and the floor, with Nature's Miracle, the product you use for pets. I use it on the wood floor in our breakfast area(where our elderly dog lives most of the time) about once a week. It really is pretty miraculous about getting out odors, and I'm pretty sensitive to smells.

I agree with Jen. I have to add to clean the back of the toilet where the seat attaches. Not just the top but the bottom!!! Where the nuts are to attach the lid. Boys AND hubby tend to miss. It's liquid and flows everywhere!!! Also, all down the sides to the bottom where the toilet screws into the floor. Check under the screw covers there too. I do a daily once over the entire toilet with a bleach wipe! Super easy and it gets the smell out. We have tile in our bathroom and I also will let cleaner sit on the grout around the toilet once a week for a few minutes. Then wipe up. Works for me!! Good luck!!

Clean it daily with a little ivory dish soap if you can't do it every day take your favor scent put it a small bowl put near the toilet.

I have found that using a mixture of water and vinigar to clean the bathroom gets rid of all smells. It's also a good cleaning product and cheap. (works good on mirrors too)

Good Luck!!

When this happens at my house the culprit is usually our shower curtain liner. It is actually the bacteria that smells foul (and you can see the yellowish/orangish stains). It can be cleaned with Tilex or replaced.

Are they hitting the wall? You may want to clean the walls and paint over that area near the toilet.

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