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Front Tooth Emerging Behind Baby Teeth That Are Still Intact

My 6 yr old has a new tooth emerging. My question is should I be concerned that her baby teeth have not fallen out and this one is emerging behind her baby teeth at a slight angle? The baby teeth around the new teeth are loose, but have not come out yet and there is quite a bit of new tooth exposed.

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My side of the family has a history of crooked teeth. Me and all my siblings had braces. So I called the dentist and made an appointment just to give me some peace of mind.
Her appointment is on Tuesday.
Hopefully the tooth will fall out before then. It's really wiggling now; but my DD refuses to mess with it. She says she WANTS to go see the dentist (I think she remembers the free tooth brush and sugar free lolly pop from her first introductory visit)!

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Take her to the dentist and have them pulled or help her wiggle them over the next couple of days so that you can pull them. The front teeth are more sensitive and some children have a hard time losing them.

This happened to me when I was little because I wouldn't work the teeth out, my father finally held me down to pull the baby teeth out. If you don't get the baby teeth out, the new teeth will grow in improperly and you will have to take corrective actions later in life. I had crooked teeth until I was in the 6th grade at which point the dentist put in a skid plate to move one of my teeth forward. If that hadn't worked, I would have had to have braces which aren't cheap.

Good luck to you and your little one!


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My 7 year old daughter has the same problem. She had it a while back with her bottom two front teeth and now it's happening with her top teeth. We took her to the dentist when we noticed it on her bottom teeth. He said if they didn't come out within a few weeks on their own, to bring her back in and they would pull the baby teeth. That was because they were making the permanent teeth come in crooked. The baby teeth on the bottom did finally come out on their own and the permanent teeth have pretty much finished coming in straight.

Now it's happening on the top teeth as well. The two permanent teeth are very visible and up until a couple of weeks ago, she looked like Tow-Mater from the movie Cars with these two front baby teeth sticking out at an angle since the permanent teeth behind them were pushing them forward. One of the two baby teeth fell out 2 days before we got her to the dentist. But the other one is still hanging on. The dentist said the permanent teeth were coming in straight, and that unless she still had that baby tooth in the next 2 months, just to let it come out by itself. We have to remind her to wiggle it all the time, but I'm sure it will eventually come out.

Reading these responses, I'm shocked at how common this is. I remember my mother-in-law telling me stories about my husband's teeth when he was young. His were weird in that they all came in at the same time. She said he looked like a shark because he had two rows of teeth on the top and bottom. They had to pull his baby teeth since they were all coming in at the same time and he needed the room. So when I saw it happening to my daughter on her bottom teeth, I was so worried the same thing would happen to her. Fortunately, it's not as bad for her as it was for him. But she still looks funny with that one front tooth sticking out. She's a beautiful little girl, but when she imitates Tow-Mater, saying his lines in his perfect hillbilly accent, you can't help but laugh histerically. Good luck!

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Hi,We're currently going through the same thing. My daughter's big tooth is completely in now and her baby tooth is still there. To make it worse her second big tooth is coming in now so you can see 2 rows of teeth. Looks a little like a shark. I took her to the dentist. He told me this is the most common "emergency" he gets. He told me its actually not a big deal and happens all the time. The big tooth will continue to move forward actually helping to push the baby tooth out. He told her to drink a milkshake and hold the shake in the front of her mouth to numb the area. (popsicle will work too) When its a little numb she'll be able to move it more. If she almosts gets it out and its hanging in by roots he said to bring her in and he'd numb it and pull that final bit. He didn't want to pull it out himself since nature usually takes care of these things and you don't want to do anything unncessary (possibly traumatic) at the dentist at this age.
Hope that helps.

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My daughter had the same thing with her bottom tooth. I took her to the orthodontist and he said it was normal, however, he did say that if we didn't get the loose tooth out that the new tooth would be crooked so it had to come out soon. He told us to give it a couple of days and if it didn't come out to do a slip knot around the bottom of the tooth with dental floss and give it a yank. I know it sounds hideous and she was not happy with us during the time but it did the trick and she says it didn't hurt at all. It did bleed terribly though. Have a tissue ready. Her bottom tooth is a little crooked and I'm really hoping it corrects itself. Her dad and I have straight teeth naturally and were really hoping our kids would have great teeth as well, not what I can say for our eyes....yikes! Hope this helps! Good luck - I hate dealing with teeth :)

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I would take her to the dentist to get the baby tooth removed.

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ex-ray should be done to make sure there is not an extra permanent front tooth. my husband had to have his extra removed about this age.

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R., the same thing happened to me when I was a kid. Eventually the baby teeth came out on their own, with no awful after-effects. My teeth came in exceptionally straight and I have never had any problems with them! I'm sure its fine...but take her to the dentist if it will give you peace of mind!

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The same thing happened to my son with about 6 of his teeth. Our family dentist said it is nothing to worry about unless the tooth doesn't loosen up while the permanent tooth is coming in. We have never had a problem with his baby teeth not falling out. It just looks kinda funny.

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