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Flushed Cheeks/sinus Problems/cough/mild Fatigue in a 5 Yr Old

Hello Moms,
My daughter is 5 and went to the pool with grandma two days ago and came home with flushed (chapped looking) cheeks. She has asthma that is aggravated by her allergies and has been stuffy for about a week. After the pool she woke up with the red cheeks and her sinuses were really bad, runny nose, coughing from nasal drip and she was just not feeling right. She stayed on the couch and asked to watch movies most of the day. She had glassy eyes, but aside from her cheeks didn't feel feverish-in fact she seemed to be clammy but her face was warm. Since she wasn't feeling well, I gave her two doses of ibuprofen to be safe (We've recently moved into a new house and I cannot find the thermometer so I can't confirm or deny a fever).

Now, the pool may or may not be a factor-she's never had reactions like this before-also, my nephew had a really weird illness where he had every symptom of strep, but never tested positive for it, he was finally given an antibiotic and improved within 2 days. My other nephew is fighting a cold and both were over on Father's Day.

She has no rash anywhere else, and I was wondering if it was fifths disease? Has anyone had these symptoms before-I also know that with asthmatics, especially fair skinned ones, exema and psoriasis are common, so I hope it isn't that. In any event, if your child has had similar symptoms any advice would be appreciated, i don't want to rush her to the doctors for them to tell me she's fine, go home.

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Well, first of all thank you all for your responses, at least I know is is not fifths disease. The rash cleared up today but her breathing and sinuses are much worse. I am leaning toward thinking the rash was unrelated to the sinuses and a reaction to a new sunscreen my mom used on her face, combined with extreme heat and chlorine exposure. And the sinuses since they are worse today are making her asthma miserable, we're doing round the clock breathing treatments-I am pretty sure she has a sinus infection-especially since I just came down with it last night and am really feeling like junk. So we play the waiting game-if she gets worse tonite we get to spend the night in the ER, if it gets better we should be in the clear by Monday. Crossing my fingers.

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I have a completely different suggestion that others....could she have swallowed some water? It might be in her lungs and causing a mild infection. Hopefully it has cleared by the time I have posted this. If not, I would take her to the physician.

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It could be 5ths, but I immediately thought of a sinus infection. My daughter got her first one at age 5. Just a thought. An antibiotic cleared it up for her. Good luck.

I really like Dr. Sear's Rash page http://www.askdrsears.com/html/8/T082900.asp

I don't run to docs for rashes - most childhood rashes are viral and by the time you see them they are healing and non-contagious and there isn't much they can do. If she is itching you could use benedryl or zyrtec. I'd probably guage her temperment. Is she is acting mostly normal, I'd monitor the fever, and do typical comfort care. Nutrition, rest, lots of fluids and give it a day or two. If her sinuses are not improoving you could consider a sinus infection.

sounds like a reaction to the chlorine. I get that as does my 10 yr old daughter. You might want to give her some benedryl or claritin for a bit.

oh and 5th disease the fever goes really high (like over 104) and the rash really does look like they had lace on their face when they got a sunburn. So, doesn't sound like that to me.

Could it be heat rash? Maybe she was in the sun too long??

If they went to the pool during the high humidity days that reached 97 degrees, the asthma would have kicked in and left her weak and tired for a day or two. She also may have had a reaction to the foilage on the pool grounds. In either case be sure that she remains hydrated during the outdoor activities and you could give the over the counter med just before the exposure to our eliments again. Let her enjoy summer while she can. We don't have many months of this beautiful weather.

My daughter gets this way with a mild-moderate allergic reaction. We will give her an antihistamine (Zyrtec) when she is like that. We also now have her on a daily dose of Claritin Reditabs to help avoid the reactions.

One other thing that makes me wonder though besides the runny nose- could the red cheeks and feverish look be from being in the pool and not showering afterwards and also possibly be dehydrated with as hot as it was those days?

I hope that she is better now! Many blessings to you and yours!

It could be allergies. My SIL and her kids are allergic to chlorine. They were coughing, etc. from it. Also, the pink cheeks could be from overheating-sun exposure-allergies or simply dry and irritated from being in the pool. Good luck

I have a completely different suggestion that others....could she have swallowed some water? It might be in her lungs and causing a mild infection. Hopefully it has cleared by the time I have posted this. If not, I would take her to the physician.

the dr. thought my son had fifths disease. he had very red cheeks, almost like he was slapped and a fever. i took him to the dr, because i also thought he had it. she did not do a blodd test to confirm it, she said it would not be acurate. once the cheeks turn red, you are starting to recover. hope this helps and she is feeling better soon!

I would take her to the dr today.

Three of my children had Fifth's last summer. It started on the chest with all three. Each day you could literally see it move down/up their body. It was like it started in the middle of their body and then worked it's way out, finally ending with the rash on their fingers and toes then gone. Really weird. It was definitely a lacey looking rash like if you laid an old lace table cloth over their skin and it left behind an imprint.

The rash lasted three weeks for one (first to get it). It lasted for 4 - 6 weeks with the other two. Although for several months whenever my oldest got too hot - his skin would turn red with the same rashy appearance until he cooled down again.


Hi mom after working with preschooler I am sure you have come across lots of childhood infections its just when its our child we don't think, yes take your child to the doctor its some many things out there we can't count also remember there's chlorine in a public pool maybe you should let her go to the beach. Good Luck

my son has had same when younger. It was his asthma it was not the type of attak you would think of i would go to doc just to be sure. u can react to things you never did before at any time our matabalizum ( i hope i spelled it right ) changes all the time.

Fifths disease has a lacey appearance, like you laid a doily over their face and the white part is very white, and the red is VERY red. My daughter always gets a very red line under each eye, when swimming in the pool. I think it is reaction to sunscreen compounded by her rubbing the water from her eyes. If she had a cold or allergy, and swam in very hot weather, she may have just been trying to recuperate. If she isn't better in a few days, I'd take her in to the doctor.

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