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Food Ideas Needed for One Year Old

I'm looking for good ideas for finger foods for my son who just turned 1 last week. He does great with finger foods but I'm just out of ideas of what to make for him. He isn't at the point yet where he can eat what we eat cut up in small pieces. We let him try everything but I need some foods that are specifically for him. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I have always fed my little ones avacados. They are full of vital nutrients and essential fats and are easy to chew and swallow.

extra firm tofu, cut into little squares. you don't even have to cook it, although my (admitedly crazy sophisticated eater) DD especially loves it marinated in equal parts red wine, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and sesame oil, plus 1/2 part olive oil, then grilled.

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Do you care about nutrition? The answer to your question will vary greatly depending on your answer to this question.

If you don't care much about nutrition, french fries and chicken nuggets are a great easy way to go.

If you care about nutrition, a better route is natural, unprocessed foods, organic where possible:

sweet potatoes, rice, avacado, eggs, hummus, quacamole, canned beans, cooked apples, etc. Try Dr. Sears Family nutrition book for an easy reference guide to some good foods. Careful about soy - it is a dangerous food for many people.

Good luck!

Cut up Sweet potatoes, Carrots, mashed potatoes. I even mix up mashed and sweet potatoes or carrots. French Fries, pasta, turkey, ham, cheese, tator tots, chicken nuggets, bananas, pudding, crackers. Hope this helps for starters. They have organic french fries and chicken nuggets which are not fried but baked. My son loves them. Roasted potatoes.
Hope this helps.

frozen peas (FAVORITE!) Straight out of the bag still frozen (we call them green baseballs!)
frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, melon, cherries - he eats tons and tons of these - you might have to thaw for a few minutes, they're harder, or run under water for a sec)
canned corn, peas, beans, lima beans, garbanzo beans
black olives (sliced)
pickled okra
Multigrain Cheerios
Bumpers Peanut Butter Cereal (be careful with peanuts)
scrambled eggs
Multigrain Club Crackers
baby marshmallows
Granola Bites and Morning Minis
pumpkin muffins
chicken vienna sausages (they have nitrates, so I go easy)
organic cheese puffs
grilled cheese (I mix grated cheese w/ sweet potato baby food and a little butter to make a paste and spread it on - he likes this on crackers, too)
frozen pancakes
bagels with cream cheese (my family loves Bagelfuls)

Hopefully, this gives you some ideas. I have trouble thinking outside of the same old foods, too!

peas, diced cooked carrots (you can find them already cut in the freezer section but i also just my the mixed vegtables diced and them he can pick and play with the different kinds of veggies), i cook chicken tenders (make sure it's very tender and not tough) and cut really small, our son's favorite is casseroles using hamburger meat (etc. tater tot casserole, tortilla chips casserole)with cheese in it. he'll also eat to brocholli-rice-and cheese casserole since all of these when mixed together are soft and easy to eat. we have 4 kids and didn't start table food (we stuck with the "rules" and just used baby food) with our 1st until 1 1/2 or so and he is our pickest eater. it definately helps to develop their tastes at a early age.

YOu should try the gerber gradutes. They have meals that are great and taste great my little one loved them. I even tried them to see if it was good and they where. There is even yogurts bits which is a finger food and they have so much items out there. If not try chef boryordee, grilled cheese or had turkey meat with it. Try this I use this a lot. for fruits ,yogurt with cool whip.

Hi there,
I have a boy that is almost 3 now and eats anything and everything! We had to get very creative with him at that same age and worried that would wouldn't be able to get him to eat veggies, fruit and healthy foods as we saw with our other parent friends. We did diced alvacadoes, soft boiled carrots, even soft boiled brussel sprouts, cottage cheese with chewable bits of fruits, green beans, dates that we sat in hot water and then diced them (to help with digestion), dice tofu soaked in apple juice, pancake recipes can be great to add graded carrots and other veggies and then you can dice up the pancake. Those are a few of the things we did...many times if we made up anything like the pancakes we would portion size the left overs and freeze them. Now, as he got older he would turn away from some of these things...so we would add a little honey for the sweet stuff and carrots or add butter to the green veggies. Hard boiled eggs diced was also a great way to add protien to his foods.
Good Luck!

You can give your child what you eat. My son just turned one and he eats pretty much anything as long as you you have it in small pieces. You can give him pancakes, eggs, biscuits & gravy.
I am sure Gerber makes food for his age. I never gave my children jar food, I always pureed my own. I am sure he can eat goldfish, cherrios has a great snack mix, yogurt, mini nilla wafers, grahm crackers. Just look for things that dissolve easily.
Good Luck.

I have always fed my little ones avacados. They are full of vital nutrients and essential fats and are easy to chew and swallow.

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