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GERD (Reflux)

My daughter is a poor eater and frequently refuses the bottle (screaming) all together even after several hours of not eating, including many mornings after sleeping through the night for 8 hours. She's still gaining weight, but she was small to start with and now feeding is so stressful for both of us. After all of the reading I've done, I hypothesize that she has GERD (reflux) and I've been researching medications . Have any of you found a great prescription or over-the-counter medication to help with this?

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My son had acid reflux when he was little stemming from swallowing placenta at birth. The poor littl guy spit up and had collick for the first three months. He was prescribed Zantac at that early age because the over the counter stuff doesn't work well. My doc said that the Myconsol (sp?) was just like giving him water. It did seem to help him, but he is still a very picky eater. He is five now, so it's a distant memory. :D Good luck!

Do you use a Dr. Brown's (I think it is the name) bottle that helps with reflux? I have an extra one that I don't use...which I could send it to ya. If you want it, I can do that my email is ____@____.com Put "bottle" in the subject line. I never have used it...so who knows if it will help or not. Good luck to you!

XanGo has helped numerous people with GERD. Stay away from meds, too many bad side effects for such a young one.

D. B

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Try Gripe Water. Made by Wellements or Baby's Bliss. That worked better than the prescription the doctor gave my daughter. You can get it at Fred Myer in the natural remedies section.

My son has reflux - it's not about poor eating, reflux is throwing up after EVERY feeding, crying after eating and when laying down flat on his back. She's too young for over the counter meds - take her to your doctor.

Go see your Doctor!! My infant had GURD being an infant ICU RN I recognized the symptoms and sought professional help right away. GURD is not only painful for your child, but potentially can cause damage to the lining of her esophagus. Yes there are over the counter treatments for GURD for adults but the children's meds are based on weight, generally come in liquid form and are all prepared by a pharmacist. If you can find a compounding pharmacy, they can even be put in a tasty syrup. My daughter was fond of banana! My daughter was initially on zantac, and then switched to prilosec, because the zantac didn't block the acid sufficiently. One thing to bear in mind, the meds only treat the acid component. My daughter continued to vomit frequently until she was able to sit up independently at 9 months. The meds just make sure she was not in discomfort while refluxing. We did a heck of alot of laundry in those months, for her and me. Anyway, for her sake I urge you to get some professional help. yes she will outgrow it eventually, but she will suffer with acidy discomfort until then, eventually she may become adverse to feeding as she associated it with pain. AS for pro-biotics, and the "natural approach" they may help with encouraging good bacteria in your digestive system, But GURD is a result of ANATOMICAL factors which will not be helped by bacteria, only time and development will "cure" it. pro-biotics will not block the acid (nor the pain associated with that) But don't try and diagnose it yourself from reading boards or books. Message boards and advise from helpful strangers who haven't met or examined your child, or taken a careful history from you CAN NOT replace a Doctor's knowledge and prescribing ability.

It's odd that she sleeps fine all night and then wakes up screaming. Most often, GERD is worse at night simply because of gravity allowing a backflow of acid into the esophegous (sp?). But hey, every body is different.

I don't think you'll want to experiment with OTC meds on such a young baby. The reason is they are sized for adults, not children. My son is on prescription Zantac in a liquid form. You can go through a compounding pharmacy and get the alcohol-free kind. Cost is $25 per month (insurance doesn't cover compounding in our case). Really, it's just as cheap as any OTC price. Prevacid is twice that amount, but again, you need a prescription.

Both of my children had GERD as infants although my daughters was worse than my sons. The pediatrician treated both of them with liquid Zantac and it worked wonderfully for both of them. My daughter took it for about 18 months and my son took it for about a year. Both of them were preemies and it was surmised that their little stomachs and esophagus (sp) were slightly underdeveloped and just needed time to catch up. I would make sure that you have her checked for pyloric stenosis just in case that is the problem. You also may need to look into changing her formula in case she is having problems with milk proteins and/or sugars. Hopefully you will be able to fix this quickly and not have to watch her suffer any longer. Good luck!

Hi, I just read your post and thought I would reply. I don't have the names of prescription medications, but I was talking to a nurse that said in her experience prescription medication has helped babies (and their parent's) with GERD tremendously.

Have you tried an AMBY baby motion bed? (www.ambybaby.com). They are supposed to work wonders for babies with reflux and/or colic! My daughter is 6 weeks and she doesn't have either, but she absolutely loves it. If your baby has trouble sleeping due to GERD you should check out the site.

The beds are a little spendy, but I got mine (almost brand new) on Craigslist for less than half.

Good luck to you both,


J. -

My 12 week old has GERD and we diagnosed it at 3 weeks. We have had him taking PREVACID Solutab and it has made a world of difference! He is so much happier. It taste like a sugar tab so the kids don't mind taking it. He actually smiles when I give it to him. My doctor was more than willing to give it a try when we asked her about it. She had given him Zantac liquid and he wouldn't take it - it tasted so bad. She was thrilled when someone else recommended this to me as it has worked wonders.

Good luck!

I understand your pain. My daughter was born small. She was
6 pounds at birth. Within a few weeks of breastfeeding it was clear she was having problems with the lactose in my milk. We switched her over to lactose free formula which helped only to discover she had colic till she was 5 months. After the colic ended she tended to spit up a lot some nights and complain if she was on her back so again we went to the doctor and they determined she had acid reflux so because she was only 7 months old at the time we got a perscription to a liquid medicine called Cimetidine and she can have up to 2ml every 6 hours.It's a liquid antacid. I give her a dose in the morning and once in her night time bottle and it helps a lot.
Another thing I noticed is when they have the acid reflux they get gassy so I give her a dose of the gas drops before bed and she sleeps soundly and openly accepts her bottle with out problems. I hope this helps. Good luck!

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