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Foul Smelling Diarreha in 18 Month Old???

I think my daughter has Rotovirus AGAIN! Ugh, this is a nightmare. So far since 830 am she has had 9 diarrhea filled diapers and her butt is so raw. I feel so bad for her. My issue is that her diarrhea has a foul odor, not like it smells great usually, ha ha, but it has a fishy odor? Has anyone experienced this??? Anything I should be concerned with? We have already started the Bananas, rice, dry cereal, saltines, pedilite routine....Thanks so much

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Thank you everyone for your responses :-) Much to my surprise this wasn't rotovirus and only lasted for about 3 days!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness! Must have just been a stomach bug and it took care of itself. The Peditrician was concerned at one point because my daughter took a 5 hour nap and then went back down for the night 4 hours later and was going on 15 more hours of sleep. So they had me wake her up to get fluids in her to make sure she wasn't dehydrated and lathargic due to that. Other than her not being too happy about me waking her up, LOL, she was fine. Just must have needed to catch up on some sleep. So, long story short, she is up and running again. Take care and thanks again!

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I can't help you with the diarreha yet I can provide some suggestions of things to do.... I use to be a stay at home mom and found some of the following things great to do..... Library - and don't just visit your local one - visit other cities/subs - Southfield for example has an amazing children's area. Check out their story times and other special event - every Library has something to offer and most of the time it's FREE or very inexpensive. Jungle Java - there is one in Farmington Hills and I believe Canton - it's $6 for the children and they can run run run - and you can sit and relax - have some coffee and chill (I take snacks in too - to cut the cost) - there are a number of other play area places these days all over. Join a MOPS group - it's Mothers of Pre-schoolers (birth to preschool) the organization is christian based and the organizations are set up via local churches - you don't have to belong to the church to attend. And there is Moca Mom's - both (Moca & MOPS) you can prob locate contacts via a internet search. Also check out local community centers for various activites / events / playdays - look into your city and others near you.... Indoor pools too - Livonia has an amazing one - they prob also have a number of activites as well. And they have a play structure in their community center that is awesome. I hope this helps... Enjoy and best of luck with your baby! Cheers - A.

Has your child been on antibiotics lately? Foul smelling poop makes me wonder if she hasn't contracted Clostridium difficile (C. diff). You would have to take your child to the doctor (probably with a stool sample) to have this diagnosed but it could be a possiblity. It can be very serious in small children and immunocompromised people, but rarely affects healthy people. Don't rule out Rotovirus either. Since she had it before she may have it again. Call your doctor and have her looked at. I'm only making a guess from limited symptoms so please don't get to worried. Just have her looked at. Hope she starts feeling better!

Hey J.! It's A. (pelletier)! How are ya?

Anyway ;) My ped has told me that the horrible sour smelling diahrea is a major sign of rotovirus. Have you ever tried triple paste ointment? It's amazing. Noah, my middle son, would get a rash soooo easy and this would clear it up with in the hour!! You can find it at Rite aid and some walmarts. It's pretty pricey and sometimes you have to ask the pharmacist for it. But it is more than worth it!!

sound like you are dealing with recurring, foul smelling diarrhea?
I had an experience with alovely little creature that caused foul smelling diarrhea(and vomiting intermitttanly) and it sucked! It is called giardia. Hers might not be anything, but have her checked by your doc, just in case. they'll want a stool sample so be ready for that. check online for more info, and if it is that, you doc will give you an info sheet on it. My child who is now 13 had it for a while when she was five or six, and then I got it, it took my doc almost a month to figure it out. I lost like 20 lbs.
I found the only thing for a raw butt is a warm bath! I hope I did not scare you, please let me know how it goes.
by the way congrats on your next little one!!

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