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Food for a 1 Year Old!

My son is almost 1 year old, and still doesn't have much interest in any babyfood... Occassionally I can get him to eat some french fries or some type of cereal... any ideas on what else I might be able to get him to eat? I am triing to get him off the bottle, but I can't even come close to that because he won't eat enough regular food. He doesn't like the idea of anybody feeding him with a spoon so anything I can get him to eat he has to be able to feed himself. Any ideas on some other food that I might be able to try?

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My daughter is still on a bottle at almost 13 months, but she uses a sippy cup regularly for water with meals.

We often give her what we eat, minus the trigger foods like peanut butter. I just cut it up and put it on her plate and see what she does. She'll eat with her fingers, mostly, but has also started trying out a toddler spoon and fork.

She also LOVES fruit, and I will cut up blueberries, grapes, banana, peaches, pears, etc. for her.

Pasta is another good finger food, either with or without sauce. My daughter will also eat toast, chunks of cheese, crackers, Cheerios, triscuits, and waffle-type breakfast foods.

Hope that helps.

We did soft finger foods, like toast sticks, pancakes, grilled cheese, pasta, chicken, pizza, bananas, canned pears, etc. He was really good at gumming everything down. I was shocked one day to find him with a chicken nugget he had taken from my 4 year olds plate and he had really managed to eat most of it.

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I don't mean to be negative, but - I have to say this. French fries and cereal is a great way to start your baby on the road to bad eating habits. The average cereal today has more sugar than a Slurpee or a milk shake, waaaaay more than a toddler should have. If he wants to eat himself, that's great...just leave him in a diaper and let him create a mess, as long as he eats, that is ok. At 1 year old the best thing to do is to let him eat everything the adults eat. This will make for a much less picky eater as he gets older. Of course if what you eat is not healthy enough for a baby, that is a different issue. Here are some fun things that you can make for both you and baby (sorry, this list does not contain easy processed food). A lot of it you can make in batches to last a few days:
- Banana nut bread (unless you have nut allergies)
- Cucumber, tomato, and avocado salad
- Pumpkin soup with croutons (just dried bread, you can make your own to avoid the over-seasoned store bought ones). WARNING: a one year old with soup might get messy!
- Apple and banana slices
- Baked chicken and potatoes
- Crepes with any fruit or veggie filling
- Cooked whole carrots (easy to grasp and nice and soft)
If you have a toaster oven:
- Bread, tomato, and cheese toasted
- Any whole grain crackers topped with you choice of topping, toasted to have as a snack...

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Lots of good advice already posted - with my son you have to give him a new food for about 4 days before he decides he likes it, so the best advice I've read is to keep offering foods. Have you tried shaved deli turkey? That seems to be a great finger food. Also, the baby puffs (I use Happy
Baby organic but I think Gerber makes them too) and the Mum Mum.s Mum Mums have sugar but that is how I got my little guy to start self feeding. My mom calls the puffs 'baby potato chips' because he is addicted, but tney are OK for a snack and easy to eat because they dissolve in their mouth and are easy to grip. Good luck!

I did a lot of homemade soups, stews, and rice casseroles with my daughter. she could pick up the bits of veggies and meat (all cut up smaller for her) and the food was packed full of nutrients. I could freeze them in smaller bowls, then get one out for her and warm it up if she wouldn't eat whatever we were having that night. Good luck!

Hi - My 1 yr old is being very picky with her food selections and also wants to be self-feeding. Like many moms here mentioned, I give her finger foods. Her favorites are dry cereal, cut up cheese cubes, crackers, pancakes, blueberries, diced bananas, slices apples, etc. She loves to feed herself mash potatoes (it sticks to the spoon so does fall off easily). She also loves meatloaf (I cut it up for her to self feed)and short pastas. I buy bags of frozen diced veggies and steam it for her to self feed to. Good Luck & God Bless!

anything you eat except peanuts and honey. just mash it up. mashed potatoes, mooshed pees... they have baby food out there for babies that is nice and soft. if anything go look at what they have to offer so you can make it at home ...i think they are called little entres next to the baby formula. they look like tv dinners but smaller.

My son never ate baby food - he just ate whatever we were having for dinner. Don't worry about whether he will take "baby food". I would recommend sitting him at the table with you all, cutting somethings up on your plate really tiny, and offering him tidbits on his tray every now and then. It will be vastly more interesting if it is what mommy and daddy eat. I assume he is eating cheerios and such?

Many babies have texture issues - some don't like anything firm, mine didn't like anything soft (like baby food). Just keep trying different textures. My son especially likes watermelon and other melons. by one he was shoveling peas with his fingers, bits of chicken etc.

I would recommend the small frozen bag of mixed vegetables (you can buy organic). It has corn, peas, carrots, and green beans. The grean beans will have to be cut in half, but for the most part, they are the perfect size, cook in minutes, and are colorful and easy to pick up. Undercooking them keeps them sweeter, and they will naturally be a little softer because they have been frozen.

Oh this is a good one. You can get creative with babyfood! When my little one was 1, I used to make different variaties and let him eat with his hands. He didn't like eating with a spoon, he has to do it 'himself'. We had to give him super praise whenever he ate bites of food, and when he saw how excited we got when he ate, he ate more. Babies can be picky, and some jarred baby food tastes really awful! Make some grilled cheese, or and try other easy finger food that is soft, like cheese, yogurt, fruit, even raviolis. I used to take a small serving of whatever we were eating, and just whirl it around in the food processor to break it down so that my sons could eat it easily. This worked great, because now they are not really picky eaters, and they both eat what we eat.
If he is still having difficulties, or not gaining weight as he should, I would give him a can of Pediasure, just once per day, so that he can get the nutrients via a bottle.
Best of luck!

My 13 month old son loves pancakes and waffles. you can put fruit or bananas in the pancakes or plain is just fine. Pasta with sauce is a good one too. He will always eat pasta even when he turns away other food.

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