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Getting Rid of Back Hair-permanently

Hi! My husband wants to get rid of patches on his back where he has hair. He had been waxing the patches off and on for a long time, but this is tedious and sometimes makes his back break out. Does anyone have advice on laser hair removal or electrolysis? Are these permanent solutions and do you know how much they cost? Thank you!


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I had my toes and under arms done 8 years ago at Ritacca Laser Center in Vernon Hills ###-###-####. It does not get rid of all of it, but it gets rid of about 90%. I hurts just a little and it was $300.00 back than for what I had done.
Good Luck
S. T.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED getting laser hair removal. Do not even bother looking into Electrolysis unless you would like the feeling of being a human pin cushion. For Electrolysis it is time and labor intensive as they stick this tiny itty bitty thing into each hair folicle to zap it. The laser hair removal, they get 1 inch square at a time.

You cannot tan while doing the procedure large in part due to what the previous poster said re: light skin dark hair, although, I had a friend with red hair and dark skin, and it worked fabulous for her.

Call around for different pricing to all of the locations. The lady who said she paid $1000 per session over paid as I was once quoted a full year of treatments for $3000 for the legs. My friend in Phoenix thought that I over paid at $1000 for a year of treatments on the bikini line (about 8) So bottom line is there is a huge disparity in prices out there and more expensive does not necessarily mean better, just more expensive!

I got my bikini line done and about 99% of the hair is gone. I have some straglers that believe me, if you knew what kind of Ape I looked like before, you would be pretty happy too! I got this done 9 years ago and it is still permanent! :)

I belong to a women's networking group in Arl. Hits and have a lead for someone you can talk to about Electrolysis - she was a member of our group and operates an office in Barrington - btw. Barrington and Cary. Email me for her name and information. I don't know the cost - but after visiting her office, I was very impressed with her business and her level of professionalism and expertise in the field. She is also an RN, CPE and Licensed Electrologist and a member os SPCP. My email is ____@____.com

My girlfriend did laser hair removal on her bikini line and underarms and she swears by it. You have to go for a number of treatments and she said it burns a little while they're doing it, but the results are permanent. She said it's the best thing she's ever done. I would check it out!

Hope this helps!

never done the laser thing but done electrolis and have a friend who did back hair on laser. Heard its real expensive (several 100?) but it depends on HOW MUCH hair you have.
I'd get it real long and hairy, wait like 7 weeks w/waxing and go in and they can give you an idea. Make sure they are licensed.

Laser hair removal works well on people who have dark hair, and light skin. The laser targets melanin... so the darker the hair and the lighter the skin the more aggressive the treatment can be without burning skin too. So the number of treatments will depend upon your set up. It is much faster than electrolysis. Cost will depend upon the size of the area treated. You won't need to grow the hair out long to get an idea of cost... just stubble will be enough to see the area needed to treat. I did lasers to my legs, as I worked at a place where I had access to lasers for free. I have gone from a person who needed to shave maybe twice daily to a person who needs to shave about once every 2-3 weeks, and what grows in is very fine and light. To pay for the entirety of my legs would've been around 1000.00 per treatment and the number of treaments would've been maybe 8-10. Usually quotes for cost from laser treatment centers are free.

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