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Gas Drops for a Newborn?

I am wondering if anyone has used the gas drops that are now available over the counter? And how young can you give them?

Any info you know and can share would be great!!
Thanks! R.

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Thanks everyone!! I left out details of why I was asking so I could get honest answers. Our 7 week daughter is very gassy. She also has colic and acid reflux, on top of a double infection in both eyes that have clogged tear ducts. So life with her the last 7 weeks has not been to much fun. I wanted to know what everyone used and thought of it.
Thanks we are off to the store to try something to offer her relief.

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I had to use Mylecon every feeding for my 7 month old for many weeks...they said it was safe. I also use Gripe Water which I get at Peapods on Snelling in St. Paul. That seems to help immediately where Mylecon is more of a preventative.

Good luck, gas makes the little ones sore...

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We used them quite early and they did help!

We used gas drops for our oldest son (now 4) and they worked great, even for hiccups. We started using them when he was young. Probably almost a month old. Would have used them sooner probably if we knew about it sooner. We did try it with our second son (almost 2) and it did nothing for him. The doctors told us that they didn't believe there was a significance to them and that they didn't work well, but I guess it depends on the child. Good luck.

We used the drops from about 2mo - 6 months. We started using them when we started trying to get out son to sleep through the night. The gass would wake him at night, so we started giving him a dose every night before bed. We found it helped.

Now, he doesn't seem to have any problems.

I used Target brand gas drops. My son had really bad gas. The things that helped most were:
Me eating less gas causing foods, onions, beans, dairy.
Gas drops
I drank large amounts of fennel tea (I hated the taste but it helped and now I kinda like that anise flavor)
Baby aerobics (I would sing row your boat and press my sons legs to his tummy, I can't believe how much gas this would expel!
Warm lavender baths before bed.

I know how hard it can be to have a gassy baby, hang in there it will get better! It takes time for babies to learn how to use their bodies. Hopefully it won't take too long, it took my son six months, but I got really good at helping him thru it. Best of luck!

Hi R.,

I used Mylicon for my son. They are very safe. I gave them to him very young, I don't remember the exact age, but he was young. My girlfriend told me she used them on her twins as preventative care for gas at night. She would give them the drops before their bottle. Hope this helps.

My baby was early when we brought him home he was very gassy and had colic very bad we used Gripe water that you can get from natural food store this worked very well for us.

I had to use Mylecon every feeding for my 7 month old for many weeks...they said it was safe. I also use Gripe Water which I get at Peapods on Snelling in St. Paul. That seems to help immediately where Mylecon is more of a preventative.

Good luck, gas makes the little ones sore...

Yes, I used them for my son as soon as I found out about them. They worked awesome! He was 12 weeks old at the time. I used the mylicon and the target brand. They both worked great.

We have been using the generic Target brand has drops since our son was just a few weeks old.

Both Mylecon and Little Tummies Gas Drops are the same thing: Simethecone. I used it with my newborn at the advice of her pediatrician who said it was safe enough to use at each feeding. While we did notice some improvement, it wasn't much. She was still obviously uncomfortable most of the time. I don't know if you are breastfeeding or not, but the pediatrician suggested we feed her either Similac Ailimentum or Enfamil Nutramegen until around 3 months when her digestive system is more mature. Even though I was breastfeeding, I decided to put her on the formula and pump/freeze the milk for now. The Nutramegen has worked like a charm and our little girl is much happier!! This method worked for me because I didn't like nursing and had decided to pump & bottle feed anyway, but I know that is not the solution for everyone... I just thought I'd share the info that the formula worked much better than the drops for us.

This is not medical advice - just my experience. As far as I know, Mylecon is safe to be used with babies as young as two days old. I worked in the newborn nursery of a post partum care facility, and it was common practice there to give the newborns (straight from the hospital nursery) Mylecon if they showed signs of painful gas. I know we gave our son Mylecon at least once during his first two weeks - probably more often than that. We've also used the Little Tummies brand in the past - both work, but LT is a little less expensive than the Mylecon.

we used them before and after feedings when my dghtr was just a newborn-maybe 4-5weeks old. She was really fussy and we didn't know what it was. Thought it was gas...they didn't help her fussiness, but the DR recommended the drops to us.

We swear by the Little Tummies brand. We started using it with our children around 8 months old, right about the time they were consistently eating some solid food (though still nursing occasionally too).

We use about half the recommended dose, and even less than that (basically a drop or two) if they are younger than 2.

We use it if they are acting like they have gas (for our kids, the sign is if they're fine one minute and screaming the next, particularly if they jerk their legs up) and we also use it as a preemptive measure when our kids have eaten something spicy or new.

I used Mylicon early with my little ones. That stuff is WONDERFUL!!!

We used both brands of the gas drops for babies. I never used them again after I read on the bottle or box that something in it may cause cancer. The best thing out there is a natural product from a health food store called GRIPE WATER. It works great!

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