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Food for Baptism Brunch

What can I serve for brunch after my daughter's baptism. The church service is at 9:00 and will end about 10:15 when we will all come back to our house for brunch. Any good ideas of appropriate foods that are not too much work since I will not be home for the couple of hours prior to serving the meal? Thanks!

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I was going to suggest an egg bake! I would just do that, maybe some store bought muffins or doughnuts/pastries, some fruit salad and beverages! I can't imagine you would need more than that.

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Hi J.,
I have a couple ideas for you. The first is a fruit pizza. Everyone loves it. Get two things of pilsbury sugar cookie dough and spread it on a cookie baking sheet. Bake it (it usually takes a little longer than the directions call for), when it is done let it cool and then spread either strawberrry or blueberry cream cheese on the top and then put fresh fruit on the top (strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, kiwi, bananas, grapes; then cut into squares. It is delicious! Another idea is to make a couple quiches. If you have never made them just look on line for a few ideas. You could also make chicken salad sandwiches and cut them into quarters. Good Luck - have fun!

I would say buy a bunch of different kinds of lunch meat, some buns from the bakery, condiments, and then either buy a few different kinds of salad (potato, tuna noodle) or make them the day before. Keeps it simple...I don't think anyone's expecting anything too fancy. Make or buy a cake though or cupcakes and/or ice cream.

I served fried chicken (purchased it at Cub or Target) and had it ready to pick up on the way home from church. I included a fruit salad, veggies, rolls, etc.
I also had a brunch with egg bakes. I had my Mom run home as soon as the baptism was completed and put them in the oven.
I have a very large family (32 immediate members) and both were fairly inexpensive (considering the size of the party)
Congratulations and God Bless you and your family.

Any foods that can be pre-made and re-heated are going to be the easiest. When I was younger, I remember my mom leaving the oven a very low temperature to keep food warm, now as an adult, I am not sure I would do this. She seemed confident that it was ok to do...totally up to you.
Cheesy hashbrowns or some sort of potato
Ham, rolls for sandwiches
Are you sticking to a certain menu...all breakfast or a little bit of both???
BBQ meatballs or Wienies
Cinnamon rolls
French toast
Egg bake, like a quiche
Finger sandwiches
Think of foods that will be easy to reheat or make right away when you get home but wont take a ton of time to make...I would maybe find an activity for everyone to do while you are preparing the food so the guests arent wondering what is going on.

For our baptism reception, we did a brunch thing. We had a large ButterBraid with icing (you could do one of those long filled danishes that you buy at the bakery), 2 kinds of quiche, vegan and meat.You can buy the quiche filling in the freezer section of the grocery store. Its called 'Pour a Quiche' Then, you just pour it in the pie crusts (you can buy those too) and bake. Easy and cheap. We also did cups of Bylerys Chicken Wild Rice Soup (I bought it frozen and it simmered in my crockpot all morning and while we were at the baptism) and I made a sweet salad called 'tequilaberry salad' (very easy to make). The whole menu wasn't too heavy for an early lunch, and people had the choice to have either more of a lunch menu, (soup/salad) or more of a breakfast menu (sweet roll/quiche), and it all went together well if someone wanted everything. I also offered some of those little individual mouth size cheese cakes too. (Those you can buy also and I put those on a pretty platter for people to help themselves to desert of they wanted it.)

I did 3 different egg bakes. Easy and can be done in advance. They can even be frozen and then used. I also had bananna and zuc. bread and strawberries and cantalope. Keep it simple. I had a friend stop and put the egg bakes in on a lower oven temp so they cooked slower before the baptism and then a friend go home and remove them before the guests arrived. Ask others for help!!!!! Or to bring something! You will be busy enough with the baptism. Also easy to use paper plates that are nice! Easier clean up!

I would make an Egg bake. I always prepare mine the night before as it needs to set in the refrigerator overnight. It usually takes an hour to bake so you can bake it in the AM and just rewarm it.

I made an egg bake last year for a church brunch and they requested it brought to the church at 8am and brunch wasn't until 930 or 10. They rewarmed them prior to serving and the egg bakes were great.

If you have time to throw it in the oven when you get home then by all means cook it fresh.

Cheesy hashbrown potatoes are awesome too.

Looks like you've got a lot of good ideas for food. Don't forget to get the cake! I got one at Byerly's which was very good and they had a really nice cake where they make a cross wtih little icing flowers. Very beautiful.

muffins, fruit, crepes, any breakfast bake that can be served cooled, fondue, coffee, juice...

I was going to suggest an egg bake! I would just do that, maybe some store bought muffins or doughnuts/pastries, some fruit salad and beverages! I can't imagine you would need more than that.

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