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Getting Induced...Questions!!

Hey guys! I am scheduled to be induced May 8th, and I'm really nervous about everything. I'm trying to find out as much as I can about being induced so I can atleast try to prepare myself as much as I can. I know there are different ways to induce, I think as of right now I will be hooked up to the IV to start the labor.. that might change, but that's what I think. I've heard that being induced can slow you down big time and take forever, but then again my sister was induced and it only took her 8 hours. Is there anyone else who was induced that didn't have a very long labor and delivery? I need some hope here!! =) I'm worried that she won't be ready and something will happen and I will end up having a C-section.. I told that to my Doc and he said, "If your going to have to have a C-section, than your going to have to have a C-section regardless if I induce you or not." Make sense? Anyway, thanks girls for your advice in advance!!

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Hi K.,
Congrats! My first baby came the day she was due (had her in 6 hrs) and my second, I waited until her due date and scheduled to be induced the day after. I wasn't in labor with either for long. The second baby came within 3 hrs after they started the pitocin - she broke my water. I was a little more nervous the second time around because I knew what to expect...which sounds odd. Every woman is different - so there isn't much preparing you can do.
Why are you being induced? If it's not due to risk to you or the baby, I would ride it out for the 6 days and let her come when she is good and ready - if she passes her due date then induce. She just may need those six days....labor is hard on us, but the little ones work just as hard too.
Good luck!


I had a great experience being induced. I was induced at 7 am and started pushing at 10:30 am (my first). I dilated VERY quickly (almost too quickly to get an epideral. I went from a 3 to a 7 in a very short time.) Good luck to you! Induction does not have to slow things down...

I was induced for both of my deliveries and had no trouble either time. With my son, they started the pitocin at around 7:00, broke my water at about 8:30, and he was born at 1:26 that afternoon. With my daughter, they started the drip at 6:30, broke my water at 8:15 and she was born at 10:30. It all depends on the person, but it is possible to have a quick labor after being induced. Good luck!

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I was induced for my son a day or two before his due date. When they hooked me up the nurse told me I had already starting to have light contractions (which I suspected), so I was at least a little on a roll. The pitosin and whatever else was in the bags (they slowly start increasin it)was slowly increased throughout the day (I started at 6:30am) and by about 1 or 2 the contractions were getting stronger. They broke my water and did give me a painkiller that wore off after a while. I wasn't dialating much, but they put in a cathater (I hadn't been able to pee on my own), and when I got rid of a liter of urine, things really kicked into gear (my swollen bladder was blocking things). Once they did that I had my son at 5:30pm. It really wasn't all that bad. I have one friend who they induced, but who didn't progress and had to have a c-section. So I guess it might depend on how ready your body is to have the baby. I don't know for sure. Good luck! It's not all that bad!

Okay.. first off.. for all the ladies questioning why you're being induced - Doctors DO NOT schedule inductions unless they have just cause. Malpractice suits are expensive.

That said, I have been induced with all 3 of my kiddos. MY first was because I went a week past my due date. My labor lasted about 9 hours - and she came out a whopping 9lbs 7oz. No C-Section, no tearing either.
I was induced 2 weeks early with my 2nd and 3rd because of their sizes (they didn't want me having another 9 pounder.) My 2nd labor was 6 hours and my 3rd was 6.5 hours. Both my boys weighed in at 8lbs 13oz. Again, no C-section and no tearing.
Epidurals are wonderful things!

Don't be scared. The first time is always scary - simply because of fear of the unknown. I remember thinking on the morning of my first induction "I don't want to do this!! Can I take it back??!!" But once the nurses came in and everything got started I didn't have time to think about that anymore.

The most wonderful part is that moment of delivery - there is nothing like it in the world!!! Your world is forever changed in an instant!!! To hear her cry, to touch her skin, to touch her body... sigh... I want to do it again and again!!! (my husb says we're done, though- he's probably right, 3 is enough - but I just LOVE having babies!!!!!!)

You'll be fine. Women have been doing this for 1000s of years. (without drugs) :)
Enjoy the experience.
Bless you and your baby. I pray for a safe and healthy delivery for you.

Hi K.,

I will tell you about my experience with induction - keep in mind that everyone is different of course!

For me, it was a breeze. I went in at 8:00am, they started the IV shortly thereafter. I delivered my baby boy at approximately 2:00pm...a total of 6 hours!

Now, with that said, I will tell you that the labor started out VERY intense from the beginning with strong contractions, etc. I began dilating very quickly. My doctor even left the room thinking I had plenty of time, but after a couple of hours, I knew things were intensifying, because I was in PAIN. So, you can have lots of strong, intense contractions, but if you are comfortable with an epidural, that can be taken care of quickly.

I did get an epidural, so by the time the baby was born, I was pain-free.

I hope your experience goes just as well, and congratulations on your upcoming arrival :)


I was induced for all three of my children. Inducing and naturally has nothing to do with how long you will be in labor. It depends on if it's your first child, second child, third child, etc... My first child was the longest labor, then my second child was one hour less than the first one, and finally my third and final child was only 4 hours including pushing time.

It all depends on how dilated you are prior to being induced. I was only dilated to a 2cm when I started having labor contractions with my first. And was not advancing, so they broke my water with a thing that looked like a long crochet hook. Didn't hurt. Then they did petocin (I think).

The second one, my Doc was going on vacation around my due date so we decided to induce. He broke my water with the long crochet hook thing... then later again, they used petocin (I think).

My third, since this was my third, I was dialating without labor contractions. I was dialating to a 4cm when my doc said we were going to induce if I didn't go into labor by that Thursday (this was a Monday). Thursday, I went in to the hospital, and they checked me and I was at a 5cm when my Doc broke my water with the long hook again.

Your first labor is usually (if you're lucky it's not) long and hard. Subsequent births gets easier...

Good luck!

Congrats on the new baby! so exciting. I only have 1 child and he is 5 now but I was induced and had a c-section. I was just a little over a week overdue. Every person is different and it is hard to say what your out come will be. I went in the morning he broke my water and put me on a drip and by 6 that afternoon I had not dilated past a 5 so they said C-section. I know that you are scared and very nervous amd I wish that I could help you relax. I will tell you what ever the outcome is for you the min you hold that little one in your arms it won't matter.

I was induced and had an epidural and my delivery was fairly quick and completely pain free. I didn't have any problems whatsoever. It was a walk in the park compared to my first two deliveries (natural and c-section).

Also, congratulations and good luck!

Hi K.,

Don't let the potential bad stuff scare you. Believe this: You will have a wonderful delivery and a healthy, lovely baby.

Regarding your induction:
Find out why the doctor wants to induce you. Get specific reasons and research them on the web, if you want. But you have to buy into it. Take your someone trusted that has children with you to the appt. Ask questions, don't accept anything if you are not comfortable with it. Make them give you reasons and take time to get you comfortable with it.

I read below where someone said breaking your water hurts. I had it done twice and doesn't hurt AT ALL. You don't feel anything. So don't worry about that.

Get some relaxing music / movies because you will have some time to wait.

Good luck.

There is life after a C Section. I had one and was up walking around that night and went home two days after I delivered. It was great. Don't fret about being induced. My best friend was and she went 6 hours before her little boy was born. It isn't the induction part that slows down labor, it is the epideral. But of course you don't really care then because you can't feel anything and it allows you to get a good amount of sleep.

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