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Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

I have had a miscarriage over the last 3 week - I was 7 weeks pregnant. A little over a week ago, I took some medicine (Cytotec) to help my body finish the miscarriage. I have finally stopped all of my bleeding.

Of course, the paperwork from the doctor says to go back on the pill for a month before trying to conceive again. However, I have read that your first 4-6 weeks after miscarriage you are your most fertile. We really don't want to wait a month to try again. Has anyone had experience with this that they would share?

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I also had an early miscarrige but it ended on its own. My DR told me to wait to try until I had 2 periods, or 3 months, since my periods were irregular and 2 periods could take months. I had a miscarriage in March and was pregnant again in July, on the 2nd month of trying. I am just about 12 weeks now and things are going smoothly. GOOD LUCK!!!

I misscarried at 12 weeks and had to have a D & C. My doctor told us it was a fluke to miscarry and if we were emotionally ready to go ahead and try again immediatly. The next month I found out I was pregnant. I had a great pregnancy but it was emotionally tough come the milestones. I say go ahead and try. Good luck

From personal experience, I was told to wait 2 months to try again. We didn't want to risk anything so we did. This gives you body time to heal back to normal. I got pregnant 4 months after my miscarriage and had a healthy baby girl!! My sister-in-law miscarried at the same time and got pregnant 3 months after miscarrying.

Good Luck!!

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Sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I hope you can conceive again soon! I just wanted to share that I had a miscarriage (about 5 weeks, no D&C) and got pregnant before my next period. I have a healthy 16 month old son! I would agree that if you haven't had any complications with your miscarriage that the real reasons that OBs suggest waiting is to make sure that you are ready emotionally and so they have a more accurate date when you become pregnant! Good luck!

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You have gotten a lot of advice here and I just thought I would respond briefly. When we were trying to get pregnant wiht my duaghter, I had a miscarriage in the end of June/ July and again in September. We then got pregnant in the end of October/ early November and had my daughter in August. The nurse after I got pregnant (successful pregnancy) actually YELLED at me b/c I couldn't give them my last period because it was actaully my miscarriage that i was using as a date. I am not particulaly religious but I felt it was in god's hands to give us another child.

My doctor when I told her waht had happened (of course worrying the ENTIRE time I would lose this child) stated it is more for your emotional well being to wait. My husband was NOT supportive during this time as he felt I pushed him for a second. I would just recommend having a support network in case...I plan for worst case scenario and hope for better. Ultimately it is your decision to go a head or wait but it took losing 2 to make the magic happen for me and I was a nervous wreck the entire pregnancy and had to take meds to get my hormone levels up.

Good luck!!

C. I am sorry to hear about your loss. I had a miscarriage at about the same time my first pregnancy and was told to wait before trying again. We waited because I wanted to make sure my body had recovered and the next baby would have the best environment to grow.

If you are healthy mentally and physically, there is no reason to wait. Doctors want you to wait so they can more accurately "date" a pregnancy from your last period. I might want to wait until I've had one regular period for that same reason. I would not go on the pill for one month (and throw my hormones out of wack again??) when they warn you that the pill may not be totally effective for the first couple of months anyway. Use something easy like condoms, etc. And there is no predicting when a miscarriage will happen (after a miscarriage, or after going off the pill, for instance). Good Luck - many of us have had great normal pregancies right after miscarriages.


I had a miscarriage the end of April and found out I was pregnant the beginning of July. I didn't know when to start taking my pills again and was waiting for my first cycle. You need to do what you think is best. Multiple miscarriages can be very hard on you physically and emotionally. But only you know when you are ready to try again.


Like Katie I do not know what the medicine does to your body . But I would listen to your doctor and wait . Why not use some other form or birth control for a little bit . Use condomes . I would let your body heal for a while . You may feel alright and ready to try but losing a baby is rough on a body .

Well me and hubby decided we wanted our 3rd child on our 10th wedding anniversary pretty much exactly a year ago. We tried for 2 months and got pregnant in December. We carried our little one for exactly 7 weeks as well and unfortunately I miscarried in February. So my doctor told us at the appointment to get right back on the horse because there is no proof that getting pregnant right away again increases the liklyhood of miscarriages. . . and you are more fertile right after again. So we did and I got pregnant in March right away!

I'm due in December and in the third trimester doing great. So that is my personal story. Good luck with whatever you decide. I'm so glad we tried right away again. My little Lex is doing great and I can't wait till we get to meet him!

We miscarried at 11 weeks, had a D&C, and since it had taken us almost a year to conceive the baby that miscarried, I didn't think we had a chance of conceiving right away. Sure enough, it "reset" my cycle somehow and we got pregnant 4 weeks later even though we were supposed to wait a couple months. We had a healthy baby girl. It helped with the healing process although it was a nerve-wrecking first trimester as I waited for something to go wrong with the pregnancy and prayed for everything to go right. I wish you the best.

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