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Foods That Induce Labor

I am wondering if anyone has tried any of the so called labor inducing foods (pineapple, eggplant parmesan, licorice, rapsberry tea, etc.) to induce labor. I would like to plan on having my baby during the weekend so after 37 weeks if the doctor says its okay then I thought I would try eating these foods to see if they worked. My doctor WILL NOT induce just because I want a convient weekend birth. They will only do it if there is a problem or you are 2 weeks overdue. I want a weekend birth because of my husbands job and my son being in school. I'm not planning on doing anything risky just for the sake of a convenient birth, I am just wondering if anybody has used these foods to induce labor and if they really work. If you have any advice please let me know if it worked and which food worked best.

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I have heard of people that have tried many things in the past, but I think that when the baby is ready to come it will come & not a minute before. Good luck anyway, I know how you feel.

I've had some friends who tried a few of those and none really worked. You really just have to hope the baby comes...but I wouldn't count on her coming on the weekend for you. Plus, school or work will have to wait...you won't just be popping back to life right after having a baby. :)

Good luck! :)

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Foods don't work neither does that laxative some say to try all it does is make you (poo). Sex, it was either really time or it really worked had sex on a friday night and on saturday night I was going into labor..sunday morn at 5:30 a.m. i had a baby. My dorctor was the one who suggested it and I wasn't really in the mood to go home and and be romantic I wanted the baby out...we did it and like I said it was either the baby wanting out also or the sex really worked.

Italian food is supposed to do the trick and I have several friends that it worked for. There is a restaurant in the Atlanta area that is famous for putting more women into labor than any other. One of my good friends ate pizza and drank one glass of red wine the night before she went into labor with all 3 of her kids(one glass is not going to hurt anything). I also have another friend that ate at that restaurant and it worked. I am blanking out on the name of the place, but it is Italian and I think it is in the Marietta area.

I went to Scallini's three times for their eggplant parmesan and no dice. Rats! Anyway, labor comes when the time is right for your body and for the baby's. I had a friend do the Castor oil thing but it was on her fifth -- so her body was well-versed in the baby-having thing... And she was already at 8 cm by the time she got to the hospital. I can say it might work but I still would not do it. Expect the labor to come at the least convenient time! argh!

You can try talking to your OB again closer to time. If the baby's big enough and if you have a good enough argument (i.e. if it might actually be a real problem for you to go into labor while your husband's at work and you're alone with your son) maybe he/she will reconsider...

Huh? Why on earth would you want to plan a weekend birth after 37 weeks?? There is a reason that docs won't even induce until you are 42 weeks or more! All the foods and herbs, accupressure, etc. in the world will most likely not produce the baby on a 'schedule'. Since you asked for opinions, I would relax and just let your body do what nature intends. Your baby will be much healthier and happier because of it..


I've had some friends who tried a few of those and none really worked. You really just have to hope the baby comes...but I wouldn't count on her coming on the weekend for you. Plus, school or work will have to wait...you won't just be popping back to life right after having a baby. :)

Good luck! :)

I personally wouldn't try anything to make the baby come sooner. Even at 37 weeks some babies are born with lung problems. She'll come when she is ready. I applaud your doctor for sticking to his guns. Way too many doctors and moms are opting to induce early labor because it's "convenient."

I've only heard of using castor oil (not recommended) but I'd encourage you to let your 'little one' stay in the 'cooker' as long as she needs. Best Wishes!

I did the eggplant parmesan thing and it did not work. (I did it for fun and hoped. lol)It's really just a matter of when the baby is ready. But as far as red raspberry tea...that is good to drink throughout your pregnancy. It definitely couldn't hurt (no matter what you may have heard.

Now as far as getting it going, there is an herbal formula that is recommended to use the last 6 weeks of your pregnancy. It's found at www.herbsfirst.com. It's called "Prenatal Formula", but it helps with an easier delivery.

Red Raspberry leaf tea is a smooth muscle tonic. It does not induce labor, but will tone your uterine and intestinal muscle, which will help you when you do go into labor.

The best thing I've heard of for inducing labor is Milk of Magnesia.

I think the baby comes when it is ready. That said, I tried everything both times, with both of my kids. I did eat eggplant about 6 hours before my water broke!

Oh, boy, did I ever. Tried fennel- not only did I chew on the seeds, I bought the bulbs and cooked them and ate them. Ate eggplant permesan, but supposedly you have to go to a very specific restaurant in Georgia that serves just the right eggplant parmesan. Ate spicy food. Drank raspberry tea (real raspberry tea, not just flavored). Drank castor oil. None of this worked. People also say to do a lot of walking and have lots of sex. This didn't work, either, just made me miserable. Ask your doctor about stripping your membranes and also about an enema. I used an enema after labor started, and boy oh boy did things pick up after that.

Hi A.,
I am 37 weeks pregnant now and would love for this baby to come out now!! I have tried all of the labor induction ideas out there--all the foods, drinks, walking (I walk an hour a day and still nothing),etc. I think that for labor to occur, it's just a matter of when the baby is ready and when the oxytocin in your body tells your uterus to start contracting. Kind of like losing weight--no magic to it, just calories in versus calories out. Sorry I couldn't be more encouraging but believe me, I am trying those things too!! Good luck!

I ate mexican food and then took my lab for a walk that night. My husband and I had sex. My water broke four hours later. My lab and I were exhausted.

I do agree with others. Please make sure the baby is ready. I knew that my baby was 8lbs +/- at 36 weeks by ultrasound. I delivered her the day I turned 37 weeks at 10lb 6oz.

I'd let your baby come when it's ready; not when it's convenient for you. Your husband's job and your child's school aren't what's most important. Having a healthy, full term baby is.

The only thing I tried was spicy food and of course sex but neither of them worked. I ended up being induced and the kid still didn't want to come out!

I made my own cervidil with some evening primrose tablets and a tampon to hold the oil there instead of leaking out all over the place. I had used the primrose before but had never used a tampon to hold it there. I was 2-3 days past my due date. I went into labor within an hour. Would it have happened that day anyway though? Most likely! I made a clock on a piece of paper a few weeks before I was due and labeled each point with possible due dates. I then used a pendulum and it was a toss up between the 16th and the 19th. My husband called it for the 16th but I felt very strongly it would be the 19th. I was right! Yeah, we were anxious and having fun those last few weeks! We also painted my belly to look like a pumpkin since it was october...LOL

My children are ALWAYS overdue.....the last two, of the four, had to be induced. I have tried it all---nothing works! Wish it did!

I tried the pineapple and it didn't work. Most DRs will tell you sex will help! You could ask at the appointment right before you want to go into labor if he will strip your membranes. Some DRs are ok with that and others aren't. And again, there is no way to make sure you have the baby over the weekend.

To be on the safe side, I'd have a plan B for a weekday delivery!!


I am 38 weeks and just ate some eggplant so we will see. It's totally natural to want to have your baby early, I feel you sister! If eggplant or any other "natural" remedies were fool proof Dr's would probably use them or warn you against eating these foods to early. So...it's probably a combination of the right time and the right food or just coincidence. I hope you delivery healthy and early!

My friend had never gone into labor on her own, always had to be induced. This time we tried the raspberry tea and some accupressure. You can look that up online, but I believe we rubbed between her fingers and somewhere else. Anyway, she went into labor on her own the next morning. It was right at her due date, but as I said she'd never done it on her own. Good luck! Oh, yeah, I had another friend that said any kind of red sauce gave her contractions, so.....

I was fifteen days past my due date when my daughter was born. I tried eating eggplant, recommended foods, etc. and nothing put me into labor. I'd suggest waiting until your body is ready and goes into labor on its own.

My guess would be that the baby will come when it wants to come whether you eat these foods or not...
My suggestion is pretty simple - since the Lord created us and things happen in His own time - share your concerns in prayer form to the Lord asking Him to allow this baby to come into the world at a time that will be best for all concerned... and know that if the baby doesn't come on a weekend - the Lord will provide even then.
Sounds like you are a planner like me (control). Loosen up and enjoy the last weeks, days of pregnancy - life will never be the same once the baby is here as you know with a 7 year old. Embrace the moment and know that the Lord will provide no matter. May The Lord Bless you and keep you during this time and always.

M. - mother of 4 (twins 27, 18 16 year olds)

Been there,did that! The Eggplant Parmsean at Scalinni's on Cobb Parkway in Marietta. We went on a Friday night and by midnight Saturdy we were on our way to the hospital and my son was born a little after 1pm Sunday! I was closer to my due date than you though. A coworker of my husband told us about it because her sister tried it and it worked. They have a whole thing about their eggplant parmesean. I forgot the time frame but if you show that you went into labor during the right time, you get to put the baby's pic up on their baby wall(IT IS INCREDABLE!) you also get a certificate with your baby's name, a t-shirt for the baby(still have mine) and a gift certificate off your next visit. When I told my doctor about it he said "Sure,I have alot of patients who do it!"

Just a thought. A weekend birth is not necessarily convenient. I had my daughter on a weekend. My midwife was at her son's birthday party. The anesthesiologist was at Wal-Mart. All the best nurses were off. The on call doctors took forever to get there. I think more people would have been around if I would have given birth midday in the middle of the week. Just something to think about. Plus it might be more convenient to have your child in school rather than hanging around the hospital or looking for someone to watch him.


You have received some very natural advice here and that is a wonderful thing. My doula once said "babies are born on their birthdays not due dates." That made so much sense to me. I was over two weeks late with all of my children and there is nothing on earth that could make me induce my babies. I know that this is often unpopular however, babies have a reason for coming when they are ready.

I heard that egg plant can possibly induce labor, but honestly your baby girl will come when she's ready. Most babies do not come on the weekend, since we all know that would be convenient. Let her come when she is ready to enter this world, not when you are ready for her to enter the world. I believe they come when they've finished developing as much as they can in the womb. But like I said, I've heard that eggplant can induce labor.

Nothing works. The baby is going to come when you it is ready. Inducing labor is NOT GOOD unless medically necessary. Sorry!

I have heard of people that have tried many things in the past, but I think that when the baby is ready to come it will come & not a minute before. Good luck anyway, I know how you feel.

I have always heard walking and spicy food, but the baby. It worked with my second child, but he was only 2 days early. I have heard sex can induce to include nipple stimulation. The baby will come when they are ready, so I am not sure as to the accuracy of certain foods or acts. I am currently 9 days away from my due date and I am ready!!!

Wait until 40 weeks to do this for the sake of the baby. Anyway, I was 1 week overdue and scheduled for an induction in 4 days. Determined not to have any chemicals injected into me, I decided to try everything in the book to naturally induce. I walked, I ate spicy food, my hubby and I had sex every day. What did it? BASIL. That Friday, after trying all week, I read that what makes Eggplant Parmesean work is the basil. So, I put freshy basil in my breakfast, lunch, and had basil rolls for dinner. I also had sex in the morning and went for a walk before dinner. I went into labor that night and gave birth the next evening. Good luck!

I tried casteroil 3 times. Frankly, it is the most disgusting thing and it only made me miserable and in the bathroom. The rasberry tea was a no go, too.

But I started having false labor at 38 weeks and the only thing that was comfortable to me was to walk. I walked all day long around my yard (I live on a farm too, so there was plenty to walk), and by 2am the next morning we were on our way to the hospital. So I am a believer in the walking.

However, I have to agree with many of the other folks here in that you shouldn't be rushing this because of your schedule. 37 weeks is still early, the baby will only benefit if you allow them to come on their time. Which they are going to any way. You are better off to pray for a healthy baby, an easy deliver, and hope for convenient time. Everything always works out one way or another.

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