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Full or Twin Size Bed for Toddler?

Hi Moms,

We have decided to get my son who will turn 3 in Feb. a bedroom set for Christmas/ Birthday. He is still sleeping in his crib. My question is should we get him a twin size bed that we will probably have to replace once he gets older (teenager) or should we invest in a nice full size bed that he can have until he leaves for college. I wanted to skip the toddler bed because I think he will outgrow that very quickly. Also, any thoughts on bunk beds? We saw one it Ikea that I thought might be fun if he has sleepovers or if his little sister sleeps in his room. Right now her nursery is also the guest bedroom when my mom comes for a visit. Thanks!

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It's a personal choice and no choice is a wrong one. I slept in a twin until I was 19 and moved out of my mom's house -- and I am now a mentally stable adult with absolutely no hang-ups about the bed I slept in as a kid. It didn't matter. Another pro-twin consideration: doesn't shrink the room as much.

Either way: you don't go wrong, though.

Bunk beds are kind of fun, but I have to say, they are a pain to put the sheets on. My son will be 10 in Feb., and I still have to do this and it isn't very easy. Be prepared to climb on the top one just to do this. If I had realized this beforehand, I would not have bought them.
Why would you need a full bed when your son becomes a teenager? If he has friends sleepover, they might not want to sleep in the same bed being that they are boys. Girls tend not to mind.
Another option would be a day bed with a trundle. The day bed can be a little difficult with the sheets, but not nearly as the bunk beds. I tend to slide the mattress forward a bit off the frame to do this.
What if you got two twin beds? There is probably a lot more "kid" bedding for twin beds too.
Good luck.

go for the full bed. It has rolling room so no need to worry about falling out and it lasts forever.

At this age, I wouldn't invest in anything expensive. We put our oldest son in bunk/twin beds when he was 21 months, because I had another baby. It was low enough to the floor that we didn't have to worry about him falling off. Later the beds could be made into bunk. He now has two sons, age 9 and 5 and they are in bunk beds. We have a set of bunk beds at our home for them to sleep on when they visit. Bunk beds or twin, when he gets older he wouldn't be able to take a full size bed to college anyway, unless he lived in an apartment.

We had this same issue. We have 2 kids now, boy and girl, so they don't share a room. When my son (older) moved out of the crib, we put him in a Queen (easier to find sheets than a full and more comfortable for guests, especially if ever a couple, 2 in the bed) When my daughter moved out of the crib we did a twin for her in her room. Now we have to do the "shuffle" when we have guests. The guests sleep in my son's queen, my son goes to my daughter's twin and she comes in with us (she is just SO much easier to sleep with than my son ie: fish out of water while sleeping) It works out for short term. I would just put my 2 cents in of getting a Queen instead of a Full. It makes a difference if you have ever had to sleep in a full with another person. My parents appreciate it when they are here! I hope this helps. Have a great day.
C. in Alpharetta/Johns Creek

When mine were little, two boys, I purchased a bunk bed with very secure railing but placed a toddler bed in the room and put partial rails on it. A toddler bed will suffice longer than you may think. It makes them feel "big" but at the same time is safe and secure, inexpensive and uses the crib mattrice. Until they are potty trained, the junior bed is easy to change and the mattrice is easy to take out, clean and air. I bought Fisher-Price rails of molded plastic so he didn;t roll out at night. They went from that to the bunk beds and used bunk beds until they wanted their own rooms (late middle school) and still prefer twin beds. Twin beds allow more floor space which kids love for playing. Now mine bring in multi-computers for LAN parties! Hope this helps.

IKEA has some great ideas for kids beds, don't they?
They have a "KURA" bed that starts off as a low bed with a
star-covered tent canopy, and once they are older, it can be turned upside down so that it's a loft bed with a space below for a second mattress or a play space. My older son just turned 5, and I think he might be old enough for a loft bed (or bunk bed) now, but I've held off buying it because I'm afraid the younger brother will want to get in it and fall out.

But since it's convertible, you can start it off as a regular bed and flip it to a loft later. I think 3 is way too young for a bunk or loft bed.

I would suggest a twin bed now, but that's based on nothing but my personal opinion. His tastes will probably change enough that he might want something different when he's a teen. Although he still may want a twin bed - keep in mind that college dorms usually have twin beds.

I really like the twin and full-size loft beds that IKEA has for teenagers, too, with the bed on top and study space or play space at the bottom. Very cool.

Good luck!

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