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Garage Sale Advice - Keller,TX

Hi, Mamas. My neighborhood, Trace Ridge, is having a neighborhood garage sale on 8/22 and 8/23, and I'm planning to participate. It will be my first foray into the world of having a garage sale. I was looking for some advice on things like:

-pricing items (is there a good rule of thumb for pricing items)
-how much cash do you think I will need to have on hand for making change, etc.
-any other "tricks of the trade" that would be helpful

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Thanks so much to everyone for their advice. I actually did price most everything individually and organized everything into logical sections. It seemed to help with the selling of items... we didn't have to haggle too much. We also sold snacks and drinks, which was a great idea. We ended up having a great sale.

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Hi J.,

You have received good advice so far and some things mentioned I never thought of. One area I think of is safety. I would put a sign up that states you are not responsible for accidents and try keeping rummage shoppers from entering the garage area to eliminate potential accidents. Another thing is I have had people ask before if they can use the restroom. I would tell them to go to a local store or gas station since you do not know who you are letting in your home. It might be someone trustworthy but then again it could be someone checking for items inside your home to see if there is anything of value in there. I am just a cautious person and watch out for my safety as well as my family's safety. I hope this helps you and possibly others.

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I would start collecting grocery sacks now. I used a muffin tin to keep all of my change in and separated and then used an old pencil box for bills. We had a few $20s (yes, people would buy something for 5 or 10 and give me 100 bill). I had a small amount of change in every denomination. We also had a sign up that said not responsible for accidents, no refunds or exchanges and cash only, no checks. The last half of our sale (when things really weren't selling) we decided to put a big sign out front that said everything a quarter. We obviously didn't have big stuff and knew that we were going to just give the stuff away anyway. Things really sold then and surprisingly we made a lot of money that way. Our neighbors bought bottled water and made cookies and sold them.

Have fun!

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the best thing that we ever did was set pricing. All pants-2.00, shirts-LS 1.00, SS .50, Shorts -1.00, shoes-1.00 etc. You may loose money on some stuff, gain money on others but what is your goal? To get rid of stuff and make a little money in the process, don't go through the trouble of trying to individually mark things-it's a pain, unless it's larger items like furniture, big toys etc. Also, have bags-to put peoples things in once they've paid. Another thing I have done is at the end of the day, when trying to get rid of everything-I hate having leftovers-I will tell people that they can have a bag and whatever they can fit in it is theirs for $3 or whatever amt. you choose-they love this and think they are getting a great deal. Just don't get emotionally attached to the stuff, remembering how much you paid in the beginning and have fun and the great thing is, you'll make a little money in the process.

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You've already got great tips. Speaking Spanish would help too and having plastic bags ready to put "paid for" items in would help (then you tie the top).

Also, I never let me children out around the garage sale. I'm paranoid that way and had a friend who really did have an issue, so I kept my kids inside. There was no need for stangers to be checking out my babies.

Your goal is to get rid of unwanted things, so I would price things low: like used t-shirts for .50, adult jeans for 1.00, and kids less. If the clothing item is new or extremely nice, then maybe a 2.00 or 3.00. You can put colored sticker dots on items that are a certain price. Like green dots-.50, or red dots- .75 for example. (I saw package of dots at Dollar Tree) Another trick to get stuff gone at the end of the sale is to charge 3.00-5.00 for all the things they can stuff in a grocery bag/sack. This is the stuff you will most likely throw away or have to drive to the Goodwill anyway.

Also check out www.livingonadime.com, they have some great tips for having a yard sale. Have fun and good luck. :-)

I make it as simple as possible, I don't use tables or stickers...

What I do is lay out old bed sheets on the ground, I have a sheet for items that are .50 cent, a sheet for items that are $1 and so on and so on. I make signs for each designated sheet and price. Does this make sense?? I usually try and lay the clothes out in some sort of order, it ends up in a mess half way through the day!! Oh well!! I put the items that usually will draw the prospective buyers, such as, furniture, grills, the large stuff that might pull them in out front! I hope this helps!!

When I started doing garage sales on my own I did the whole sticker thing. Pricing each individual item, this became so tidious. I found that the "sheet method" works great.

As far as cash, I always get 60 bucks out

10 in quarters
20 in ones
30 in fives

I don't mess with dimes or nickles, therefore not pricing things less than a quarter. If someone hassles with me on an item that is priced at .25 cents I usually end up giving it to them, not worth it :)

Price your items a little higher with the intent to negotiate. Garage salers will negotiate over a quaters. I put the highest I think someone would buy the item for, with the intent that I am going to go down on the price. Have a bunch of ones, probably $20.00 at least in ones, and lots of quarters/change. If you have big items like furniture, then you may want to have higher bills, just because some people may pay with larger bills.
I honestly don't even price my items anymore.

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