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Getting 8 Month Old Puppy to Walk on Leash

Hi moms!

I need some advice on how to get our new 8 month old puppy to walk on a leash. We got her from a lady that had about eight dogs, seven of which were outside, including the puppy we got. She is a sweet dog, very smart, but kind of timid yet. We've had her for about 3 days and she is doing awesome on the housetraining and learning what she can and cant chew on....she just is scared of the leash and wont walk on it. Ive been trying to get her used to it by clipping it on her collar and letting her walk around the house with it on. It seems to be helping, but when I take her outside to walk her on her leash, she either wont move or she kinda freaks out and jumps around. I really need her to get used to the lease because our yard is not fenced in yet and we live on a highway. We have a huge backyard so she has lots of room to roam but shes really quick and Im afraid that she'll take off one day and head for the road. Please, if anyone has any advice on how to teach her to walk on the leash and help her to not be afraid of it, let me know. Your responses are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!!

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I love the dog whisperer, try one of their books, I have the one for puppies. I'm not sure what type of dog you have but if the dog is smaller, a harness may also help; it takes the strain off their neck. If I remember correctly you start by just letting your puppy walk around the house dragging the leash, then they get the feel of the tug around their neck.

Good luck!


You can break up some tiny squares of cheese & when she cooperates with you -give her a reward. You can give her a square about every 5 minutes to start , just be patient with her--it takes time.

I am a dog walker/pet sitter in the Horsham area. Maybe I can help you if you are interested.

Thanks & Good Luck,
D. Thomas
Tabitha's Pet Care Services
Horsham, PA

Give lots of positive associations to the leash--put the leash on, give her a treat. Use really tempting treats, not dry dog biscuits or dog food--the cheese idea is good, or use tiny pieces of chicken or deli meat. You only have to give them a very tiny piece for them to be encouraged. It takes time, especially in the situation you described, where the dog didn't have much human socialization for almost a year. Definitely keep her on leash until you KNOW she knows her name, waits when told, and comes when called. Good luck. Living with a dog is the best.

Hi J., I know this may sound hokey or funny, but watch the show The Dog Whisperer...Ceaser is totally into walking (and teaching people how to walk) their dogs. It can really help!! Best wishes.

I don't know where you live but for now you can try a longer leashes, they have a 10ft,15ft,and so forth at petsmart.This way you can leash her outside to somthing strong like a tree(if you have one in your yard)this way she has plenty room to run but still be on the leash & this way also she won't be able to run out into the highway.
The other thing i could suggest is a trainer. I have 2 large puppys now 5 month old & 7 month old. The akita gets very scared of trash trucks and refuses to walk on trash day,so i hooked the long leash to her because i knew she would try to bolt, which she tried but the 15ft leash kept her close to me and i just pulled the leash in till i reached her and tryd to calm her down. The next trash day i leashed her to the front porch and again she got antsy but didn't try to bolt as i stayed on the porch with her and petted her while the truck was picking up trash & making the loud commotions. Now she"littlebear" doesn't bolt and also we attend training sessions in my neighborhood with a trainer whos really good. He teaches you to train your dog. I live in philly. The last thing i can suggest is the akc.org or com(i forget) and look up your breed and contact any breeder of the type of dog you have and they can help as well.I was suprised as well when i went to akc.org or com. They do have lots of helpful info,but manely to ask the breeder or your perticular breed whos better to answer & help with this question, as a breeder i'm pretty sure your not the only one whos asked your question before & it doesn't have to be from her/him kennel,but just getting help,info on the breed you have.Hope some of this helps, if not i'm sorry. S.

Hi J.,
I think letting her walk in the house with it on is a good start. When you take her out with it on, take some TEENY TINY treats with you and giver he a treat every so many steps. Did you know that dog trainers cut one slice of American cheese into about 100 tiny treats? So it won't take much.
Also, please take the time and money to enroll her in a puppy obedience class in your area. You will be glad you did!
Good luck with your new puppy!

Take it slow, I would take the puppy out in your backyard, if you have one and try to slowly walk her. I don't think puppies should be walked to far anyway, you just want her to get used to the leash. She will just remain calm and use calm words with her. Good luck!

There is a great website called the amazing dog training man. There are videos and tips. There is a ton of great info on there, even for problems you haven't encountered yet. Good luck!

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