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Gallbaldder Surgery

Hi Mamas! I know I've seen posts about this before, but I couldn't find them, so here I go.... The short version of the story is that I have known for 10+ years that I have gallstones, but haven't really had any difficulties until recently. For the past 2 months, I've had on and off pain, bloating, etc. I've finally made the decision to have my gallbladder removed at the recommendation of my PCP an a surgeon. It was a difficult decision because I'm petrified of surgery, but I'm tired of not feeling well and want to do it when it's not an emergent situation. I've had LOTS of tests, and it seems pretty clear that the gallbladder/stones is the cause of my symptoms. Anyone had this surgery? Any thoughts/advice (or reassurance?? :) )

I am having laproscopic surgery

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Thank you all so much for your advice and encouragement. Had the surgery 3 weeks ago. The first few days were rough, and I still couldn't pick up my daughter for another week... but I am SO GLAD I had the surgery! I'm feeling so much better!

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I had mine out as a same day surgery and was driving a week later. and as long as you are not hauling on little ones go for it ASAP. A galbladder attack can be deadly ,if it ruptures. I was told that the galbladder should be removed the first time you hav eissues with it because it can then rupture at anytime...

I had the surgery 2 years ago, when my son was only 6 weeks old (and my daughter was 2). The surgery went very well....I was in the hospital at 6:30am and home by 1:00pm! Obviously, I rested ALOT that day and had LOTS of help from my husband and family for the next few days as well. It was such a wise choice for me and I think you'll be happy after you have the surgery. I, too, had the laproscopic and the healing process went well. It made me feel SO much better....after I had lived on Saltines and Jello for weeks since those were the only things that didn't give me an attack! Good luck! You'll do fine!

I had my gallbladder removed after my first was born (turns out the pregnancy was part of the cause). I would have to say that my attacks were worse than labor pains so I'm glad that I don't suffer with that pain anymore. I had the surgery laproscopically as well. I think it's only about an hour long surgery and the recovery is a couple weeks. I suffered from infection but otherwise, everything went well. Don't sweat the surgery part since it's a fairly routine surgery. I was sent home the same day. Good luck and take care.

after repeatedly being rushed to the ER for symptoms resembling a heart attack, they figured out I had gallstones because a sister ten years younger than me had them out the week before. I was young, and thin, so they never suspected. Sure enough, gallstones. Got it out, still felt phantom pain for a bit, but it fades away till one day, you notice, hey, I feel ok! Had some adhesions as a result, during a Csection my dr fixed them. Yes, I am glad I did it. I can not drink more than two alcholic drinks in a day anymore though, or I throw up about 6-12 hours later. I just can't digest it for some reason. So, I take zantac before any cocktail, and hope for the best. I am so glad I got it, sounds like you are at the beginning stages of need. Trust me, they don't go away, and only get worse. Have it before you are rushed to the ER begging for it, as I did. Happened to be in an attack the morning of my surgery, I am normally a scardy cat, instead I growled just rip it out already lol.
I talked them into letting me go home that day, as an inlaw was a nurse who was going to "take care of me". Frankly I hate hospitals, the noise, the germs, etc, I just can't rest, so I went home that same day. Back to work in a couple of weeks, back to the gym in a month.

Good luck,

Good Morning J.. I had the laproscopic surgery to remove my gall bladder almost 8 yrs ago. It was absolutely not big deal at all. I was back at work within a couple of days and pregnant for my first child within a month!! It was same day surgery, I think I had to be there at 7:30am and I was on my way home around 1pm. The only complication I ran into was that they had given me percocet to take for the pain immediately after the surgery on an empty stomach. That was a bad idea, vomiting after stomach surgery is NOT fun!! So just shy away from any narcotic pain killers until after you've had something to eat. Good Luck with the surgery and I hope this helps to ease your mind.

J., I really don't mean to scare you by writing this however I just want you to know how important it is that you get this taken care of. Last year we were at my parents house haveing dinner when my father said that he wasn;t feeling well. He ending up going to the hospital(which we knew something was wrong when he agreed to go). My father ending up having a gall stone lodge in his common duct which caused massive complications, we lost my father on May 15th of last year. My dad was a pretty healthy guy, other then the fact that every now and again is stomach would bother him. There was never enough pain that he couldn't handle it, thus never enough pain to drive him to go see someone about it. I know that people get gall stones all the time( my mom for one.. she had the surgery/ no problems) and they end up being O.K. however there are those rear cases where it can turn into something bigger. So I'm telling you, as I do all people who mention gallbladder issues in front of me, stay on top of it and do whatever you can to make yourself healthy again

I have had the procedure with great results. I had it done last year while I was pregnant with my second child. Everything went very well and I was feeling back to normal in just a few days. I hope that helps.

Do it! The surgery is minimal--in and out, with an easy recovery and little scarring....AND I felt SO MUCH BETTER after I had it.

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