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Get Rid of Diaper Rash Immediately

How do you get rid of a diaper rash quickly? My 9 month has had a diaper rash for 7 hours..i've put desitin on but it's still red. any other creams/ointments that will be effective immediately?

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Brooke and Kate C were right on:
thin layer of OTC fungal cream (I get the Target brand) with a thick layer of 1% hydrocortisone also OTC and Target or Costco brand.
Sunshine is the best preventive maintenance, but that's not always realistic.
I keep a tube of OTC fungal cream with me all the time when they're in diapers.
good luck

Hi A.. After trying the ideas I mentioned below failed just this last time my son had diaper rash I was told by a gaggle of moms that the only thing to use is Triple Patse. It is expensive but it WORKS!!!!!! Hope this helps!

Dry the area completly and take cornstarch and wiped it all over the area. Once it is healed which will be FAST go back to using the cream you are using. I learned the hard way...I did not listen to my moms suggestion and it did not get better FAST and when I did finally listen...it healed immediatly. Sometimes the old tried and true ways are the best!

I really like Kissuluv's Diaper Lotion Potion! I use it regularly to clean poopie diaper changes and specifically if she gets a rash...

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Desetin is about as good as you're going to get as far as "healing" with a diaper rash, but try these things. Rinse well with plain cool water,(baby wipes, no matter how gentle, can be irritating still), pat dry and let air dry. Let your baby go without a diaper for short periods. (engage him in play while having him on a big absorbent sheet or something like this) Let air get to the rash. Diapers hold everything in and it's harder for a rash to heal. Since it's the summer, it's nice that you can do this--maybe even several times a day until it heals. If it is impetigo or a yeast rash, you may need additional help, but try this first and see how he does. If it is a yeast rash, you will need a prescription tube to clear it up (you can TRY an OTC yeast cream for women, see if it works, and it has with my children), but if he keeps getting a yeast rash, you'll need a prescription from your pediatrician. But for a simple rash, try the above stuff, and don't use Vaseline if a rash is already present---it just adds to the problem.

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I know this sounds a little out of the norm, but my son got a diaper rash so bad his skin started to break open. We tried all the ointments and nothing helped. A friend told us to take a regular russet potatoe, wash it and shred it on the grater. Put that on the rash in the diaper. We did that overnight. The next morning it was gone. It's worked for all my kids.
I guess the potatoe pulls the toxins out of the body. Try it.

You HAVE to get the diaper rash cream that has 40% zinc oxide.
Rite Aid has a generic brand that is the cheapest, but Walgreens or Albertsons or Target will carry some too, just it will cost you more. Look on the back, for 40% zinc oxide, most of them only have 10%. My son (who is now 5) used to get really bad diaper rash, and still gets a rash if he gets his underwear wet, and the only thing that worked over night was the 40% zinc oxide cream. Hope your little one gets better quick!

its been like 19 yrs ago i changed a diaper. but get this, my child was alergic to pampers, etc. i used pure aloe vera gell. it worked very well as a barrier and the red rash went away.

What seems to work the best is nature! Use warm water to clean (dab, don't rub. no wipes!), air dry (even with a gentle blow dry), and even a bit of sun (5 min in direct sun). Also, Egyptian Magic topped off by some corn starch is great.

good luck!

You probably have a million responses. Just in case you don't- when you can be near your little one, so as to put towels/etc. under him, take off the diaper completely and let the air ( and even a little sun) clear it up.

There is a powder called Domeboro(you find it at cvs) there is instruccions in the package to make a solution, then I suggest you soak a washcloth in it and put it in a plastic(saran wrap) lined diaper and leave it there for as long as the instruccions say.Don't rinse it.To prevent and protect use Aquaphor, a good layer of it....works great!!!Good luck.
Also try to leave your baby without a diaper on a towel for as long as you can.

I really like Kissuluv's Diaper Lotion Potion! I use it regularly to clean poopie diaper changes and specifically if she gets a rash...

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