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Frost on Meat

We are on a budget. So i plan meals for the whole month. I go to the grocery store and get what i need. I store the meat in the frezer and the meat gets ice in it. I have used the foil that is suppose to keep meat from getting frezzer burn and the frezzer burn bags as well. Nothing works. Can anyone give me any other ideas. I cant afford to be throwing away food.Help!

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When you buy the meats from the store, wrap them in newspaper. Then put in the freezer. I want to make this clear, do not unwrap the meat you bought. Just wrap the meat again with newspaper. Also you might want to try Quality Home Foods. They deliver to your door (even from peanut butter to Tide). We use their service and come ahead cheaper then buy at the store. Go to their website at QualityHomeFoods.com Good luck!

I use the ziploc freezer bags and have never had a problem with ice or frost on my meat. When you package the meat are you putting it right into the bags or washing it? I know a lot of people wash their meat. Don't wash it before you freeze it. Getting it we can cause ice and freezer burn. Also when you bag it lay the bag down and seal it. Make sure you push all the air out of the bag. I seal it all but a little corner, push the air all out and then seal it the rest of the way. I have even messed up and stuck meat in storage bags. No problem-I just stuck them in a Walmart bag and tied it shut. Also your freezer could be set wrong. If the meat doesn't freeze fast enough it will get freezer burn or ice. Hope this helped.

I have meat in my freezer for mos..I just double bag 2 or 3 piece portions and make sure all the air is out...Works for me...No freezer burn....Good luck!

Are you using a chest freezer or is it one on your fridge? Sometimes I have found that if it is a freezer that is opened frequently then the repeated warm/cold/warm air can cause some frost because of the surface layer temp changing and refreezing etc. I would put the meat in the coldest area, use freezer bags or those airtight freezer storage packaging and it should be fine if everything is ok with your freezer.

Maybe it isn't actually frostbitten? Maybe it's just a very thin layer of frost that develops as you take it out to prepare? If it tastes ok, I wouldn't be throwing it away based on a slight frost appearance....

I have a friend who shared her enthusiasm with me about her new "vacuum thingy." I forget the product name, but it's easy enough to describe: the zipped freezer bags which have a wee apparatus on it to attach a hand held vaccuum (made especially for this use). The vacuum sucks the air from the bag before you put the bagged food in the freezer. She is even more spend thrift than I, and told me it was the best investment she has made in ages. All her food was freezing more uniformly and, more importantly, there was NO FREEZER BURN!

Here are my two suggestions.
1. I used to wrap the meat in Glad Press in seal works better than cling or suran wrap. Then put it into a frezzer ziplock bag. This worked alot better than the bag alone or the other types of wrap and bag.

2.My favorite is my vacum sealer. I one day talked my husband into buying me this in the end it worked best of all. Better yet the foods seem to defrost better when in the vacum sealer bags. I usually defrost them in a sink of water but if I forget to take anything out I can pop it into microwave on defrost,and it defrosts with out any juices spilling onto tray. defrosts without partially cooking. (Vacum sealer is cheaper than the Ziplock sealer in the end. The vacum sealer replacement bags are cheaper since you can get more bags the with the ziplock sealer.)

If I did not have my vacum sealer I would go back to my 1st suggestion. It worked well also. Hope these work for you.

I have a roll of freezer paper. I have wrapped deer meat in that my husband has brought home. This is also what my meat came in when I bought half a cow. It is wrapped twice, and none of it has freezer burn, and I have had some of it in the freezer for over 6 months. I hope this helps.

I buy the cheapest freezer bags and make sure to lay my meat flat and push as much air out as possible. If your meat has a little bit of ice on the outside it may still be good. I always date my meat so I know for sure if its still good. For some reason aluminum foil doesnt seem to freeze things well, but the freezer wraping paper and a zip loc bag works well together.

i would like to know the secret also

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