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Friend Has Mean Child

I have a very good friend that has 2 children and 1 on the way. Her oldest child has Sturge-Weber Syndrome. This has caused her to have port wine stains on different areas of her body and face. She has also suffered with Glaucoma and lost one eye. My son is her best friend and we think she is just beautiful. While her eye was healing she wore a patch, again my son thought nothing of this because we explained that she had a boo-boo on her eye and the doctors have helped her. She is a very bright, vibrant, healthy, happy little girl. We are truely blessed to have her in our lives. Here lies the problem...I have another friend whose son is very mean! He makes comments about not wanting to sit next to her because her skin is red. When she was healing from her eye surgery and had to wear the patch, he was very mean and yelled at her "Patch Girl, Ugly Pirate Girl". While I was horrified that he would be mean to her, his mother said nothing to him. I expressed that it was not nice to call people names and that she is a very nice little girl. He said she is "ugly and I hate her". This boy also is mean to others. He tries to tell my son (who is a bit speech delayed) that he is better than him, and that my son is stupid. The mother hasn't appolgized for her son's behavior nor has she acted like it was wrong at all. This has completely changed our friendship. I am not the kind of person who would intentionally hurt anyone but I really don't have any desire to continue our friendship. How should I end this friendship? I have slowly withdrawn contact with her but I suspect she has no idea that I feel this way.

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thank so much to all the great ladies that responded with encouraging words about the friend with the mean child. With some of the words from the responses I have written a letter to the now ex-friend to explain my feelings. I listed the times that her son was mean and hurtful to my son and others. I explained that if I continued the friendship that I would not be setting a good example for my son. I delivered it to her (mailbox).

I feel so much better and I am relieved to have it out of the way. I have had to deal with a lot of her problems in the past. She had taken advantage of me in many different ways over the years. I am just done!
Thanks again.

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Just come right out & tell her you don't like how her child is acting & since she isnt discipling for it,you would rather not be friends with her. Its what I would do.

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Hi B.!
Boy, don't you just want to scream at both the mom and the child! The best thing for your child (and your sanity!) is to just disassociate yourself with this woman. Hopefully she will see that her child's behavior and her lack of discipline is losing her friendship(s). It sounds like your son have a very soft heart. You are teaching him the right way. All it takes is one bad seed and it can completely change the way a child thinks he or she has to act. Maybe if you like this woman enough, you can still keep in touch via phone or meeting for lunch/dinner or a shopping excursion...anything without the kids being involved.
Good Luck!! :)

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hi B. ,
omg !!! kids can be cruel , but i blame that souly on the parent . For this "mean childs" mother to not say anything to her son says a lot about her parenting . I think you did the right thing about correcting him , I would say something to the mother and let her know that his behavior can't be tolerated . If she doesn't address his cruelness , i would say that it is time to cut loose . Your child as well as the little girl don't need to be around that cruelness either .
good luck

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I agree w/ everyone - great job and good for you - someone said your friend needs to learn and I agree - the natural logical consequence of her allowing his behavior (and maybe even being the role model)is that people won't want to be around her - same goes for her child - he'll lose friends - no one but the other mean kids will want to play w/ him - while it's not exactly his fault (what was already said - role model, no correction, insecurities) - he stil has to learn that what he reeps he'll also sow - what mother wants others to not like her child - when my daughter acts mean I am mortified - and sad b/c I don't want others to not like her - I wouldn't fight w/ your friend but rather pick a time when you can calmly explain - by the way, where was the little girl's mom? good luck and let us know

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I would just stop talking to her. If she calls tell her why you are ending the friendship. No need to have such drama going on, just let it go.

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Please tell your friend with the mean son that you must protect your child and will not allow her child to hurt your child.

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I think you're doing a great job at teaching your son to accept different people! That is so awsome! I could see this boy being mean if he had never encountered someone different like that, but the mother should have said something and not let it continue! That's just WRONG!
I would continue what you're doing with the woman, by dis-associating yourself from her! If she ask why I would suggest something along the dialog of what someone said already!

You're doing GREAT! Keep up the good work. Keeping doing what is right for you and your family!

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hi. If this woman will not correct her son for behaving this way, than its your resposiblity as a mother to tell her that becuase of the way her son is acting and the fact that she doesnt do anything to correct him that you cannot be friends with her or hang around her. Explain that you are teaching your children to respect people all people no matter what is wrong with them and being around her son is a bad influenece and contradicts to your child what you are teaching them. Tell her that if she sees the way her son is hurting others and decides to correct him than maybe you have a chance to be friends but not until then. I know this might sound harsh but if something isn't clicking with what your morals are and arent clicking with what you are trying to teach your children than its better to not put them in that situation. You do not want your children to think when they get older than even though mommy taught us this she still hangs with people whose children are mean and nasty to others. hope this helps.

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I have a friend who has a baby with downs and my best friend meet her and keep telling me that if she would have been pregent with a downs baby she would have had a abortion b/c no baby should every be that stupid. she made me so mad over it that i didnt say a word i just took her home and tried not to spoke to her agian. after about 3 weeks of not returning her calls and such she called and my husband answered she asked if something was wrong with me. When I got on the phone i simply explained that i did not think our friendship was going to continue due to her rude and unbelivable aditude towards special needs childern. She got even ruder and then told me that i was making things out to be bigger then what they were. I have not spoken to her in 4 yrs and the little girl is now going to school. She is very small and has to use a bottle and only has 9 teeth in but she is able to talk and walk and go to the big potty now. Im happier with her in my son's life then my ex friend.

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