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Getting Nails Done While Pregnant

I have been told by many that getting my nails done or coloring my hair while pregnant is not a good idea or healthy for my unborn? Is this true or just ridiculous??

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I got two pedis in the last few months of my pregancy. My Dr. just went phish and said do it.
the coloring I can't remember but didn't do it.

Hi M.,

I had my nails done while I was pregnant and I had no problems with it. My doctor knew about it and he didn't say anything to me. I hope that this helps!

I. K.

Hi, I got my hair and nails done at the end of each pregnancy. My doctors said it was fine. They recommended going somewhere that was somewhat ventilated. Hope this helps.

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There really is nothing wrong with it except, because of the changes in your body, it may not take. Other then that it is safe.

Though nothing has been proven (how can it be, really?) many experts believe that the chemicals from hair color can enter your system through inhalation or skin contact and possibly effect the developing baby. Because of this, they suggest avoiding such chemicals until you are through your first trimester, when the baby is the most vulnerable. I'm not sure about nail polish, though. Possibly the polish REMOVER is a potential problem but that doesn't make skin contact so a well ventilated room might take care of it. Either way, it never hurts to be careful.

Congradulations on your pregnancy M.!
I too was told that and I did get my hair colored once and did get pedicures as a treat to myself. However, I did use all natural nail products because it is true that the chemicals does get through the nail beds and into the blood stream. I don't believe there is any research that these chemicals have crossed the placenta and harmed the baby but I had a very healthy 8lb 6oz baby boy! If your looking for a great Spa there is a new Spa called Moss Wellness Spa at the Waterfront that is the first green spa in AZ. They offer manis, pedis, hair (no color) body treatments and yoga & pilates.
Best of luck & many blessings

I would say definitely not in the first trimester. After that, I'd say only do the hair color where they foil your hair. That is what I did. The other dye is probably ok, but just to be safe, I wouldn't. And definitely no on the nail salons. Those are like toxic waste dumps. I don't care if other preg. women are there. So you do your own nails for 9 mos, or not at all. A small price to pay. The baby would probably be born fine, but our environment is so loaded with junk these days, you just hate to expose them to more.

If you're going to color your hair, have it done professionally. If they do a weave, the color doesn't go to your scalp, so it's safer. Most hairdressers have told me that it's perfectly safe - just an old wives tale. I actually had my hair colored with both of my pregnancies, no problems.

I'm not sure about the nails thing, but I think it's probably the same deal - an old wives tale. The only thing, if you get a pedicure, they have to be careful when doing a foot massage - certain pressure on your foot can cause labor (and I've heard that from licensed massage therapists).

The fewer environmental toxins you can introduce into your system when you are pregnant the better off your baby will be. The skin is the body's largest organ of both elimination and absorption. Everything you put on your skin you might as well be eating - and you have skin around your nails and hair. Your body absorbs the chemicals and heavy metals and whatever else is in it. So if your body is absorbing it so is your baby's while you are pregnant. The chemicals that are in most "beauty shops" are so toxic and degenerative that it is ridiculous to use them in pursuit of true beauty. If you are interested I could email you a researched list I have of ingredients to avoid that are still allowed even in "natural" products that are toxic. Anything with mineral oil, petroleum, parabens, fragrance, or color (among other things) are toxic and shouldn't be put on the skin. The best thing you can do to help yourself feel and be beautiful while you are pregnant is to be as natural as possible - drink lots of pure water - and realize the radiance of the life growing within you can shine brightest if you don't cover it up with toxic paint on the outside. You will look and feel your best if you are just clean and allowing your skin and body to breathe.

I've been getting my nails done for the past 15 yrs. My son is now 12, never sick and a straight A student. I can say it didnt affect him at all. My 3 yr old in following in his footsteps. So go ahead, pamper yourself without worrying!

I AM a nail tech (an american one no less) and have 4 healthy children, I did nails through all 4 of my pregnancies! I think you should do whatever you like, its not any worse than pumping your own gas or walking by busy roads w/ all the SMOG now a days, but no ones going to tell you not to take a walk. I even walked 3 miles 3 times a week through my last pregnancy. As far as the hair goes, my friends who do hair had always said they do worry about how the color comes out, and my last comment would be to your other answers "that unless that IS your profession you might not want to stick your knowlegde in where your not really sure WHAT your talking about". I do fiberglass nails that don't have a smell, and I also specialize in pedicures and manicures. I have a mobile nail business called "Nails to You" and would love to accomadate you at your home if you would like. I go to numerous retirement centers and service retired people who can't do or cut their own nails anymore.
My Name is N. Markham and my # is ###-###-####

I've noticed a few women on Mamasource telling other moms that it's okay to do something while you're pregnant (or as a parent) because they did it all the time and their kids turned out fine.

That is just about the most absurd and illogical argument I've ever heard.

It reminds me of an argument I had with my father-in-law one time about car seats. He said that his kids never used car seats and neither did he...and they all survived. In his mind, that made the precaution completely unnecessary.

Are you kidding me? Many people smoke their entire lives and don't get cancer! Does that make everyone invincible?

There are more children born healthy than not in the world. It's actually possible for a pregnant woman to drink alcohol, take drugs, and receive no prenatal care....and still deliver a healthy infant. So what? Does that mean that it's okay to do all of those things?

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with taking precautions. You take prenatal vitamins as a precaution. You buckle your child in a car seat as a precaution. You hold hands when crossing the street as a precaution.

And there are probably a lot of moms out there that don't do any of those things and their kids are fine.


Just because they rolled the dice and won doesn't mean you will be so lucky. And why on earth would you even WANT to gamble with your child's health or safety?

Sorry to rant but that whole "I did it and my kid turned out fine" argument drives me INSANE! If you disagree with certain precautions, fine. But come up with a better reason than THAT, for crying out loud.

I've heard that hair's a no-no and nails are fine, but please don't listen to me, or anyone else who says it's okay because their children turned out fine. Most children are fine no matter what their mothers do -- it's a question of the current medical opinion on the risk, and for that you should ask your doctor.

You can definitely get your nails done and hair colored while pregnant! I did and my baby is fine. My OB did advise that if you get a pedicure, don't have the person rub your feet (I know, one of the best parts!) as it can induce labor. For the same reason, when you get a prenatal massage, most therapists won't rub your hands or feet. I guess the arms and legs are fine, but there are pulse points in the hands and feet specifically that should be avoided.

Have fun and enjoy pampering yourself during pregnancy!

Ridicuous. I did both while pregnant with both of my children and they are a healthy six year old and 2 year old. There is no reason to get ugly while pregnant! Today's beauty products are safe enough and won't harm your baby. Get Beautiful, I say!

Hi M.,

I had my nails done while I was pregnant and I had no problems with it. My doctor knew about it and he didn't say anything to me. I hope that this helps!

I. K.

I don't really have time to read through your responses, so if I'm repeating anyone else, sorry! I'm not a doctor, so please don't take what I say as anything more than personal experience. The reason people say that you shouldn't get your nails done or color your hair while you are pregnant isn't actually that these things are bad for you. It is because the chemical fumes that are generally in nail salons and hair studios are toxic. So you can get your nails done in a salon, just wear one of those mask things that doctors wear or tie a bandana around your nose and mouth. You may look funny, but at least you will know that you did everything you could. However, you can't exactly wear a bandana tied around your head while trying to dye your hair. But some companies make hair dye that is ammonia-free nowadays. Opt for those brands if you are doing your hair at home, or check with your hair studio to find out if they can use the ammonia-free kind for you.

Hi, I got my hair and nails done at the end of each pregnancy. My doctors said it was fine. They recommended going somewhere that was somewhat ventilated. Hope this helps.

I got my nails done while pregnant... the biggest concern according to my OB was not the fumes, but the cleanliness of the salon, there is little blood supply to your nails and (especially toenails) with the weight of the baby it limits the blood supply further so any infection caused by the pedicure could become very serious very quickly and hard to treat due to the medication limitations of the baby. Also keep in mind massaging the tops of the feet is good but bottoms have nerves that could cause contractions if rubbed.

I believe the people that are telling you that this is a no-non understand that anything you put on your skin(Our Bodies Largest Organ) is absorbed into your blood stream and delivered to your internal organs within 26 seconds. So imagine the chemicals used in your hair dye getting delivered to your baby that fast! Now as far as your nails are concerned obviuosly if you are putting acetone on your finger tips the same applies, however you can be careful regarding this and avoid it from coming in contact with your skin. I have a ton more information regarding ways to avoid these harmful chemicals in the future for you and your baby if you are intrested, please just send me an e-mail.

It is a complete myth that you can't do stuff like that. I get my hair done every 5 weeks and have it colored every other visit. My hair dresser has assured me that it is completely safe. I did this with my 3rd pregnancy and now I'm currently 35+ weeks pregnant and have not stopped doing this. My kids are absolutely fine. I imagine the same rules apply for getting nails done.

I got two pedis in the last few months of my pregancy. My Dr. just went phish and said do it.
the coloring I can't remember but didn't do it.

Talk to your obgyn, but I am pregnant with number 3. I have two beautiful and healthy boys! While pregnant with my first I had my hair colored and acrylic nails and even pedicures because I got married and then continued coloring my hair throughout(I had not been told by anyone yet about it being bad)...He turned out great, no complications. He was 18 days early, but healthy and went home with me. He was 7 lbs 5 oz and has not had any health problems to date and he is three. He is also very bright for his age and ahead of a lot of other kids developmentally and has been for a long time. My second son I had my hair highlighted and colored every 8 weeks, I also had my hubby get me gift certificates for Christmas and my birthday to the nail salon so I could get spa pedicures. I did not have acrylics done with him...But he is also healthy, was 8 lbs 3 oz and no health issues, also came home with me when I was released from the hospital the day after he was born. I know there are things out there saying not to do it because they are unsure if it leaches into your system and crosses the placenta or not, but there is no scientific fact it is bad. I know lots of doctors recommend spending as little time in a salon as possible because of fumes, and trying to use the hair color that is on for the least amount of time as possible. They also recommend highlights because they are not directly on your roots. But I know a ton of Mom's with healthy kids that dyed their hair during pregnancies. Good luck!

I got my hair done and nails done with both of my pregnancies. Nothing wrong here.

If it makes you feel good, just do it. Make sure it's in a very well ventilated area though. I asked my OB about this and she said it was fine as long as the area is ventilated.

The odor from the nail place is probably more toxic than dying your hair. But if you arn't hanging out in the nail place for hours everyday I'm sure it is no problem. The hair dye thing has been debunked. It does not poison your unborn child.

FYI. I went to have my nails done this summer and one of the ladies doing the nails was pregnant. I wonder what her doctor said?

I got my nails done every 2 weeks during all three of my pregnancies. My kids are all healthy with no problems and are now ages 4, 6 and 8. Congratulations on your new one!

The fumes of nail polish are toxic and that speaks for itself, I think.
Hairdressers are hesitant with the dyes during preg because the color results are unpredictable. I would wait until little one's organs systems are formed before doing any extra chem exposure.

I was married when I was 3 months pregnant, and had my hair colored and my nails done. My son turned out fine! I think if you are exposed to the fumes quite a bit - like if you worked in a salon, that may be another story!

Good luck!

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