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Getting Nails Done While Pregnant

I have been told by many that getting my nails done or coloring my hair while pregnant is not a good idea or healthy for my unborn? Is this true or just ridiculous??

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I got two pedis in the last few months of my pregancy. My Dr. just went phish and said do it.
the coloring I can't remember but didn't do it.

Hi M.,

I had my nails done while I was pregnant and I had no problems with it. My doctor knew about it and he didn't say anything to me. I hope that this helps!

I. K.

Hi, I got my hair and nails done at the end of each pregnancy. My doctors said it was fine. They recommended going somewhere that was somewhat ventilated. Hope this helps.

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There really is nothing wrong with it except, because of the changes in your body, it may not take. Other then that it is safe.

Though nothing has been proven (how can it be, really?) many experts believe that the chemicals from hair color can enter your system through inhalation or skin contact and possibly effect the developing baby. Because of this, they suggest avoiding such chemicals until you are through your first trimester, when the baby is the most vulnerable. I'm not sure about nail polish, though. Possibly the polish REMOVER is a potential problem but that doesn't make skin contact so a well ventilated room might take care of it. Either way, it never hurts to be careful.

Congradulations on your pregnancy M.!
I too was told that and I did get my hair colored once and did get pedicures as a treat to myself. However, I did use all natural nail products because it is true that the chemicals does get through the nail beds and into the blood stream. I don't believe there is any research that these chemicals have crossed the placenta and harmed the baby but I had a very healthy 8lb 6oz baby boy! If your looking for a great Spa there is a new Spa called Moss Wellness Spa at the Waterfront that is the first green spa in AZ. They offer manis, pedis, hair (no color) body treatments and yoga & pilates.
Best of luck & many blessings

I would say definitely not in the first trimester. After that, I'd say only do the hair color where they foil your hair. That is what I did. The other dye is probably ok, but just to be safe, I wouldn't. And definitely no on the nail salons. Those are like toxic waste dumps. I don't care if other preg. women are there. So you do your own nails for 9 mos, or not at all. A small price to pay. The baby would probably be born fine, but our environment is so loaded with junk these days, you just hate to expose them to more.

If you're going to color your hair, have it done professionally. If they do a weave, the color doesn't go to your scalp, so it's safer. Most hairdressers have told me that it's perfectly safe - just an old wives tale. I actually had my hair colored with both of my pregnancies, no problems.

I'm not sure about the nails thing, but I think it's probably the same deal - an old wives tale. The only thing, if you get a pedicure, they have to be careful when doing a foot massage - certain pressure on your foot can cause labor (and I've heard that from licensed massage therapists).

The fewer environmental toxins you can introduce into your system when you are pregnant the better off your baby will be. The skin is the body's largest organ of both elimination and absorption. Everything you put on your skin you might as well be eating - and you have skin around your nails and hair. Your body absorbs the chemicals and heavy metals and whatever else is in it. So if your body is absorbing it so is your baby's while you are pregnant. The chemicals that are in most "beauty shops" are so toxic and degenerative that it is ridiculous to use them in pursuit of true beauty. If you are interested I could email you a researched list I have of ingredients to avoid that are still allowed even in "natural" products that are toxic. Anything with mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, fragrance, or color (among other things) are toxic and shouldn't be put on the skin. The best thing you can do to help yourself feel and be beautiful while you are pregnant is to be as natural as possible - drink lots of pure water - and realize the radiance of the life growing within you can shine brightest if you don't cover it up with toxic paint on the outside. You will look and feel your best if you are just clean and allowing your skin and body to breathe.

I've been getting my nails done for the past 15 yrs. My son is now 12, never sick and a straight A student. I can say it didnt affect him at all. My 3 yr old in following in his footsteps. So go ahead, pamper yourself without worrying!

I AM a nail tech (an american one no less) and have 4 healthy children, I did nails through all 4 of my pregnancies! I think you should do whatever you like, its not any worse than pumping your own gas or walking by busy roads w/ all the SMOG now a days, but no ones going to tell you not to take a walk. I even walked 3 miles 3 times a week through my last pregnancy. As far as the hair goes, my friends who do hair had always said they do worry about how the color comes out, and my last comment would be to your other answers "that unless that IS your profession you might not want to stick your knowlegde in where your not really sure WHAT your talking about". I do fiberglass nails that don't have a smell, and I also specialize in pedicures and manicures. I have a mobile nail business called "Nails to You" and would love to accomadate you at your home if you would like. I go to numerous retirement centers and service retired people who can't do or cut their own nails anymore.
My Name is N. Markham and my # is ###-###-####

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