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Flu and Fever During Weeks 13-14 of Pregnancy

I caught a virus or flu during weeks 13-14 of my pregnancy. I had fevers of 101-102 for several days. The doc told me to take Tylenol to reduce the fevers. I'm really nervous of how the fevers may have affected my baby. Has anyone had any experience like this?

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I had that wtih my first child in the second trimester and they told me the same thing and he is perfectly fine and now 7 years old.

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I had that wtih my first child in the second trimester and they told me the same thing and he is perfectly fine and now 7 years old.


When I was 9 months pregnant with my oldest son who is now eight, I caught the flu really, really bad. My fever went up to 103. I had the chills, cough you name it. When I called my dr. he told me just to take tylenol for the pain and fever. A week later, I had my son on his due date who was healthy. I also use to get really bad sinus infections and bronchitis when I was pregnant with my baby son who is now four. He also came out nice and healthy. No worries. When you are pregnant, your immune system is really low. You and your baby will be fine.

Yes - I am glad you wrote about this. For some weird reason every time I get pregnant (I am on #3 in 3 years) I get a terrible flu and fever in the first trimester. I am not sure why but it leaves me bed ridden for days and the latest I had to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration. Since you are pregnant your body cannot fight the infection as strong hence the several days of being sick. Both of my boys are fine and the baby I am pregnant with now is showing very well on the ultra sound. My girl friend also had a similar experience and her son is fine. I guess our bodies take care of the baby first, then us but they withstand the fevers very well.

Drink lots of fluids to stay hydrated. The tylenol will not hurt the baby so keep taking it every 4-6 hours. Good luck!

With my last pregnancy i got the flu when i was about 3 1/2 months along. I took tylenol and drank a lot of fluids. The fever will not hurt the baby. I had the same concerns, the problem is if you don't get enough food and water you will become sicker. I got so sick after the flu because the baby was taking everything i consumed and leaving me with practically nothing. I ended up getting hyper emesis gravidurum(however it is spelled). I ended up being put on feeding tubes through a pick line in my chest.

So please learn from my horrible experience and get plenty of fluids in you...if you can't shake the flu in a week or two, go see your ob/gyn.

My baby was born perfectly fine and is now 18 month.

Hi there. I am a mom of 3 wonderful kids ages 14, 12 and 11. When I was pregnant with my second I got a terrible flu with fever like you and was down for the count for a solid 3 days. The baby will be fine. Your body has built in defense mechanisms that will protect the baby. Just be sure to take your Tylenol to try and not let the fever get too high and everything will be fine. Drink plenty of water also and get lots of rest!

C., I had the flu during weeks 9-12 (??). I was in bed for three weeks! It was the worst illness I ever had. My fever raged, I lost lots of weight, was dehydrated and took tylenol as well as other OTC meds I dont recall.
My daughter is 5 and perfectly fine.
Good luck,

i was sick as a dog the same time. it really sucks. go for the old school remedies, lots of rest, looooots of fluids, and chix soup. take regular tylenol if you need it. dont worry about the fever, dont stress, just take care of yourselves. btw, i had a beautiful healthy baby boy, over 9 lbs! feel better, and good luck.

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