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Formula and Pooping

I have a 9 week old son with serious pooping problems. He is on formula exclusively and I have tried several different ones with no success. He also had acid reflux and is on Zantac. It's not that he doesn't poop, it's that when he tries it's so big and hard he can't get it out. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try? I tried some prune juice and just got a prune juice/formula shower. Does anyone have any experience with this and have a formula that was not only good for pooping, but also for fussiness , vomiting and acid reflux?

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My oldest daughter had the same problem. Her Dr, told me to add a little extra water to her formula, it worked wonders. You may have to experiment a little to get the right amount but it could help.

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Dear C.

My daughter had the exact problem. Though she was breastfeed. Her stool was hard but once she broke it then it was soft.Try the prune juice as that is what you can do at that age. Once the veg and cereal are introduced things get better. She took Zantac for 6 months. She is happy child now. While giving him bath massage in the tummy often that helps.
Hope this helps you.

He might be allergic to it. You could try the suggestions below, stick with one for at least 1-2 weeks to see a change. How much prune juice did you use? My ped recommended 2-3 oz a day at the most. I've always used the graduates apple/prune juice and put like 1 oz in each bottle a couple of times a day. My daughter had the same problem when transitioning to regular milk at 1 yr. It was awful one time she needed to poop but it was to big to come out. To make it easier that time I put aquaphor on her and put her in a warm bath. That was the only time she was that constipated and that was the only time she went #2 in the bath tub.

I transitioned her much slower after that and she now drinks milk just fine w/no # 2 probs. Thats what makes me think the formula he is on is not a good mix for him. There are gentle ease types that help with the reflux that you might want to try too. What does his ped say? She might be able to recommend the best type of formula to switch to since there are so many out there. Good luck to you and the little guy.

Does the formula have added iron? So many docs recommend iron formula and it is not necessary for infants. They have plenty of iron until at least 6-9 months just from you. You could also try giving baby some water.

it's probably from the iron in the formula. switch to a non-iron fortified formula, and he should be fine.

Have you tried Similac in the orange can? My daughter is on that and her poop is very watery. I switched her to Good Start for a bit and her poop changed considerably-it was like thick soft serve ice cream.

My mom always says that it's the iron that constipates them, but according to my Dr that's an old wives tale and that all formulass now have iron.

I have a friend who's son is on soy formula for vomiting and reflux.

My oldest daughter had the same problem. Her Dr, told me to add a little extra water to her formula, it worked wonders. You may have to experiment a little to get the right amount but it could help.

My daughter had the same problem. We just gave her either prune or pear juice routinely. She pooped about every 4th day, and it wasn't hard. Pear works better then prune. We did about 1 oz. per day. We used the similac soy formula.

We went thru this with our second daughter and we ended up using the Enfamil LactoFree formula in powder form...Purple Can.

and i did try the prune juice with failed results but the applejuice worked so you might want to try that..

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