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Fun Ways to Teach Rhyming Words (Kindergarten)

My kindergarten son, who turned 6 two weeks ago, is having trouble with rhyming words. We've been working on this for a while now and he just doesn't seem to "get it". I'm looking for ideas that are both fun and educational to reinforce concepts taught at school. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I did this with my daughter just for fun, and it took about quite awhile, but she got it. I think the most important thing was just to let her make up words instead of wracking her brain for words that actually rhymed. For as long as she could pay attention (maybe 3 minutes) a couple times a day, I would say a word, and she would try it rhyme it. If she did it, even it was a made-up word (e.g., baby - laby). I would give big praise. If not, I'd say, try again!

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My home childcare has had the luxury of monthly visits form the Readmobile for over 2 years (the program is being cut due to Budget cuts after this month..they park the bus..we are so sad!)

One of the literacy songs we learned and LOVE from one of these visits is our rhyming song....we use it all the time..simple tune...and I have printed and found all sorts of things to laminate or just add stick-em stuff to the back (for flannelboard use...like buttons,etc) and toher things we just have in a rhyming bucket and the children can play on their own if they wish.

Heres the tune....with an example of simple rhyming words, as most of my children are very young preschoolers age 2-4.

HAT...CAT...these words rhyme
HAT...CAT....these words rhyme
HAT...CAT...these words rhyme
So rhyme along with me!

we find all sorts of simple words and go from there....sometimes when we take a walk the children will find things that rhyme and bust out in the song...I am so proud when that happens! I also do not discourage the nonsense words, as they are still rhyming.....


you get the idea!

Good luck!

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I'm an elementary reading teacher and one thing we do all the time is read rhyming books and just talk about/pick out the word that rhyme. Some of my favorites is "Is your Mama a Lama" by Debroah Guarino the Five Little Monkey series by Eileen Christelow, and Llama Llama Mad at Mama by Anna Dewdney.(You can find these in libraries)
There are many games you can play. For instance memory (you can find pictures that rhyme on clip art in Microsoft word if you don't want to go out and buy any) and matching rhyming puzzle pieces is also one of my students favorites. We even still play the old name game! Many of the activities we do are very game like and fun so don't feel pressured to have to do drill and skill activities. Constant exposure and your home support will help tremendously. Good Luck!

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Hi S.,
Do you have any learning stores around your area. We have quite a few in the TC area. They are such a fun to shop, and I could literally spend 1-2 hours every time I go. The employees are very helpful and knowledgeable and really know their stuff. I'm sure they can point you in the right direction.

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Search online for something like "kindergarten rhyming games" and you will find many sites with nice simple educational (and free!) games for kids. I'm not big on videos or video games, but I do occasionally allow my son to play these (with supervision, of course) and it's worked really well for things like telling time and practicing math. Another site we love is the Sesame Street website. You can search their site for videos and games pertaining to rhyming (or whatever subject you want).

My son likes to play a rhyming game when we're driving in the car. We take turns naming something we see and then a word that rhymes with it. A lot of times he will just make up a word, which results in a lot of giggles.

One other suggestion that I think is great for rhyming is singing. Lots of songs have words that rhyme, so maybe you can use that as a way of explaining about rhyming, but a fun thing to do is make up new words (about your son or whatever you're doing, it doesn't have to be poetry) and have him help you think of a word that rhymes. We have a lot of songs about our cat, bat, hat, sat, rat, mat...

Have fun!

i am an usborn books consultant and we have lots of good books with rhyming words! :D
www.usbornforthefuture.com is my website. "big pig on a dig" "fat cat on a mat" "fox on a box" "frog on a log" "goose on the loose" "hens pens" "mouse moves house" and many many others!
you could even have a show - even just an online one - to earn books for free! :D
good luck!

Reading books like Dr. Seuss are great ways. They are so silly that they keep my children entertained and giggling. The library should have a section with other books as well with rhyming.

S. - we used to play a rhyming game with our children. Sometimes it would be in the car on a road trip or at the dinner table. Someone would start with a word and we had to go in turn and rhyme the word. The whole family was involved. Of course, my 6 year old son's favorite word to start with was "heart."

It was a way to get the whole family involved in this important skill.

Good luck


My students love the worksheets by Kids Smart Publishing! Try Rhyming Words and More: Cut and Paste Activities (mykidssmart.com). A great way to teach kids to rhyme!

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