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Foamy Formula

Has anyone used similac sensitive in the powder form? It seems that it foams up quite a bit once mixed and the bubbles last for hours. I mix it with nursery water and the can is definitely not expired. All the cans I have bought seem to do that. Isn't that odd?

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I switched to the premade formula, a little pricey, but so much more convenient and less foam.

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My daughter is 5 months old now and used to be really fussy and gassy. I was using regular Similac and switched to Similac Sensitive. I did notice that it would bubble a lot. I started making it with warm water and stirring it while the baby bottle is still open. Kinda like swirling it. Do not shake the bottle because it will produce tons of bubbles! The warm water helps a lot, too!

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Hi J.. I don'tknow how you are mixing it, but do not shake it. In fact only shake a bottle if you absolutely have to because it puts extra air into the formula which can give the baby gas. Stir it only. I had 5 kids with reflux and this is one thing the doctor told me early on.

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I am so excited to help you... My husband found that mixing the formula in a blender made it nice and smooth. what a great dad!!! He would make a pitcher full every night.

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I never used Similac, I used enfamil premade formula.I tried the powder but it did seem foamy and I just didnt like the consistancy of the powder.
I think its worth it spend the extra money if you can to get the best type of formula if your child isn't sensitive to different types.
Enfamil was what his Dr gave me too. In the hospital they gave him Similac and he didn't do well with that.

I would at least try the canned formula and see how that works even if you don't want to switch brands..

Good Luck

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Yes, I use Similac Sensative, and it foams up on me too. I have used it for several months, and every can does it. Hope this puts your mind at ease. Your formula is not expired or bad. :)

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Dear J.:

We used the Similac Advance Infant Formula and it tended to get bubbly too. It should not affect what the baby is getting though because most of the bottles now are made to help control to much air when the baby is drinking. Unless your baby starts getting really bad gas I would not worry about it.

Also, you can go to Similac.com and then have a help desk so you can check with them directly.

Hope this helps. :)


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I ran into that all the time with any of the powdered formulas I used with my first daughter. She had really bad reflux so i had to use the pre-mixed stuff because the bubbles irritated her stomach. In the event that I had to use powdered I would just put a couple drops of the mylocon gas drops and that makes them dissolve.

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My formula does the same thing and I buy the Kirkland brand from Costco. It's not harmful so I wouldn't be concerned. You can add the mylicon drops which will eliminate the bubbles and any chance of the bubbles causing gas to the baby.
Good luck!

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