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Fun, Unique Baby Shower Games

My sister-in law's mother is throwing her a baby shower in Mid-End March. Most of the people she is inviting has just recently had their first child, thus their own baby showers. Her mother is looking for unique, fun games. ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE HELPFUL! The baby is going to be a girl!

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Not so much a game, but it's really funny to do baby related madlibs. Just write a story about the mother to be, what she does, etc...you can even end it with some funny way of her going into labor. Then you go through and take out words in each sentence. So you end up with like "There once was a ----- named Shannon." And then at the end "And the doctor said 'Congratulations! It's a ------!'"
Then without reading the story, you ask the guests for a word to fill in the blank. ("I need a feeling word" or "I need a 'thing" or a "place"). They shout out words and you put them in. Then when everything is filled in, you read back the story. It's really funny. My friend was a pen that gave birth to a rainbow. I wrote guests in to the story...like the mother to be goes into labor at the shower and all the guests have to help. One guest says "quick! Someone get the -----" and another tells the mommy to be "It might help if you -------". Those are always really fun sentences because the guests feel really involved and it's fun to hear what they "said" to the mom to help...like "It might help if you.....bake a cake!"

Have fun!

Couple of the most unique baby games that I have seen played was, "Guess that baby food". You number the lid and the bottle and take the label off and make a list of what each is as a key. Then it is up to the group to guess which on is which by site and smell. It was a lot of fun.

The other is melting candy bars into diapers, looks just like poop! Then you guess which candy bar is which.

Hi J.,

My mom threw my shower and had one of the best games, it's called the diaper game. When she sent out invitations she also mailed a diaper to everyone as well asking them to decorate it with something that I had done with that person and then bring it to the shower. She then displayed all the diapers up on a closeline and I had to guess who made which diaper I would then be allowed to open the gift that that person brought.
It was a blast and a fun way to open gifts and people got really creative. Enjoy!!

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I threw a shower for my sister-in-law. I get tired of all the "regular" games. So I did TONS of research.

First, (this works for a bridal shower, too) hand everyone a 3x5 card. Ask them to think of a mothering question they wished they had the answer to before the actual birth. You know kinda an "If I'd only known then what I know now" kinda thing. Pick all the cards up, turn them face down. Now pass them out again and each person has to put the answer to the question they asked on the back of the new card. (E.g. if you asked "How do I wash a baby" on the back of your new card, put the answer to the wash the baby question.) No turning the cards over to peek - no answering the question on front. Answer your own question. Once again, collect all the cards and have Mom-to-be read the question and then the answer on the back. It's kinda funny. Did this for my sister's bridal shower. One lady's question was "How do I get my money?" And the answer was something like "on the corner of 5th and Prince".

Have the guests break into pairs. Provide each pair with a baby doll and diaper. The pair must diaper the baby with each person using only one hand. First pair done and done right (when you hold the doll up, the diaper should stay on!) wins.

For the next game, write one baby word per person on each 3x5 card. Seal them in envelopes. Hand the envelopes to the guests. They msut open the envelope and draw their word. (E.g. the word is bottle - the guest must draw a bottle in some set time - say a minute) When the time is up, each guest is to put their card back in the envelope and put their name on the envelope. These are collected and handed to Mom-to-be. She then looks at the envelopes and chooses who opened the envelope the neatest. Has nothing to do with the cards.

Get around 10 small brown paper bags - like people used to take their lunches in. Number them, place one baby item in each and seal them. Then pass a page with lines numbered on it. The guests have 5ish minuted to figure out what is in each bag. They can squish, shake - whatever other than opening. If your group is mostly newish mothers, you will have multiple winners. Mom-to-be gets the things in the bags.

And last - this is great. This looks like a traditional game. Get a tray and place 15ish baby related items on it. (Booties, nail clippers, etc.) Have Mom-to-be stroll around the room making sure each guest gets a real good look at the tray. Then, have Mom-to-be take the tray and leave the room. At this point, some cheaters may be frantically writing down the things from the tray. Tell them "Ok - you now have (some time - maybe 2 minutes) to write down everything Mom-to-be was wearing. Person who gets the most accurate number is the winner and Mom-to-be gest the items on the tray.

Hope those help. I don't mind showers, but I HATE the traditional games. And these are kinda fun as no one expects them.

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More of an activity than a game, but at my 2nd shower, the hostesses provided onesies in various sizes and fabric paint. Each guest was asked to paint a onesie for the baby. It was really special to me!

I have also been a part of a shower where we made a scrapbook for the baby. It was not well received. You have to be a scrapbooker for this to work, and most ladies did not get involved. It was disappointing!

At my cousin's baby shower they requested instead of a card, you give a book and you write your message in the inside cover. It was a great way to start the child's library and the sentiments and well wishes for the baby are remembered every time the book is opened. It is fun and meaningful because everyone has a childhood favorite book that brings back happy memmories and this gives them the opportunity to share with the mother-to-be a memory from the heart.

My all time favorite baby shower game is poopy diapers. Buy 6 or so different candy bars (almond joy and mounds are a must). Break off a half dollar size piece of each kind and place one kind in each diaper. Microwave for 15-30 sec., just enough to melt it. Give it a squeeze to smear it. Now the fun begins. The guest have to guess what candy bar is in each one. Be sure to number the diapers and write down the answers when making the diapers up. Have a blast!!!! And be sure to take pictures of everyones faces as they are trying to figure it out.

My favorite game at my baby shower was where is the head? Everyone got a little picture of a baby with a piece of tape. Then I had to stand at the front of the room while each person came up and felt my belly. They had to place their baby on my belly where they thought the head was. The person who got the closest won!

For my daughter's family baby shower we had a neighbor that the guests didn't know show up acting all flustered, looking for a baby shower. We acted like we didn't know her either. Then she started going through her purse, setting the contents on the table as she's "looking" for her invitation to see if she's at the right place. When she found it, she acted all embarrased that she was at the wrong shower, shoved everything back in her purse and ran out. Then we told everyone who she really was and had them write down everything she had taken out of her purse. She had given us a list previously. It's really fun to watch the guests reaction to this set-up.

Another one is to cut baby bodies out of magazines minus the head. Then cut out famous people's heads and glue them onto the babies' bodies, glue it all to a sheet of paper, number them and pass them around to see if guests can name the famous person.

Melt mini-candy bars in small diapers. Pass them around and have each person guess what candy bar is in each. You can tell them to taste it or just look. The more unique candy bar the better it gets.....

I recently went to a baby shower and they had two games. one was an animal trivia game. There was a list of animals with a line next to each. You had to write down as many of the baby animal names you could think of in a given time. The other was pretty funny. You start it at the beginning and it can last the whole party. They had these little plastic babies, (I've seen them before but don't remember where) frozen in an ice cube. Each ice cube is placed in a cup, You guess how long it will take for your baby to be born. (free from the ice cube) you cant touch the ice cube or add anything to the cup. you can blow on it, giggle the cup or just set it down and watch it. somebody has to write down guesses, and the person closes to their guess wins.
This was the only shower I've been to in like the past five years, so I dont know how common they are, but I did think they were fun!
Have fun planning.

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