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Frustrated with the Toothpaste Mess

Alright, mamas. I feel so silly for asking this question, but I know you all can help me. Thanks in advance!

I am so fed up with the toothpaste mess in the bathroom! The kids' toothpaste gets all over the counter and sink and globs of it gunk up the end of the tube. I'm certain more is being wasted than used. My kids are 7 and 9 and I have tried training them over and over again how to put toothpaste on their brush so it won't make a mess. But it still happens, and it doesn't matter what type of toothpaste container we get--whether the tube or the pump or whatever. I don't really want that toothpaste gadget I've seen on TV. It's big and not-too-pretty.

Any ideas how to fix my toothpaste mess?

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You ladies make me laugh. :) I'm glad I'm not the only one. I think I'm going to give them one more lesson on toothpaste application, and then have them take turns cleaning the sink every night. Less mess--less cleaning. If that doesn't work, I'll be looking for the travel toothpastes... Thanks for all the suggestions!

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I just started to deal with this, as my son loves to put a huge amount of paste on his brush. I am teaching him it should be a TINY amount. He then swishes and spits with water and tries to take off any paste in the sink (before it dries). Soon, he'll have to clean the sink after he brushes, but we're not there yet. He'll be reward (sticker or such) when he does a good job.
I don't expect too much as his father, still leaves a big mess in his sink and uses half a tube with each brushing (lo)!

I also started buying the travel size tubes for my son. He likes to brush his teeth by himself before I help and so we get the mess everywhere too. It was driving me nuts! We haven't had a problem since I switched to the travel tubes two weeks ago.

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This is funny and so true. I didn't read your prior posts but will tell you something that works great at our house. I have 3 kids (14 spec needs, 11 and 7). They all share a bathroom. The oldest, who is special needs, takes a shower first. If the sink "is a mess", my 7 yo who is next, will go in there and say "McKenna, come clean the sink!". And she does. Then when the 7 yo is out and the 11 yo goes in, the same thing happens. And I go in after her, when they are all out, make sure the sink is still "clean", and that's it. So they learn that the next kid is going to yell at them if it's "dirty" so hopefully they are learning to clean it first before leaving. Good luck!

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My only solution to this is to put the toothpaste on yourself instead of the kids. Or make it part of their bedtime routine to wipe down the sink.

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so are they putting TOO much on their toothbrush???

I don't know, my kids are 4 ad 7, and we don't have that problem. But I notice if they put TOO much on their toothbrush, then it falls off or gets on the sink/counters.
And well yes, they have to apply the toothpaste ON their brush.... while looking at it.

TELL your kids as well, that if they make a mess with the toothpaste THEY have to clean it up.

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for the time being, maybe while they're having breakfast, you can go in the put toothpaste on their brushes for them.

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You could look at getting smaller, travel tubes. I am 30+ years old an by the time I reach the end of my tube it is a mess - LOL.
The smaller tubes could be easier for them to manuever and less squirts out (from my experience).
There is the hassle of throwing out more tubes, but for the short-term of the next few years, could be an option.

As the mother of 5 I can only tell you that your not frusrated enough if your looking at something as "to ugly" to use. We gave each child thier own tube of tooth paste and that helped alot. Sounds as if being lasy is acceptable to them.

You could dole out the toothpaste for them; you could warn them that they will have to brush the old-fashioned way with baking soda if they keep making the mess, and then dot it! Make them brush with baking soda (gross tasting to me, anyway); or you could hover over them to make sure they do it right and then make them clean up their own gloppy mess. I would hope that they'd shape up after a week or two of your ultra-close supervision.

Hope you find a workable solution.

I have the toothpaste thing they show on tv and it really does help.
once the mess is cleaned up you won't care what the gadget looks like.

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