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Fussy Baby at Night

My 6 week old daughter becomes fussy at night time between 8 and 10 pm. Nothing can calm her down not even holding. She cries so much that she vomits her feeding and then falls asleep when she gets too tired. I'm thinking colic but it's weird that it's only at night, she is breastfed. I don't know what to do or how to help her, it's frustrating. I read about GRIPE WATER and am wondering if anybody used it with their fussy babies or is there something better?
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Buy, Read, and Try the Method in Happiest Baby on the Block!!! I swear by it and so do all of my friends with babies. It can take about a week of vigilance, but works wonders. Some babies it will only take a few nights. This may be what is called "colic" and can be remedied through understanding why it happens. Colic usually happens only at night and breast milk or formula feedings don't make a difference.

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I know what you are going through and I sympathize with you. My daughter would scream at bedtime as well and nothing worked. We did not try gripe water (I didn't know about it at the time or I would have) but we did try gas drops. Sometimes it would help. Maybe she has gas, try Mylicon gas drops. Many times we would give them to her, she would let out her gas and then finally calm down, it is worth a shot! Good luck!

Hi! Alexandra
my name is lili, i have a 28 month son and he is very fussy.
Maybe you can try to make a rutine with her.
Like take a bath before to go to bed a masage when you are dress her and then talk to her and then feeding and a rocking chair to she falls sleep this i did with mi baby and still doing with him,i understad you it's very frustanting.
I hope you my advices help see you.

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Buy, Read, and Try the Method in Happiest Baby on the Block!!! I swear by it and so do all of my friends with babies. It can take about a week of vigilance, but works wonders. Some babies it will only take a few nights. This may be what is called "colic" and can be remedied through understanding why it happens. Colic usually happens only at night and breast milk or formula feedings don't make a difference.

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At this age, babies are starting to develop neurological and in short becomes much more aware of the world surrounding them. What also happens is they go from sleepy baby to more alert active baby. Since they are more alert and awake, they are not getting as much sleep as they used to as they would rather see this great big world around them. It very well might be that she is not sleeping enough during the day and thus by the evening hours is Overtired. It is true what other posters have suggested that this does peak at 8 weeks. (and that is 8 weeks adjusted as of your due date, so if she was born early, this may be later. This would be a great time to start reading books on routine and sleep times for little ones. Babies this age should still be sleeping between 15 - 18 hrs a day, but are likely not because of the aforementioned neurological processing awakening in your wee one. Even with sleep routines etc, it is difficult to get a child off to get the proper amounts of sleep this age. However, proper sleep routines are the foundation for this. There are many on the market, some of my favorites are Baby Whisperer, and Sleep Lady's guide.

The goood news is, it does REALLY get better! As previous posters have suggested, if you do nothing, it will get better by 12 weeks or so. But if you help them learn how to sleep (and at this age, yes, you have to teach them how to sleep) this may subside faster.

Hope that helps.

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Check out Happiest Baby on the Block by Dr. Harvey Karp. I used his concepts and it worked wonders for fussy babies. I also ended up putting my daughter down for bed earlier (like 6pm) when she was 6 weeks old and she started sleeping through the night immediately. It turned out that she was just ready for bed and overtired by the time I was putting her down.

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I breastfed both of my boys(now 5 and2) for 14 months each. Even breastfed babies can have colic. Basically, to me it just means they have gas. Their digestive system is just learning how to process everything, and babies tend to swallow alot of air when they are learning to breastfeed. It can happen anytime of day. For me it was in the evening too. Some things that worked for me...burping until you get a burp. Try all different positions to get the burp out. Burp after 5-10 minutes on the breast. Once you get a burp, you can put them her back on the breast. Try some leg exercises to move the gas. I just would lay his back on my belly when I was sitting and peddle his legs like he was riding a bike. If all else falls try the colic hold which is hard to describe but basically you stand up and hold them horizontally with their belly facing the floor. use one hand between their legs and one hand across their shoulder and head making sure one hand is supporting their belly. They may have a better description or picture of this on the internet somewhere. The best thing I found to quiet both of my boys when nothing else worked and they would not stop crying...I would turn on the vaccum. Instantly they would stop crying. I did alot of vaccuming those first few months with him in the babybjorn. Sometimes I would just turn it on and leave it so I could cook dinner. I have never tried the Gripe water but I did use the mylicon infant gas drops. I hope this helps you. Breastfeeding is great once you get through the first 3 months. Good Luck!

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This just be her time to vent:) Especially, when they are this little and do not know how to self-sooth. If she is well fed then she is just a baby that has a habbit as it is. Have you tried calm music yet(quiet-really low...hardly audible. I would also try laying her on a boppy tummy side down and while she is going through this venting period rubbing her back. Once she learns how to self-sooth(about three months) she will get bettter. You can put the boppy on your lap(then you are close and your body is not falling asleep). Then hubby can help too:) Just keep the same routine every night with a soothing activity. Be patient because it may take awhile...

it could very well be colic. When you take her out make sure she has something on her head and also socks on her feet. I had three girls and finally learned what I thought was an old wives tale was true. I finally got relief because she was no longer cranky, especially at night.

Breastfed babies can have colic. Typical colic happens in the evenings like you describe. There are many schools of thought as to why a baby is colicky and because I had a colicky baby who screamed all day long, I know you don't need a lecture about what causes it :) I wish I could reach through the computer and give you a hug and tell you it will be okay - because it will.

A couple things you can try - modifying your diet, as there might be something you are passing through the breastmilk that is upsetting her. You can try to eliminate dairy, whey, cruciferous, etc.

When she gets fussy you can try to put her in a swing, swaddle her, tell her 'shhhhhhhh' really loudly (not because you're being mean, but because it imitates a sound heard in the womb which is a comfort zone for her).

We tried everything imaginable and gave all the tricks a fair shot (as in, we didn't just do it one night...we did things several times or eliminated foods for weeks), and it did NOTHING to stop our baby's incessant screaming. Then, just like everyone said, the crying just stopped like flicking off a light switch, at 14 weeks. I logged everything - how much sleep he got, what time he ate, how much he ate, wet/dirty diapers, and used a smile/frown face to track moods each hour. We found no pattern. At that point I just started counting down to the 12-14 weeks and prayed my baby would stop screaming. He did. He's now 16 months old and a joy. Back then I thought I was going to have a miserable child for the rest of my life and he is just an absolute angel now.

I know what you are going through is rough. Reach out to family, friends, neighbors to give yourself a break if need be. Best wishes to you and hang in there!

My sisters friends baby is the same way. they did all kinds of medications, none worked. Then she went to the ciropractor and the baby is a new baby. Not sure why-

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