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Gasping for Air, Strange Noise from 2.5 Month Old When Breathing

My daughter is now 2.5 month old on Fri. I have had her at the peds 4 times now. For wellness visits,other things. I always have asked the same question. When she breaths Not always, but often, she makes a really stange noise. I cannot explain it, it sounds like ei. if you were to open you mouth and take a deep breath in you throat like if you were "scared" Sound, Like if you were gasping for air. My Ped has completly just brushed it off, has stated oh "she will grow out of that", however my last visit I was feeding her and when I removed the bottle she made that noise. She does it when she seems to go into a trance like state, and I have heard her do it in he sleep. But at this visit the Dr said to me Oh my!.. What was that ? (Meaning the noise), as if it was alaming to her. I said that is the noise I always ask you about every visit, then it was kinda brushed off again. Now we have changed her formula 3 times,due to throwing up, poopy problems,ect. Now the Dr tells me that is is why she is throwing up as well because her windpipe is not developed fully and it collapses during sleep or whenever, but it sounds like she is Gasping for air. Now it has lessened in the last 2 months but I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this with their baby or if I am just being paranoid.I am due to go back to work shortly so I am worried about this, especially leaving her with a sitter.I am thinking about just getting a second opinion from a different ped tomorrow. Sorry this has been so Long I have been worrying about this for 10 weeks almost, and after the dr acting weird at the lat appt I am wondering if it is something that I should worry about, or if it is normal and she will grow out of it.If you have any suggestions please let me know your opinion

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I have 4 children and the only time i ever heard trouble was when one had RSV. In my opinion i do not think it is ever normal for them to struggle. Please do get a second opinion.

PLEASE take the baby to another DR. and get a second opinion- DON'T leave unil you get definite answers ex. test ran or someone watching her behavior while she sleeps.

I would get a second opinion or switch pediatricians. Something that they are brushing off may be something serious.

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I have a 6 week old daughter who does the exact same thing. I too have menitoned it to my pediatrician and he just brushed it off as well. It is very scary when it happens. My daughter does it mostly while feeding but has done it a few times when she wasnt feeding. When feeding, it almost seens like she is forgetting to breath. She will suddenly gasp and make the noise you described above, eyes will water up, sometimes she even screams, atches her back and it usually is able to catch her breath pretty quickly. But being a first time Mom this is very alarming to me.

Hi, I have no personal experience with this, but a mommy-blogger I love seems to be going through a similar problem.

Check out this post and see if it helps.

Good Luck!

I do not know how your insurance works. However you might want to try an ENT or Allergy and Asthma specialist that deal with infants. Maybe at least they can give you a better insight as to what is going on.
If you need recomendations feel free to contact me at ____@____.com

Take your daughter to an ENT doctor, That's an ear, nose and throat specialist..

My son had the exact same thing and trust me it is nothing to worry about. My pediatrician explanined it as the throat & neck muscles constrict because of the immuturity and as he would get older he would grow out of it. To be honest it passed as he got older and I just stopped worrying about it. I would notice it the most with him if he got excited or there was some sort of excitement going in but it did worry me and the doctor told me there was no need to worry as his lungs and breathing sounded fine when he was checked. If it was something more serious the pediatrician said you would hear it all the time not at just certain times. My fears I think were because I have another child who is 7 and my son is 10-1/2 months now so it seemed so long ago since I have been through the infant years and I was more paranoid but he is healthy and no troubles whatsoever. Best of luck!

Hi T.,

I would ask your pediatrian to recommend a specialist to rule out sleep apnea. My husband has that and he will stop breathing in his sleep. He makes a noise that is like one big snore which wakes him and myself up. We went and got him sleep tested and now he has a machine he uses at night which helps him breath. I don't want to alarm you but a good friend's nephew has been diagnosed with this as well. I know how it can be trying to deal with a concern when you feel as the Dr. is blowing it off. I had the opposite issue last year with our pediatrician when he thought that my daughter wasn't gaining enough weight but as hard as it was I went with my feeling that I knew she was eating and that she was fine and now she is on the right track. Go with your instinct and if you think it is something to be concerned with then don't stop until you get a satisfactory answer. Also as a temporary way to handle this so that you can get the rest you need, there is a baby monitor that you can get that has a pad that goes under the crib sheet and that will monitor the baby's breathing. It will sound an alarm if it doesn't feel movement from the baby. It is sensitive enough to feel the movement of the baby breathing. I got mine at Walmart. If you need to talk to me please send me an email. Keep going with your instinct and remember no matter what you know what is best for your baby.


It sounds like her windpipe area may be flapping. Some babies upper airway are very loose till after a year. I personally would take her to a Pediatric ENT. CHOP has very good ENT and you don't need to drive all the way to Philadelphia you can request an appointment out of their King of Prussia site.
To make an appointment you can can call their main number at ###-###-#### or King of Prussia number at ###-###-####.

Also I would to her to a Pediatric Gastro doctor if she is refluxing. There is an excellent doctor out of Lehigh Valley Hospital - Dr. Gupta ###-###-####. She might need RX for reflux.

Do you notice any fast breathing? Or primarily the noise and reflux?

definately get a second opinion. Too many times we trust the doctors and not our own motherly instincts. If it sounds scary to you or not normal, get some other opinions. Trust your instinct and you know your kid best!!! Better be safe than sorry. you'd feel better two. It can't hurt to get another opinion. I'm switching Peds. for my 9 month old because she was so conjested and having a hard time breathing and she blew it off saying she was fine. well this other dr. checked her out and put her on ear meds., broncial meds. and conjestion meds. Along with breathing treatments and saline drops. so I would get recomondations for another ped. from friends and family and get that second opinion.

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