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Food Ideas for a One Year Old

Hi Mamas,
My baby just turned one, and she is transitioning between baby food and table food. I'm needing ideas of good things to serve that she'll like. she isn't quite ready for everything, or open to everything yet, but is getting tired of baby food (some of it).I bought a couple of the Gerber toddler meals, but they are very expensive and she didn't like them at all.
Can anyone offer any good, affordable meal ideas?

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I know that you said you tried the Gerber Graduates, but have you tried all flavors? My little girl was the same way but we found 5 that she really likes. In fact she turned 3 last week and she still eats them for some meals. Mashed potatos and mac and cheese are also a couple of things that she still likes. Good luck!!

Hello, I also have a one year old! She turned 1 on jan 27th. She now has 5 teeth! She eats everything!!! Pasta, veggies, meat! My little girl loves yougurt, scrambled eggs, ravioli, green beans. She loves beans too! My baby eats everything we eat! She loves food!! She was not big on baby food.

Some great transitional foods are yogurt there are many varieties, I like the Dora and Blue Clues yougurt (usually they are sold next to the Trix yogurts) The Dora/blues clues yogurt are thick so if you want to give her a spoon to try to let her feed herself this is a great yogurt to learn with. Goldfish are great little snack crackers. Sliced cheese or the Kraft crumbles (they come in small pieces but the kids can still pick them up), and the thin shaved turkey luncheon meat is great if she will eat meat. Also, because my daughter wouldn't eat the gerber oatmeal I tried the Aunt Jemima microwave mini pancakes and would just let her hand feed them, I wouldn't put butter or syrup on them, I believe Kroger has a generic version of the Aunt Jemima and they are exactly the same. Some quick o.k. meals frozen chicken nuggets (not as greasy as the resturant versions) Mac-n-cheese and pasta, my daughter loves plain pasta and pasta with hamburger meat and a little sauce. I too bought the gerber meals and she would eat them sometimes but she seemed more interested in what we were eating so I would give her small amounts at first to see if she would tolerate them now at 23 months she eats whatever we are eating. My son who is 6 was never like this he was such a picky eater and lived off yogurt and cheese sticks, goldfish, and hotdogs for the first 4 years of his life. It didn't seem like he really ate enough, now he's a good eater and actually loves salad. I hope this helps, good luck.

Go to half price books and get the book called Feed Me I'm Yours. I use this book for my one year old and LOVE it. My mom used this book for me when I was little too. It has timeless recipes that are GREAT! From make your own teething bicuits and granola even to how to make peanut butter playdough. It is a definite must have for the toddler years!

Try applesauce, yogurt, pieces of banana, cut green beans, fruit cocktail and cheese cubes.

Hello J.,
My lil' girl had a hard time transitioning to big people food, but once she got her gag reflex under control there was no holding her back. She loves avocado, mango, bananas, tortellini (Barilla brand), sandwich cheese (it wasn't as sharp in taste for her), canned veggies (they are softer than frozen--peas, green beans, spinach, carrots), ranch style beans, macaroni and cheese. She eats mostly fresh fruit but I have bought canned---but only the store brand at Walmart---it is in pear juice not syrup. For the veggies I try to find Libby brand---it doesn't have added salt.

Hope these suggestions help....once my lil' one started on these there was no turning back and she wanted anything and everything she saw me eat.

Watching them eat is so rewarding---mess and all---it is a priceless time.


Hi J.
In your signature line I noticed that you have succeeded in doing what I'm trying to do. You noted that you now have a successful home based business. I was wondering what type of business you have. If you wouldn't mind sharing. I completely understand if you'd rather not share.

When my daughter (now 3.5) went through this transition, she ate a lot of deli meat (the kind you get at the deli, not pre-packaged)-sliced very thin and lots of canned veggies and fruits (these are always so soft). You could also do macaroni and cheese but cut it up (like the small microwavable containers). At 9.5 months my daughter was off jar food and eating this stuff and by about 18 months (or younger??!) she was eating what we ate - just smaller pieces. (oh, she didn't cut her first tooth until 11mos....).

Good luck.

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