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Getting a Second Dog

Hi Moms,
I have a mini doxie who is a 4 year old female. I am thinking about getting a second dog for my son who is 12. I am just wondering what your experiences have been when getting a second dog. Did you get a puppy? Do you feel it's easier to get a full grown dog? Any advice you have will be appreciated. I have a large yard--so space isn't an issue. Thank you.

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I would say to get a puppy if everyone is willing to take apart of careing for it. But as far as training it you son should be the you for that.

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Go to your shelter.
Look for one there that is docile, frienly.
When you bring him/her home (dog should be fixed if he/she is at the shelter) and when you bring new dog home, have them meet out front. Have husb/friend bring your mini doxie outside to meet new "playmate" dog so your doxie isn't threatened by you bringing this new dog directly into your home. Let them meet on "neutral turf"....your front lawn.

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It is like having a new baby with the training and all but for our family it was SO worth it.

We have 3 dogs. 11 1/2 yr old American Cocker (just eats, sleeps poops), 6 yr old English Cocker (lives to chase her tennis ball), and 4 1/2 yr old toy poodle (actually caught a squirrel last week!!) The English Cocker and Poodle are tight buddies. I still can walk in a room and see all 3 will cuddled up together (so sweet).

We didn't have any trouble with the introductions. We always bought puppies.

It is a committment and huge responsibility but we love our dogs and they are all spoiled rotten. One of our neighbors said that all 3 of our dogs hit the lotto when they got us because they are so spoiled and pampered.

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I'd take son to the shelter and see what they have. You know how hard it is to raise up a pup... and since son is going to be in school all day, it will turn out to be YOUR dog, not his.

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i have two labs and they are the best children dogs. They love our baby and when she gets bigger she can wear her arms out throwing a ball.

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I would really suggest getting a puppy since your dog is well established in your home. A puppy would be dominated by your other dog from the beginning and "pecking" order should be established through dog rough house and play. With an older dog, you never know what you are getting yourself into. Even if the dogs are introduced before hand. Behaviors can develop after coming into your home that can not be seen until some time has passed.
Best Regards,

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Definitely a puppy, but make sure that you train it. So many people get a second dog and don't bother to do the same training as they did with the first, and it causes issues.

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We have 2 mutts, and we adopted the 2nd dog to give the first a playmate. I do encourage you to adopt a dog, and here are some good tips for testing shelter dogs' temperaments:

A dog is a lot of responsibility for a 12-year-old kid.... I think you need to be realistic that if he doesn't follow through, you or your husband is going to be doing the work with this second dog, and you need to be realistic about how you feel about that.... And if you haven't sat down with him yet, you should do so, and talk about the specifics of owning and caring for a dog (and he should have to accompany you to the vet, and do the other "unfun" stuff that is reasonable for a 12yo boy to do).

We decided not to get a young puppy, and instead adopted a 6 month old, and later when we got the 2nd dog, we got her at age 10 months (both were approximate ages, since they were rescues). At those ages, they could "hold" it longer, and made potty-training so much easier.

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i would get a puppy so the puppy will always be used to the other dog, and the older dog is less likely to "attack" a puppy vs if it was an older dog...that's what we did and now neither dog whines if we take one bye bye and other which only happens for vet treatments, etc

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