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Game Ideas for a Girls 2Nd Birthday Party

We are just having family over Saturday for my little girls 2nd birthday party. I was just wondering if any of you moms had any ideas for games. Her cousins who are 7 and 10 will be there with her brother who is also 7. They'll play anything with her and have fun. Just hoping maybe someone could give me one game they could all play to make it fun. Thanks!

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I've had huge success at all my kids ages with leting them wild iwth a can of whipped cream and pie in the face fights thn hosing them down and getting in the pool. It works with or without pool. SInce it's al mixed ages, everyone loves it. I"ve had 40 kids to that and egg tosses and similar games.

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Hi My mom bought a bowling game for the kids of all ages to play with at my BBQ last weekend and they didn't stop playing the entire day!!! I think she found it at Target. Hope you have a great party!!

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Freeze dance
Musical chairs
hide and seek
face painting
find the toys in a bucket of sand or jello
dress up
photo contest

Take Care,

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We had a water balloon toss outside. I used an old tin that I had and they tossed them in... Also you can pin the tail on anything... we used spiders and pinned them on spider man for my son's bday. Hope this helps! L.

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Hi H.,

I have some games that I find my 9 year old son and his friends simply love and for the past few years when it's nearing his b-day, he always says mommy, are you gonna have all those fun games. I like when you do those. Here is what I do; I have an apple game, where I slice the apples on the side (one slice with a knife) then in some of the apples i insert money - you can wrap the money in a tiny piece of foil, some apples have a dollar, some have $5, whatever you want to put in it, and some apples don't have anything in it. The apples are placed in a large bowl filled with water, each child gets a turn to pick up an apple out of the bowl using only their teeth (be sure to get the apples with the stems on them) which ever apples you pick up is the one you get. If select one with money, it's your, if not, have fun eating your apple. Remember to slice each apple even if you don't place money in it, because some children try to cheat ad look for the slice. You can use a knife or something sharp to insert the money because sometimes it's a liitle difficult getting the money in. Another game I play with them is to get a bag of balloon, in the balloons I place candy in some, money in some, and nothng in some. Then I blow them up, place them in a large container, and each child gets a turn to stick one balloon with a pin (blindfolded) whatever comes out of their balloon is what is you get. Another game if your having the party at home, in your yard you can hide different objects or papers with numbers or whatever on it, whoever finds a number or an object they receive a small prize. I ususaly purchase small little gifts from the dollar store to give as prizes, kids love it.

I hope the party goes well, enjoy. If you use these games plz let me know what the kids thought about them.

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My cousin is the KING of kid's party games. The last party I went to at her house, she had the kids (of ALL ages and some adults) play Limbo set to face paced music (she and her helper, held a broom stick up and down for the age and ability of the player). She played a kids music CD from Walmart. When The Chicken Dance came on, the kids went nuts doing the chicken dance.

She also layed out bubble wrap and ahd the kids TRY to walk on it without popping any bubbles. That was a hit.

She had pin the tail on the donkey.

I know she had other games, but I can't remember then right now. Good luck and have fun.

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Its hard to plan games for that age so if your looking for a theme party company, call Butterfly Dreams, they are great for all ages, they come to you and really has lots of ideas from a character visit to different theme, games that they have.
Look at there website: www.butterflydreamsparty.com
or call ###-###-#### and they can really save you lots of time. Kids just love them.

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We used to play newspaper races - you could adapt it for just a small group of children, though. Put 2 newspapers onto the ground and the children line up behind them. They throw one newspaper down in front of them and jump onto it then they throw the 2nd newspaper down in front of that & jump onto it. They continue taking the paper from behind them & throwing it in front of them and jumping until they get to the "end". You could time them to make it more fun!

We also did dress up - children should be separated into two groups - half standing at "start" and half standing at "finish". One child at "start" runs to "finish", dresses up in funny clothing, then runs back to "start" (hysterical - have your camera ready), takes it off and the next person puts it on and runs to "finish" & it continues the same way until all have dressed up & run, etc.
All you need is a box of clothing, shoes, etc. for one person. It's most fun if you use really oversized clothing (maybe parents' stuff) and large, clunky shoes, etc.!

Have fun!

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I've had huge success at all my kids ages with leting them wild iwth a can of whipped cream and pie in the face fights thn hosing them down and getting in the pool. It works with or without pool. SInce it's al mixed ages, everyone loves it. I"ve had 40 kids to that and egg tosses and similar games.

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We just went to a 3 year old party and they played a version of pin the tail on the donkey, but it was put the nose on the Giraffe (jungle themed party) and big stickers where used with the kids name on it. They got it at a party store, but I'm sure you could make something similar. To give the 2 year old an advantage you can set it up so the place they need to stick is at the arm level of the 2 year old.

You could also play hot potato--which is like musical chairs except the kids sit in a circle and pass the "potato" around to music--the one left holding it when the music stops is out until the last one is left...

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My daughter 2nd Birthday was supposed to include a bounce house and all kinds of out door fun but we got rained out, so I decided to play the old school games we played. We did hot potato, clothes pin drop, pin the tail on the donkey and simon sez and everyone had a great time. Hope that helps!

Congtats on your baby turning two! Hooray! My child is turning two soon. Try to do fun things with her that she likes! Make her favorite foods,have balloons, and maybe even do a fun craft with the kids.Micheals usually has all kinds of inexpensive things to make. Keeping it simple is always best! Children love to dance and run. It doesn't take much to make them smile! Enjoy this! Two year olds are a lot of work!

This isn't a game but it's always a HIT! At my sons second birthday party I brought the materials to make fruit loop necklaces. My oldest nephew who's 16 all the way down to the youngest ones were all having fun making their necklaces, bracelets. My nephew picked out his school colors while others just picked out the colors they liked and the younger kids just put every color on there. It took them about 20 minutes and they had a blast.

If you have a big yard and want some laughs - Have the kids line up outside faces everyone. Give them each a saltine cracker. On the count of three everyone start eating your cracker and singing happy birthday! It's hilarious to watch all their eyes get big as they realize it's harder than it sounds. Yes, a little messy so you don't want to try this inside.

Kids of all ages love musical chairs, pinatas, and pin the tail on the donkey.

We did a peanut hunt at my son's second birthday. It is just like an easter egg hunt, but with peanuts. Hide some really easy for the birthday girl, but make the older ones really hunt for them. The kids loved it. Afterwards, they made a squirel feeder to put them in.

It's an oldie, but it's a classic, and even the "spare" adults can play to add to the fun..
Musical chairs. You can use ANY kind of music! and the rules are simple...

Pin the tail
Hoola Hoop contests get the small hoops
Beads to make bracelets and necklaces- takes time but they love it.

Have fun! Happy Birthday!

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