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Getting Rid of Cat Urine Smell on Furniture

My friend has a cat and has said he has tried everything to get rid of cat urine smell on his couch. I have never had a cat and have no clue what to tell him to use. Everyone was so great with my question about puppy urine that I thought I would throw this one out there...anyone have anything they have tried that worked?

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I tried EVERYTHING under the sun...and I mean everything! I probably spent $200 trying to get the smell out and realized that a new couch was the solution!

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Dear P.:

Unfortunately, I've had to get rid of lots of cat urine with three cats with various health issues over the years. The best stuff I've found is called "Nature's Miracle" and is sold at Petsmart. It's formulated just for cats because their urine is far more pungent than dogs. The best version is "orange-0xy." The bad part of it is while it is taking the stain out things smell WORSE. That's why I'd recommend the orange version. It helps with the smell while it's working, plus the cats hate the orange scent and will stay away from the stain for a while.

Good luck.

L. F., Mom of a 12-year-old girl and two cats

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PetsMart carries a product called Natures Miracle, and it is. I use it to clean up all bodily stuff, for pets and kids. It is in a white container with red lettering, I always have it on hand.

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for cat or puppy urine (and/or throw up, poop) i use "nature's miracle." it can be found at most pet supply stores and feed stores. it is awesome. it actually works on just about any stain and/or smell. they have one for cats, dogs, and even skunk smell. i highly recommend it.

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I tried EVERYTHING under the sun...and I mean everything! I probably spent $200 trying to get the smell out and realized that a new couch was the solution!

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Your friend can try everything under the sun, and I hate to sound like a downer, but it is virtually impossible to get the smell of cat urine out of furniture. Things that work for dog urine will not work for cat urine. Good luck to your friend, but he/she may want to start pricing couches instead!

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Cat urine is very difficult to remove. Cats tend to go in the same place over and over so you have to change the cats habit also. It is more difficult to get cat urine out of upholstery than it is in carpet because it is more porous. We would be happy to come clean the sofa for your friend. Just have him give us a call at Cornerstone Chem-Dry ###-###-####. We can clean and treat it at the same time. If he tries home remedies tell him to be very careful so that the couch does not get discolored by the things he is putting on it. Try them on a very small area on the couch (preferably the back of a skirt or pillow near the zipper where it won't be seen if damaged.

We'd love to help! Cornerstone Chem-Dry ###-###-#### ____@____.com www.co2cleaners.com


We used a product called OutRight and got it at Westlake Hardware on Park Row and Fielder in Arl. Since the cat is gone now, we have treated the concrete, have new pad and carpet and drapes and sofa and no more pets, no more smell.
Usually if a cat goes somewhere other than their box or outside, it can be because of a urinary tract infection, another pet, or a new baby introduced into the family. Good Luck!
V. B.

The enzymatic cleaners that people told you about for the puppy urine work on cat urine or human urine too.

Try Nature's Miracle from Petland or other pet stores.

Also, could it be the cat spray for marking spots and not the urine? If it is, and the cat isn't fixed, he might think of getting it fixed.

And cats don't usually just pee on things for no reason, like dogs that are cute, but not as smart (I love my dogs, but my cats have the intelligence). So I wonder if it is cat pee, if the cat is trying to tell him it has a urinary tract infection that is VERY common among felines.

Another trick is to leave bars of soap where they peed... they don't like the smell.

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