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Flying/traveling with a 3 Month Old

I hope to travel in August with my new baby girl. My husband is going to New York for a week in August for work, and I plan on going along with the baby. I'm guessing on the best way to fly with her (snugli?) and what about getting around in the city? Does anyone have experience with renting car seats or ANYTHING to do with out of state travel and/or flying and little babies? Thanks so much!

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Just a warning, the first time I took my daughter flying she got there just fine but she picked up an ear infection there. She screamed the whole 5 hour flight back. I learned then that flying can cause ear infections so watch her carefully and if you even think she might find a local clinic and have her checked.

We have flown with our son quite a few times and while it's not "easy"...it's totally do-able. I even flew alone with him when he was about 8 months old.

If you are going to NYC you probably don't need to worry about a car seat at all since you won't be in a car. Just use the subway and walk! Try to take the lightest stroller you have (or borrow or rent one before you head out).

There are lots of websites out there that offer. Moxie is a great source.


Hi S.,
My husband and I were married & went to our honeymoon in Hawaii when my daughter was 3 months old. She actually did very well & I even got a lot of compliments from our traveling neighbors after our flight was over. I used our BabyBjorn and she slept most of the flight. I would also recommend nursing/feeding your daughter during take off & landing to help with the air pressure change. We actually brought our own carseat because it was a part of the two-in-one system (Graco) with the infant car seat that can be used attached to the stroller. You can take the whole thing with you right up to the gate when you board & they will check it for you right there & deliver it right to the airplane door upon arrival of your destination.
Enjoy your trip!

When flying with a baby it is always best to plan naps and meals for the plane. I tried to delay my daughter's nap, or if we were flying early, to wake her up extra early so that she will be tired and sleep on the plane. I also recommend feeding your daughter on take-off and landing. Swallowing will help her ears release pressure.

As far as traveling about in the city, most car rental agencies will rent car seats. Just make certain that they have infant car seats when you make the reservation. I also recommend using some sort of carrying device, strollers are awkward to manage when traveling.

I have flown with my now 2 1/2 month son a LOT since he was 8 weeks old. First off, I would suggest bringing your carseat. If there is room on the flight, they will actually let you bring it on and get an extra seat. All the times I'd flown with my son, I brought our whole travel system (carseat/stroller). When he grew out of the carseat, I still brought the stroller along, and his separate carseat. It actually worked where I just set his carseat down into the stroller, and it worked fine. They gate check the stroller...and the carseat if there's no room on the flight for it. I never had any problems while flying with him, AND, because a lot of times I flew by myself with him, the stewardesses were always extra helpful, and the pilot even carried some of our stuff on the plane for us one time (that was when I flew with my then 19 month old son AND my then-10 year old step-daughters ALONE).

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