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Getting Induced...Questions!!

Hey guys! I am scheduled to be induced May 8th, and I'm really nervous about everything. I'm trying to find out as much as I can about being induced so I can atleast try to prepare myself as much as I can. I know there are different ways to induce, I think as of right now I will be hooked up to the IV to start the labor.. that might change, but that's what I think. I've heard that being induced can slow you down big time and take forever, but then again my sister was induced and it only took her 8 hours. Is there anyone else who was induced that didn't have a very long labor and delivery? I need some hope here!! =) I'm worried that she won't be ready and something will happen and I will end up having a C-section.. I told that to my Doc and he said, "If your going to have to have a C-section, than your going to have to have a C-section regardless if I induce you or not." Make sense? Anyway, thanks girls for your advice in advance!!

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Hi K.,
Congrats! My first baby came the day she was due (had her in 6 hrs) and my second, I waited until her due date and scheduled to be induced the day after. I wasn't in labor with either for long. The second baby came within 3 hrs after they started the pitocin - she broke my water. I was a little more nervous the second time around because I knew what to expect...which sounds odd. Every woman is different - so there isn't much preparing you can do.
Why are you being induced? If it's not due to risk to you or the baby, I would ride it out for the 6 days and let her come when she is good and ready - if she passes her due date then induce. She just may need those six days....labor is hard on us, but the little ones work just as hard too.
Good luck!


I had a great experience being induced. I was induced at 7 am and started pushing at 10:30 am (my first). I dilated VERY quickly (almost too quickly to get an epideral. I went from a 3 to a 7 in a very short time.) Good luck to you! Induction does not have to slow things down...

I was induced for both of my deliveries and had no trouble either time. With my son, they started the pitocin at around 7:00, broke my water at about 8:30, and he was born at 1:26 that afternoon. With my daughter, they started the drip at 6:30, broke my water at 8:15 and she was born at 10:30. It all depends on the person, but it is possible to have a quick labor after being induced. Good luck!

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I was induced for my son a day or two before his due date. When they hooked me up the nurse told me I had already starting to have light contractions (which I suspected), so I was at least a little on a roll. The pitosin and whatever else was in the bags (they slowly start increasin it)was slowly increased throughout the day (I started at 6:30am) and by about 1 or 2 the contractions were getting stronger. They broke my water and did give me a painkiller that wore off after a while. I wasn't dialating much, but they put in a cathater (I hadn't been able to pee on my own), and when I got rid of a liter of urine, things really kicked into gear (my swollen bladder was blocking things). Once they did that I had my son at 5:30pm. It really wasn't all that bad. I have one friend who they induced, but who didn't progress and had to have a c-section. So I guess it might depend on how ready your body is to have the baby. I don't know for sure. Good luck! It's not all that bad!

Okay.. first off.. for all the ladies questioning why you're being induced - Doctors DO NOT schedule inductions unless they have just cause. Malpractice suits are expensive.

That said, I have been induced with all 3 of my kiddos. MY first was because I went a week past my due date. My labor lasted about 9 hours - and she came out a whopping 9lbs 7oz. No C-Section, no tearing either.
I was induced 2 weeks early with my 2nd and 3rd because of their sizes (they didn't want me having another 9 pounder.) My 2nd labor was 6 hours and my 3rd was 6.5 hours. Both my boys weighed in at 8lbs 13oz. Again, no C-section and no tearing.
Epidurals are wonderful things!

Don't be scared. The first time is always scary - simply because of fear of the unknown. I remember thinking on the morning of my first induction "I don't want to do this!! Can I take it back??!!" But once the nurses came in and everything got started I didn't have time to think about that anymore.

The most wonderful part is that moment of delivery - there is nothing like it in the world!!! Your world is forever changed in an instant!!! To hear her cry, to touch her skin, to touch her body... sigh... I want to do it again and again!!! (my husb says we're done, though- he's probably right, 3 is enough - but I just LOVE having babies!!!!!!)

You'll be fine. Women have been doing this for 1000s of years. (without drugs) :)
Enjoy the experience.
Bless you and your baby. I pray for a safe and healthy delivery for you.

Hi K.,

I will tell you about my experience with induction - keep in mind that everyone is different of course!

For me, it was a breeze. I went in at 8:00am, they started the IV shortly thereafter. I delivered my baby boy at approximately 2:00pm...a total of 6 hours!

Now, with that said, I will tell you that the labor started out VERY intense from the beginning with strong contractions, etc. I began dilating very quickly. My doctor even left the room thinking I had plenty of time, but after a couple of hours, I knew things were intensifying, because I was in PAIN. So, you can have lots of strong, intense contractions, but if you are comfortable with an epidural, that can be taken care of quickly.

I did get an epidural, so by the time the baby was born, I was pain-free.

I hope your experience goes just as well, and congratulations on your upcoming arrival :)


I was induced for all three of my children. Inducing and naturally has nothing to do with how long you will be in labor. It depends on if it's your first child, second child, third child, etc... My first child was the longest labor, then my second child was one hour less than the first one, and finally my third and final child was only 4 hours including pushing time.

It all depends on how dilated you are prior to being induced. I was only dilated to a 2cm when I started having labor contractions with my first. And was not advancing, so they broke my water with a thing that looked like a long crochet hook. Didn't hurt. Then they did petocin (I think).

The second one, my Doc was going on vacation around my due date so we decided to induce. He broke my water with the long crochet hook thing... then later again, they used petocin (I think).

My third, since this was my third, I was dialating without labor contractions. I was dialating to a 4cm when my doc said we were going to induce if I didn't go into labor by that Thursday (this was a Monday). Thursday, I went in to the hospital, and they checked me and I was at a 5cm when my Doc broke my water with the long hook again.

Your first labor is usually (if you're lucky it's not) long and hard. Subsequent births gets easier...

Good luck!

Congrats on the new baby! so exciting. I only have 1 child and he is 5 now but I was induced and had a c-section. I was just a little over a week overdue. Every person is different and it is hard to say what your out come will be. I went in the morning he broke my water and put me on a drip and by 6 that afternoon I had not dilated past a 5 so they said C-section. I know that you are scared and very nervous amd I wish that I could help you relax. I will tell you what ever the outcome is for you the min you hold that little one in your arms it won't matter.

I was induced and had an epidural and my delivery was fairly quick and completely pain free. I didn't have any problems whatsoever. It was a walk in the park compared to my first two deliveries (natural and c-section).

Also, congratulations and good luck!

Hi K.,

Don't let the potential bad stuff scare you. Believe this: You will have a wonderful delivery and a healthy, lovely baby.

Regarding your induction:
Find out why the doctor wants to induce you. Get specific reasons and research them on the web, if you want. But you have to buy into it. Take your someone trusted that has children with you to the appt. Ask questions, don't accept anything if you are not comfortable with it. Make them give you reasons and take time to get you comfortable with it.

I read below where someone said breaking your water hurts. I had it done twice and doesn't hurt AT ALL. You don't feel anything. So don't worry about that.

Get some relaxing music / movies because you will have some time to wait.

Good luck.

There is life after a C Section. I had one and was up walking around that night and went home two days after I delivered. It was great. Don't fret about being induced. My best friend was and she went 6 hours before her little boy was born. It isn't the induction part that slows down labor, it is the epideral. But of course you don't really care then because you can't feel anything and it allows you to get a good amount of sleep.

Just a question but why are they planning an induction so far out??? Anyway, when my induction started, I was on my way already 4 cm dialated, so I got an epidural and petosin started at the same time, as well as breaking my water. I went from 4 to fully dialated in less than 4 hours. The secret to a fast labor is stay as active as possible. As long as you don't have issues ( I didn't and I was 22 when I delivered) walk, walk, walk, and that def helps for a fast labor. I work in a hospital and walk for 12 hrs a shift that totally helped. I worked a 12 hr shift on Thurs and delivered Saturday. Good luck!

I am sure will you have lots of responses to this question. I was induced with my two youngest. I delivered them both 3 hours after the induction. It really sped things up.

My sister-in-law was induced yesterday morning at 7:00am and was still at 2 cm 12 hours later. She ended up having a c-section last night because she wasn't getting anywhere and the baby was in distress. Oh, she was at 37 weeks and was induced because she developed preeclampsia.

I was induced with my son because my water broke and after several hours I still hadn't started contracting. My experience ended in a c-section as well because my little guy just didn't want to come out and he too was in distress. I was induced with pitocin througn an IV. I can tell you that the contractions were strong and close together almost immediately. There was no period of early labor where the contractions are milder and far apart. It hit me like a ton of bricks.

I hope those stories don't scare you at all. Some people have great expereinces with induction. By the way, a c-section isn't all that bad. The recovery can be harsh, but if you are young and healthy, you will heal up in no time.

I was induced and had my baby boy 6 hours later. I wouldn't worry about it too much. I acutally slept through my entire labor.

I was induced a week early with my son mainly because I am 5'2" and when not pregnant weigh about 100 pounds (so I'm tiny). The doctor didn't want my son to get any bigger as they thought he was already between 7 and 8 pounds. They gave my an IV of pitocin to start contractions. Be aware when you are given this your contractions start much faster and much harder than if you went into labor naturally (as I did with my second). In order to progress my labor, my doctor broke my water. I went in at 7:30 AM and had my son at 1:30 PM. However, I was 10 years older than you are. I think the younger you are the better you will do. Also, if you are already dilated when you are induced like I was, it will make the labor progress more quickly. Good luck.


I had a great experience being induced. I was induced at 7 am and started pushing at 10:30 am (my first). I dilated VERY quickly (almost too quickly to get an epideral. I went from a 3 to a 7 in a very short time.) Good luck to you! Induction does not have to slow things down...

Hi K.
I know you have gotten a lot of responses but I just wanted to throw my .02 cents in. First thing is do you know why you are being induced? If not find out what the reason is. Secondly make sure you ask lots of questions about why and what they will be doing. You have every right to be informed about what they want to do and why.
Also I am a little nervous about the Dr. response to the C-section question. There is a higher chance of having a c-section with an induction and it is a little scary that your Dr. was so non-chalant about it.

Hi K.,
Congrats! My first baby came the day she was due (had her in 6 hrs) and my second, I waited until her due date and scheduled to be induced the day after. I wasn't in labor with either for long. The second baby came within 3 hrs after they started the pitocin - she broke my water. I was a little more nervous the second time around because I knew what to expect...which sounds odd. Every woman is different - so there isn't much preparing you can do.
Why are you being induced? If it's not due to risk to you or the baby, I would ride it out for the 6 days and let her come when she is good and ready - if she passes her due date then induce. She just may need those six days....labor is hard on us, but the little ones work just as hard too.
Good luck!

I was induced with both of my youngest two children. I tend to have short labors anyway (5, 4, and 7 hours), but the induction didn't slow anything down. I had heard many horror stories, too. It was not any more painful for me. In all three of my births, the worst pain started after the doctor broke my water. For my third birth, the doctor broke my water later, which is why she took longer to come. However, after that was done, it was only about two hours. I won't lie. It did hurt. But I really didn't think it was any worse with the induction. I am not sure why your doctor is inducing almost a week early, but I have had several friends that were VERY glad their doctor chose to induce early because of the size of the baby! I also have several friends who have had C-sections, but I do not think any of them were induced with the first C-sections.

I hope that helps! I pray for a safe and speedy delivery!!

You have had a lot of good advice here. If you are gathering info about being induced, you should also gather info about a C-Section. I was induced a week after my due date (which we were sure of) and I ended up with about 15 hours of labor and an emergency C-Section. Obviously not ideal. As it was my first pregnancy, I was excited to have my baby; but looking back, I wish I hadn't let them induce. I should have just waited it out another week. Perhaps I could have avoided the c-section. Good luck. Either way, you are about to have a beautiful baby. Congratulations!

I was induced last week on the 17th for the birth of my 2nd son. I went into labor with my 1st son in the middle of the night, and after being through both, I recommend being induced. Your doctor will make sure that you have dilated at least a little bit before they will induce; I was at a one, but I was a few days past my due date and a sonogram showed that my son was already over 9 pounds. I checked in at 8:00 a.m., and I received an epidural about an hour later (I was still at a one). The potocin (sp?) drip began shortly thereafter, and that is what causes you to begin contractions. When you are induced, you miss out on all those painful contractions that you would normally have to go through before you reached a dilation of 4 (which is the point at which you typically receive an epidural). My husband and I watched movies in the labor and delivery room until about 3:30, when I was at a 9, and at that time I began pushing and my son was born at 4:59 (at 9 pounds, 2 ounces). I did still feel some of the contractions, but the pain isn't as bad as going into labor on your own.

Good luck -

Just relax. I had to have my first enduced due to being 4 days over. I always knew in the back of my mind that i would end up with a c-section and I DID... Sorry, but we usually have pretty good intuition. I had a very bad first delivery so with my second, i scheduled a c-section 2 weeks prior to my due date and it was wonderful if you can believe that. i was up and walking that same night. it was not rushed so it went so smoothly and i even nursed about 1 hour after recovery. with my first, i don't remember the first 3 or 5 hours of her life due to medication and such of the c-section and being induced and stuff.

Good luck and congratulations.

Hi K.,
I was induced at 38 weeks w/ my little boy who is now 5 months. I can't speak for everyone and every situation, but with me, they gave me something through IV to start and by the next day not much had changed so they started me on something a little stronger. From the time that they changed the medication to the time I had him, it was only about 8 hours like your sister. Unfortunetly, you can never predict how it's going to go. I think that your doctor is probably right. They don't usually induce labors unless they feel it's necessary, so just relax and believe that everything will be okay.

I was induced back in December with my first little angel. From the time they hooked up the IV I was only in labor for about 9 hours and it flew by. I thought I would be real nervous knowing exactly when it was going to happen. I really surprised myself because I never got nervous about it. I thought something was wrong with me for not being nervous. It will be great. Don't worry about it. Good Luck and Congratulations.

Why are you being induced? I was induced at 36 weeks because I had a high risk pregnancy. The pitocin drip was started at 6:00 am and by 6:00pm nothing had happened so the dr. broke my water then I got an epidural then 4 hours later my daughter was born. The likelyhood of needing a c-section is higher when you're induced.


I was induced in 3 of my labors - My first and only fully natural was my son 19 years ago - I was 19 and terrified when normal labor pains started - I had no idea what I was in for - but forgot the pain as soon as I held him - I used midwives and no medication for my first 2 - my daughter 17 years ago was induced - 9 lbs 7 oz - they said it wasn't working after being on pic. all day - started to send me home - in lobby felt like pushing - made it back to the room just in time for Ash to be born - my third was induced 3 years ago - because of all the time in between and much cervical biopsies in the 14 years between - he was a forceps birth and was difficult but not because of the indusing - my last 18 months ago, also induced was very quick once the labor pains began - of all of them - I think the pains with the first one were worse than all the inducing....

Good luck - and just stay focused on the outcome....the pain is soon forgotten!!!!!


I was induced for both of my deliveries and had no trouble either time. With my son, they started the pitocin at around 7:00, broke my water at about 8:30, and he was born at 1:26 that afternoon. With my daughter, they started the drip at 6:30, broke my water at 8:15 and she was born at 10:30. It all depends on the person, but it is possible to have a quick labor after being induced. Good luck!

Here is a fairly detailed article on induction:


As far as YOUR labor, I'm sorry to say that there is no guarantee on how long it will be and what complications you may or may not experience. Delivering a baby is not the same for any woman and no matter what you read on here from people, you are going to have your own very unique experience.

All I can tell you is to read what you will and take from it what you need to calm yourself down. No matter how that little one gets here, she is yours. Keep the excitement and let the doctor worry about the other stuff. It is out of your hands.

Good luck and congratulations!!!!!

Wow! You got a ton of responses ~ I'll be brief :)
I've heard that your labor duration is mostly similar to your mom's labor duration. I don't know how scientific that is but in my case it was true. You might ask your mom how long her labors were ~ it might give you a general idea of how long yours will be.
I was induced with both of mine. My first was induced (she was a week late) at 9am and I had her by 4pm. My second was induced (a week early because he was big ~ 9 lbs.) at 10am and I had him by 2pm. With each of my kids I was already dialated to about 3 cm when I went in and about 80% effaced.
Hope that helps! Good luck!

Hi K.

I had my son 4 1/2 years ago and my doctor induced 2 wks early. My labor was only 3 1/2 hours from start of IV to birth of my son. I think your body will take as long as it needs for labor. Another factor that may have lead to my quick delivery is that I had already dialated 4 cm a month before my due date. Wish you a quick and easy delivery! Congratulations.

I've had 4 children, my 1st was normal, I went into labor (10 days *late*), with my 2cnd one I also went into labor on my own. With my 3rd child I was induced b/c I lived in Lewisville, and was delivering in Arlington, at that point my labor w/ #2 was less than 3 hours so there was a big concern I would not make it to the hospital if i went into labor during rush hour, lol. I initially did not want an epidural (did not have one w/ #2) - but when the pitocin started working (that's what I was induced w/ - a drip in the IV) -- it hurt A LOT!!!! I caved, got an epidural and all went well.

With #4 I didn't not want an epidural and did not want to be induced. There was no need for induction, and my dr did not neccessarily believe in it unless it was neccessary. In my experience, the pitocin made the contractions so much more painful, and I had "back-labor" which hurt.

I was 3 weeks away from my due date when I started contracting, went to the hospital, labored for about 12 hours and the baby still wouldn't come ... water broke, baby still wouldn't come ... so they gave me pitocin (b/c my water had broke - I HAD to have him) -- again the pitocin made my labor pains so hard, so I ended up getting an epidural (which I swore to my dr that I did not want) -- then he was finally born - that was my longest labor, all in all it was almost 24 hours!

I lean toward NOT being induced unless it's absolutely neccessary. For me, the pitocin changed my birth experience into something I did not want. My 1st and 2cnd were much more "enjoyable", but the 3rd and 4th all I was concerned about was pain, it just took away from it all (in my opinion).

So, make the decision that's right for you.


How exciting for you!

I have three children and was induced twice (my first and third babies).

Though there were no complications with my first one, I WISH someone had really told me that contractions are usually much harder when induced. You sort of skip the natural early parts of labor and there is no natural build up of contractions. So..I am telling you this not to scare you in anyway..just to help you prepare mentally. I was prepared with my last one when I was induced...

Again..just sharing because I wish someone had told me.

I have had three kids and the last one they induced. My first baby was 14hours labor. The Second about 12 hours. Both natural. They induced the last because I have really big babies. (The second was 11lbs. 7 oz.) The induction was my easiest labor by far. I went to the hospital at 8 am. They started the pitocin at 9:30ish. Because of our previous experiences, my husband went to have lunch, but by 12:30, I was completely dilated. … So we waited on him for about 45 minutes. And She was born at 1:37pm.
Labor is scary, no doubt. But for me it always helps to focus on the adorable little one. Some one once told me “it’s one day—“ I can do anything for one day. It helped me. We are expecting #4 in November.

Hi K.!
I was induced with my boy. We went to hospital at 7AM, and by 4:37PM, I had a healthy baby boy! Nothing to worry about. I went to 4cm and stoped. My doctor told me that if that doesn't change,I am going to have c-section. That didn't work! Only after they told me that kitchen closes at 7PM, I went from 4 to 10cm in 6 sec.:)
I hope that helps, one thing you must remember is not to stress out. It really is not that bad.

Congrats on the arrival of your first!! They are such a blessing. I had my first (a girl) at 20 and it really changes your life more then you could expect!! They really do make every day worth it!!!

As for the delivery-someone already stated that each person is different. Very true-keep in mind. With my first I had really planned and hoped to have her naturally (vaginal-with meds :) ) . I did have complications (pre-eclampsia) going into delivery. I had a scheduled induction due to my condition and also large baby for 2 weeks before my due date. I spent the night in the hospital and they started a drip over night and then bumped up the dosage in the morning. Pain getting worse and was progressing okay so around 11am that morning I got an epidural. At that time I was a 4 and from then on out didn't really progress well and my babys heart rate started to drop so they took me in for an emergency C-section.

I tell you this because I really had my heart set on having my baby "normal". I didn't want a C-section but in the end had no choice. Study up on both options just in case. My first C-section due to other reasons was not a good experiance but I just had a son who is now 7 months and I had a scheduled C-section with him because of my first one. That one went very well and I think part was due to the fact I was at peace with knowing what was going to happen.

Hope all goes well and God bless you and your new one!!!

K. T


I agree with what several of the ladies said. Each labor and delivery is different. There is really no way to predict how your's will go, induction or not. Now having said that, I have four children, with two 39 week inductions. My first labor lasted 22 LONG hours, with a forceps delivery of a 9 lb 3 oz boy. My fourth, lasted 21 very painful hours with a 8 lb 13 oz girl, and almost ended in a c-section were it not for my GREAT nurse. I was not about to go for a section on my fourth and final baby unless it was absolutely necessary!
My second (9 lb 3 oz) and third (9 lb 9 oz) labors were natural and much shorter, 3 to 8 hours each. They each went about 5 days past their due date. I have big babies, so it's probably the determining factor in my deliveries, too :)
If you are still worried about the induction, please take the time to talk to your doctor in detail. He should be able to answer all of your questions, and make you feel at ease. In the end, it's your body and your baby. If you aren't comfortable, then tell him! Inductions were meant for medical reasons, so he should have valid ones before proceeding.

I was induced and ended up having a section. My daughter was out before I knew it1 It was so quick! Don't be afraid of a section. I'd rather have another than go through labor again. Of course, my daughter was worth it all.


Don't worry! Induction was a blessing for me! I have had two children, both labors were induced- my first one 5 days before my due date and second was 3 days after. Both of my labors went so smooth and were not too lenghty. My first one from induction to delivery was 12 hrs 6 minutes, but from "active labor to delivery was about 3 hours, push time was about 45 minutes. My second was 6 hours from induction to delivery, active labor was less than an hour and push time was 15 minutes.
I also would like to add that I have a lot of girlfriends and everyone has been induced with each pregnancy and only 1 was a C-Section. So statistically speaking, I think your Dr. is right. If you are going to have one you will regardless of induction or not. So look forward to seeing your precious little one and do not worry about anything else. This is a happy time- not need to stress. Enjoy this time!

First off don't worry or stress to much, that can cause your blood pressure to rise.
We decided to schedule my induction at 38 wks b/c I have a small frame and my son was getting big, fast. The way Lewisville Medical Center does there inductions is my inserting a pill to soften our uterus and then they start pitocen early in the morning to start your contractions. I went into the hospital on a sunday to be induced to have my son and come to find out I was already in labor. I almost had to have an emergency C-section even thought they didn't induce me. So it just depends on the baby's vitals and yours, position, and a number of other things. Don't worry about "Oh well if I get induced I might have to have a c-section", whatever is meant to happen will happen.
If there is a medical reason why you need to be induced then I would trust your Dr., if they just want to do it jsut b/c I would question them.

Just relax and take the next couple of weeks easy.

Good Luck and Congrats,

Hi K.,

I was induced with my first baby a week early. And let me just say, I loved it! I knew when the baby was coming and didn't worry about every little new pain or feeling. Here is what happened to me:

We got to the hospital and checked in. Then they hooked me up to an IV. About 830 that morning, my OBGYN came in and used this long hook thing and broke my water, which was the best feeling in the world, because it felt like I was taking the longest pee in my life. Especially since you know how it is now that you are pregnant and every 5 minutes you are in the bathroom with a tiny little tinkle coming out! Then they gave me patosin (spelling) to start labor and about an hour into the contractions started, then the epidural came when it got to hard for me, then sleep (right through the contractions) and then about 6 that evening I started to push. BUT... with me, I had to have a c-section because my hip bones never spread like they tell you will happen, so my son was not coming out through my vagina no matter how hard I pushed. But my dr. said if it wasn't for my hips, I would have been able to have him naturally.

Good luck K.. It is the most rewarding thing I have ever done is to have my son, and we have another due around Christmas.

First: Unless there are medical reasons to induce (or have a c-section), I don't see why you should be induced. But May 8th isn't that much earlier than May 14th (the due date you listed in your "about me"), so what's the difference? And I certainly wouldn't induce unless you were already dilated some.

Second: No matter how you have a baby -- natural, induced, c-section -- there are risks.

From what I remember in my childbirth prep classes, induced labors would go faster than if you were left on your own because it sort of skips the early stages of labor.

You didn't say why you are being induced. It's one of those things you shouldn't do unless you have a good reason. I was induced with all 3, all were either at due date or beyond and I had big babies, so I guess that's why they induced, they didn't want them to get bigger.

But there are risks to inducing. My girlfriend who was a nurse talked her doctor into inducing 2 weeks early because she was tired and she ended up having a crash c-section because her placenta ruptured. She was lucky, she had gotten her epidural a few minutes before that because the doctor would not have waited to do the c-section for the drugs to take effect. It was that close to them both dying. Then her baby was in the NICU for 2 weeks after with lung issues.

So yes, lots of people have it done safely, and it doesn't predict what kind of labor you're going to have, but there are still risks that you need to consider.

Hi K.! I was induced because my doctor was going on vacation - it was 1 day after due date. They started the pitocin (I have no idea how to spell it) at 1:30 which starts the contractions. I actually had coupled contractions, one on top of the other. I did have the epidural. I should have made up my hair and makeup. I didn't break a sweat. They had to stop the epidural 1 hour prior to delivery due to me not being able to push hard. I was in labor only 5 1/2 hours. It was a piece of cake! Of course, every individual is different. I had a great experience! Good luck!

Why are you being induced? Medical isssue for you or your
daughter, or convenience for the dr.
There is nothing wrong with waiting. If she is overdue,
and there is a medical issue, then induce. If not, wait
and she will be ready when she is ready.


I was induced for my first little girl almost 5 years ago. My labor was by all standards short. I was in labor for about 6.5 hours and pushed 2 times. I did have an epidural due to the pitocin in my IV. I slept the entire 6.5 hours. They woke me only to break my water. It can be a very easy experience. I have another daughter that I was not induced with because I went into labor at 35 weeks. I prefer to be induced. Good luck and if you need something be sure to ask.


Hi K.!!

I was induced with my second child. I walked into the hospital at 8:30am. They hooked me up to the IV around 9-9:30am. I had my epidural at around 11:00am at 4 cm. No, I'm not a wuss, she was just very long (22 inches). I could no longer breathe through the contractions without being in extreme pain. After the epidural, I was feeling no pain and was completely comfortable. At 1:26pm, my daughter was born. I was fortunate to have fast labor with both of my children.
Good Luck with the new baby girl!!

My only question is why are you being induced?? I dont know that I would recommed it with a first delivery, but I certainly would not allow it if conditions weren't favorable. Meaning, are you 2 cm. dialated, or really thinned out, or anything. I was not induced with my 1st and went a week over due, but the labor was 5 hours start to finish!! I was induced with my 2nd, but I was pretty favorable, and that took 4 hours. But my 3rd was induced, I think a little too early, and it was a miserable experience. Granted it was still only 8 hours,, which is not that bad for most, but he just was not ready, and I should have listened to my gut, not to the dr. I am pregnant with my 4th and not sure what to do, as I am due the day after school starts, and could benefit from having the baby a the week before. I totally disagree with the comment made by your dr. and if he is the reason you are doing this, even though you are uncomfortable, put your foot down and say no. Remember, you are paying his salary, not the other way around. You are a mom now, so trust your gut, and allow yourself to believe that you already know what is best for your baby. Good luck, I have 2 May babies, and it is a great time to have a newborn!! ~A.~

Dear K.,

My best friend is a labor & delivery nurse. She is also a midwife and is a mother of 3 so she has seen labor from all perspectives. When she hears of a woman being induced, it makes her heart sick because she knows that it will be a longer labor and often ends in c-section. In fact, she had to leave that specialty as a nurse because it upset her so to see women suffering needlessly.

I would strongly suggest not going through with the inducing. Often the doctor does it for his convenience sake or the mom does it for hers. But why? Why not let nature take its course and have the baby easier? Especially knowing that it often results in surgery.

I was concerned that your doctor doesn't know about the connection of longer labors and c-sections caused by induction. Thats pretty common knowledge.

Please don't let your doctor or anyone else push you around! Do what you think is best for you and your baby!

Hope this helps!

A. S.


I was induced with my second daughter this February. I was dialated before the induction started. As soon as he mediciation started I started having contractions. They were pretty weak and didn't really move labor along. I did not expect that and was vrey disappointed. However, after about 6 hours the contractions got stronger, the doctor started my pain medication and my daughter was born an hour later.

On the other hand, I have a friend who was induced and she had her baby within 2 hours of arriving at the hospital.

I guess what I am saying is that every labor is different. Everyone reacts differently to an induction.

Regardless of how your labor progresses, at the end of the day you will a a beautiful baby girl.

Good luck.

Someone I know was recently induced and gave birth within five hours. For me, the total labor was about 13 hours. I was hooked up to the IV at first, but didn't make any progress. After about four hours of that, the doctor broke my water and I had my daughter nine hours later.

Hi, K.,
You are right to be concerned that being induced (especially as a first-time mom a week before your due date) will greatly increase your chances of having a cesarean birth. I don't know where your doctor got his opinion about induction not increasing the risk of c-s, but it is well-documented that induction DOES substantially increase the risk. Here are some articles you might want to read on the subject.

Then you can check this graph for the 2004 data for the hospital where you are planning to give birth. These are essentially the "low-risk never had a c-s before, not having twins or a breech or placenta problems, etc." stats. NOT the total number of c-s done at each hospital... but if a particular hospital's statistic says that 28% of women with essentially no risk factors for c-s who could reasonably expect to have a baby normally, do NOT... and then you add in all the women who actually have a medical indication for a c-s whose statistics are NOT included in the figure... and you add in all the women who were NOT offered a vaginal birth after having had a c-s previously... the total percentage of women going to a given hospital to have a baby having that baby surgically removed rather than birthed normally will be SUBSTANTIALLY higher than the statistic on this graph. But, you can at least see the comparison between the hospitals in the area to see whose c-s rates are the highest and draw your own conclusions from there.


Remember that you are the one having the baby, so you do get to decide whether or not to be electively induced. It is abolutely your prerogative to choose to be induced if you like- as long as that is the risk you would like to take, with regard to the pain being worse than with a spontaneous labor, and the increased risk of cesarean, and the risks of the induction drugs to the baby. If you are comfortable assuming those risks in return for the benefit of having your baby on a particular day, no longer being pregnant, etc., that is fair. However, if you are not comfortable assuming those risks, you do not HAVE to do it just because your doctor suggested it, and you do have the right to decline it.

Your baby WILL come out even if you are not induced- that is what babies do. Nobody stays pregnant for a year. LOL

Good luck with making your decision, and with your upcoming birth!

congrats! i was induced with both of my girls - one was born at about 2:50pm and the other at 1:06pm - i ended up with epidurals woth both because the contractions were intense and right on top of one another - the epidural helped to speed things up for me - i had an iv with both - they actually turned it off towards the end with my second to try and slow me down (hahaha) so that my doctor could make it - thankfully he did! i enjoyed being induced - the only draw was, with my second, the hospital was too full and they bumped me back one day - so i had to wait and let the anxiety build even more :) good luck!

Hi K.!

I too was induced and it was a very easy labor and delivery. I was hooked to an IV at about 7am. I started getting heavy contractions around 11:30, they broke my water at noon. A good sign that you will have the baby one way or the other! By 2 pm I was full dialated and my son was here by 3pm. I realize now that this is pretty fast for a first time pregnancy, but it can happen! I didn't get my epidural until I was a 4 and everything went so fast that I still had the full effects of the epi during delivery. Good luck!

I was induced at 38 weeks b/c my daughter was measuring big (8 lbs 1 oz - 2 weeks early) and my doc was trying to avoid a c-section. I ended up having a c-section though b/c my pelvis is too small. I was mentally prepared for a c-section b/c my mom had the same problem delivering me and brother. In my situation your doctor IS correct, but we didn't know until we tried labor. At least next time I know and can just walk in and have the c-section!!

Best of luck to you!

Hi K.! First of all, congrats on the baby! I had my daughter around the age that you are and I was induced, so I can totally relate to how you are feeling right now. My dr induced me with Pitocin. 23 hours later, my little girl was born. It was all a blurr really but from what I remember, only the last couple hours were bad. But, my epidural didnt work either so you may have better luck. Hope this helps!

Don't worry bout being induced. It will be fine. I was induced 5 days before my due date because I was miserable! I went in at 10 pm and she was here by 8:30 the next morning. Good Luck!!

Hi K.,

Along with the other mothers, I understand your concerns, having ababy for the first time is really scarry. On a lighter note, the second is scarry too , but by the end of the pregnancy you are SO ready to have the baby it doesnt matter, you are like just get this one out, and quickly! HAHAHA

I am 28 now, but i had my first child at 26, and was scarred to death of the whole idea, but i had a good circle to keep me positive on the delivery. You will hear the horror stories, but every woman's process is different. A bit of advice, take everything for what its worth, but don't let thier experiences scare you any further than your own mind. I was induced with my first child and had a scheduled c-section with my second ( which was the greatest because it was over so fast i had no time to think about being scarred ). But intially with my daughter (1st) I was induced and 8 hours later I had her, I did end up having a c-section with her because she decided , after being in position for so long to turn around at the last minute, so i had an emergency c-section, but my labor lasted 8 hours, I had an epidural at 3 cm and it was great, the rest was a breeze. With me son (2nd) I had a scheduled spinal and c-section. both times by the next day i was up and moving. after my son, my dr even scolded me for cleaning up my hospital room a few hours after they removed the iv with the GREAT meds. so as you can see from all your responses, everyone is different. Dont be concerned, it hurts, its hard, but the end result is beautiful. Good Luck, God bless and congrats on the baby girl, she willbring you so much joy!!!


K., you're going to do great. I just had my first baby 2 months ago and I had to be induced. I was just as nervous, but look on the brightside, at least you'll know what to expect and you'll already be checked into the hospital when the contractions get to intense to handle. I was given the Pitocin at 7:30am and by 1pm I still was only dialated to 1cm. My contractions got too much for me and I got my epidural at 2:30p, it didn't hurt at all. By 6pm I was fully dialated and my son was born at 6:15pm. Remember that every woman and delivery is different, but the nurses will be great and the pain medication will be there when you need it. Just think about how exciting it will be to finally meet your precious baby girl and get to see what she looks like. And you're doctor's right, if you need a c-section, what can you do? You're going to have to deliver that baby somehow. You'll do great. Good luck!!!

I had to be induced with both of my children now 4 and 2. I have to say that for me the story is them same for both of them and the experience was fine. Both of my children were 10 days past the due date and neither one showed any signs of coming nor was my body getting ready for delivery. You will have to be on a machine to monitor you and the baby it is no big deal except you don't get to move around so I got bored at least the second time around they had me come in at night so I slept through most of it. Nothing happened for almost 9 hours than the contractions started and I chose to get an epidural so I was "in labor" for the next 9 hours but I slept through most of it because of the epidural. They told me to sleep and I did. It helped. Once the active pushing part started it last aproximately 30 minutes and then my beautiful baby was here. 4 year old 7 pounds 11 oz. my 2 year old was 8 lb. 15 oz. Both a vaginal delivery. They do inductions all the time and I think they unknown is the scariest thing. It was easier for me the second time because I had done it before. Everyone is different! My babies were not going to come out without help from the doctor! Good Luck and Congratulations!

Why are they inducing you? If it's just to know when the baby is coming, or for convenience... then I'd suggest not doing it. I did that 3 days before my due date... and stopped progressing at a 4. After 18 hours of labor, I finally had a C-section (on the bright side, my recovery was great!). Pretty much, my little guy just wasn't ready to come out yet. So unless you're overdue, or there's some medical reason to do it... then I say just wait. I know when I say that, that is isn't something easy to do. You're uncomfortable and you're anxious for your little girl to get here... but if you REALLY don't want to have a C-section... then your best bet is to just let labor start naturally.

Whatever you decide to do... the best of luck to you and your precious little one!!


I have to agree with several other responses and say that in the end the only thing that will be important is holding your sweet baby girl! As a mom who never even considered being induced or having a C-section, I can identify with your feelings. My doctor wanted to induce me a couple of days before my due date even though my daughter was only estimated at 7 pounds and nothing was wrong with me or her. I expressed that I didn't want induction, and we spent a weekend worrying over what was going to happen, and praying that labor would start (I had been 1cm & 50% effaced for a over a week). Come Monday morning, my doctor still wanted to induce & I still didn't because there was not apparent reason. By Tuesday, her actual due date, the NST showed no spike in heart rate even though I could feel her moving and kicking me the whole time. I had to trust my doctor that induction was the best thing given the results of the test so we went in that night & started with the inserted pill, breaking my water, and pitocin. By mid morning Wednesday I was only at 4 cm so we were sent for a C-section. Needless to say, not one thing about her birth went the way I had envisioned it up to that point! In the end, my sweet baby had her cord wrapped around her neck 2 times and it was a blessing that labor never started. She was born healthy at 7 pounds even and is a active, happy little blessing of a child one year later. For me the hardest part was considering that if I refused the induction and then something happened to my baby or if that decision harmed her in any way, I would never forgive myself for not listening to my doctor. In the end, I decided I couldn't take the chance that she was wrong and my feelings that I wanted to deliver vaginally were right. I know that I made the right choice for me, even though many mamas would not agree. I never wanted the induction or the c-section, but I wanted a healthy baby and that was so much more important. You're going to do great K., and no matter what happens during labor, looking into the beautiful face of your new born sweetheart will eclipse everything. Congratulations to you & many blessings as you welcome a precious treasure into the world!

I was induced with my second son. The doc thought if he let him go to his due date (5 days away) he might be a little too big to come out the old fashioned way. They induced and about 2 hours later he was in my arms. What a breeze! So was the first one - by the way - who came on his own FIVE WEEKS EARLY!

Even if it isn't a breeze - as many births are not - it's all worth it in the end. That's why people have more then one kiddo - right? ;.)

Best of luck to you!

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