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Fourth of July Birthday!!!

Hello all mama's-

My son will be turning 2 on Fourth of July this year. I need help thinking of fun ideas for their goodie bags. Our party is going to be red white and blue (he's young enough so that I can get away with it again-saving money) and it's a "kiddie pool party and hot dog bbq" There will be children who's ages will range from 2 to 10. Only about 6-8, but I have already bought cute little star sunglasses and made star leis out of blue foam boards and straws, but I need a few other things to give them for their goody bags. We don't like to put candy or anything like that in them, so I need some help. Also if you have any suggestions on short little activities to keep them busy during the party time that they won't be soaking in the pool or sprinklers??? Thank you ladies!!!!

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I will keep you all posted after the party, but I love all the ideas you mama's have given me. I especially love the foam hat idea, and I can't wait to go find them. I was a Dermatology Assisant for nine years and love anything that involes hiding from the sun. I have also found mini sunscreens that my son and I decorated last night with star stickers to make them more Fourth of July friendly. Thank you all again, and I can't wait to tell you all about it!!!!

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What I do for my son's summer party is go to the Dollar store and buy squirt guns or water toys that they can play with at the party and then take home. A goody bag filled with little toys has never worked out for me. Most of the kids open them right away and then leave them. OR when my kids get them, most of the toys are thrown away or broken before they make it home. If you spend $1 on a better toy the kids will actually get to play with them

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Hi A.,

You've got great ideas yourself! I would suggest buying those pinwheels (only about 99cents) with the red, white stars, and blue. Stickers would also be a neat idea or little individual bubbles.

For activities, have them make their own red, white, blue cookies. Bake the cookies prior and get the colors as frosting and have the kids do whatever they want: make stars, stripes, etc...
Also create American flags on foamy sun visor hats that you can buy from a craft store and decorate with markers, stickers, foamy stickers, glitter, etc...

Have fun!

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For my daughters 4th birthday I gave the kids coloring books. You can get them at Party City in 5 or 10 packs. I can't remember which. They also sell those small crayon boxes you get when you eath out. It's all pretty inexpensive. Also, check the dollar section at Target. They have some good stuff for little treats. Good luck!

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Hi A.,
Congrats on the twins! :)

Sounds like you are already well on your way to a great party and also some neat goodie bags...you don't have to load 'em up to the max, just a few things they will enjoy. The star sunglasses sound great! :) Instead of candy, you could put a mini box of raisins in each bag (we have done that and kids love them!).

I agree with the mom who suggested bubbles for blowing - that's a classic summertime fun thing and kids of all ages (and adults!) enjoy it!

I also second the idea of the crayons/inexpensive coloring books. This can work as a "goodie" item AND an activity for during the party. In fact, you could make your own coloring books to really keep costs down; we just attended a birthday party with a character theme where the mom had made a small coloring book by printing out a few character coloring sheets front/back (only about 4 papers total, printed both sides) and attaching them together with blue tape (may have glued or stapled first and then covered with blue tape for safety, I can't tell). These were given to the kids to color at the party at the beginning (as an activity) but then they could take them home and finish up later. We got there late so my daughter did all her coloring at home. :)

Such a coloring book is very inexpensive to make if you have a computer and printer at home. You could seek out coloring sheets of flags, fireworks, Independence Day themes, or just summery pictures of animals, the outdoors, etc. My daughter is 2 1/2 and really liked the coloring book a lot - she has heavily colored every page and worked on it for a few days following the party.

Another thing that was in the goodie bag from this latest party we went to was a pair of tiny maracas, and my daughter has gotten a lot of fun out of those. :) Kids of all ages enjoy these and the noise isn't too objectionable like some other "noisemakers" can be. I think the mom found them at a party store, or possibly ordered them from Birthday Express.

One neat thing to do at the 4th of July foodwise is to have strawberries and blueberries - they look good and taste good too. Kids usually all like these too and they are healthy rather than having cookies, candy, etc. as dessert items.

Have fun with your son's party! It will be great! And at this age, repeating a theme is no biggie - we did Veggie Tales last year for my daughter's 2nd birthday, and plan to do it again this year - she still loves them so she will be happy.



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3 words, bubbles bubbles bubbles. You can make homemade bubble solution and make bubbles with your hands. You can put little bottles of bubbles in the goodie bags and you can have bubble catching contests. Put food coloring in the bubbles, give each kid a piece of white heavy stock paper and let them run around catching the bubbles on their paper. The one who gets the most gets a prize.
Have fun

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Hi A.,

Good items for goodie bags for the younger kids, that also keep them busy are;

For little ones: bubbles & color books & crayons. Even though you're not too into candy, if you'd be willing to do a lollipop, they have ones that double as a whistle. Kids love those!

For older kids: Squirt guns (yes, even at pool parties!) & punching balloons

You should be able to get all of these things at a 99 cents store. Good luck with your party!

D. H.

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my niece also has a birthday on the 4th of july. one year we did tye-dyed t-shirts out in the back yard. we gave them bubbles and made their own labels for each child. just a couple of ideas.

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If you live near a Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt shop, they sell $2 gift certificates. That and stickers are my standard goodie bags for parties. I have buying trinket toys that I know most parents will throw out pretty quickly. This way, the kids get a treat, somewhat healthier than candy.

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What about bubbles? You can buy them in a pack. Also, bouncing rubber balls *large enough so as not to be a choking hazard*? We put in the rainbow colored goldfish snack packs in my daughter's 1st birthday goodie bags. I'm sure there are much more creative people than me out there, but hopefully this helps! :)

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